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  1. OldEwoodBlue

    Rangers fan here

    I thought we were going to be playing some fabulous new formation this season ? In that case wouldn't we be practising it in pre-season ? It's just it looks pretty similar to the last 2 years to me.
  2. OldEwoodBlue

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Sounds like the defenders will need to be in the next window. "Every window is an opportunity. You have so much to spend and then you work with your team and when the next window comes we’ll still be looking to strengthen." Adam playing and scoring (which we never do from midfield) but saying no interest in giving a contract... begs the question then... WHY is he playing ? Money has run out because nobody is interested in signing our dead wood (who someone gave new contracts to) or a dack so its a keeper and thats your lot.
  3. OldEwoodBlue

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Correct. And people forgetting Tony saying we would probably need to sell a dack. Expecting one decent money player out to fund the defender / keeper we need. One from Travis, Dack or Evans sure to leave. Just waiting to see who.
  4. OldEwoodBlue

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    According to Tony, one of those isn't our player, despite the fait accompli on here, 3 are wingers and one is just a boy when we need men. Leaves DG as our lone striker.
  5. OldEwoodBlue

    Formation/tactics for next season

    Interesting nobody including Brereton in anything. TM said BB would be running the channels and dribbling this season in a more attacking formation. Perhaps he meant out on loan in a league 1 side. A settled 4-4-2 please with a tight arsed defence.
  6. OldEwoodBlue


    Agreed, which is why they should have recognised there is a casual fanbase and offered a fair ALTERNATIVE such as a 6 or 10 game flexi ST. Regardless of which team you follow and what prices they are charging, 10 free games is a fair old carrot to dangle for getting a ST.
  7. OldEwoodBlue

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Agreed. But Steve just played his trump card with the matchday prices. Let's see if it has his desired effect or the opposite.
  8. OldEwoodBlue


    This is a smart move by Mr Waggott. Open up the gap between matchday prices and ST prices so that buying a ST becomes more of a no brainer. Over £200 difference now. I calculate £540 for a walk on in the Riverside. An extra £69 for anyone daft enough to pay the walk on tax. Slight concession on the walk on tax for night games, changing the cut off to 6pm instead of 12pm. At least it's a move to fairness. Especially as they have stated no 12pm KOs this season. Anyone planning on attending regularly will now have to seriously look at getting a ST. Pity there isn't something for those who know they can only get to a few games by way of a mini (multi game) ST. The idea should still be to fill the stadium, not rip folks off or put folks off.
  9. OldEwoodBlue


    https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1147814/Brexit-news-BBC-Newsnight-no-deal-Leave-EU-Nicholas-Watt-Hilary-Benn-Emily-Maitlis No deal a coming. Triumph for democracy. Still a European. Sun still shining.
  10. OldEwoodBlue

    Your expectations for the coming Season...

    I expect us to get in the playoffs. To do that will require strengthing the first team (not squad) with better players. Therefore I expect that aswell. Do I think either will happen ? No. Season ticket wholly dependent on what happens during the next month.
  11. OldEwoodBlue

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Remaining in the pram until the end of July. In Tony we trust. Excited about the 5 new first team players who are better than our third division players. Bouncing through the Championship via the playoffs. Nice trip to Wembley. Going to be a fantastic season.
  12. OldEwoodBlue

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    or launching the new shirt.... what colour was it ?
  13. OldEwoodBlue


    all the talk of referendums and General Elections has gone very quiet. New PM - 22nd July Summer Recess Conference Recess 4 weeks until Brexit.
  14. OldEwoodBlue

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    so you are saying he is deliberately telling lies via the LT to sell season tickets. Doesn't seem a sound plan from a man who has so much integrity. Unlikely imo. If he says top 8 then I suggest he believes that. In turn so do a good number of fans. Lets hope he has the tools to achieve it. I am NOT expecting promotion this season. I AM expecting the play offs as a minimum.
  15. OldEwoodBlue

    Summer Transfer Window 2019


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