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  1. sabino

    Caption This

    "It's alright big man, no matter how many mistakes you make or how bad you play, there will be fans who blame Elliott"
  2. sabino


    It always amazes my that you like the JW so much😉
  3. sabino

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Actually was a win win for me 😉
  4. sabino


    Why are you suggesting they pay £48. They could have got in for £36. You must be made of money!!
  5. sabino


    Yes, and look at what they missed. At least they could have come along and booed Bennett for F sake. These eejits spend all afternoon and called anything he does wrong, but ignore every other player who does wrong. But the seem to miss his tackles and his crosses, even the one on Tosin's bunnet. And the twIts still shout to have the ref send him off any time the ref is talking to him!! They unfortunately did turn up.
  6. We're not playing accy are we?
  7. Actually, from memory, about 1/5th of ACL tears are partial.
  8. sabino

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    I had another bad day with my "imaginary" Booing of El Capitano. They were at him all game. No matter what he did. In the 1st half he got a talking to from the ref for clattering the winger. They decided to shout to the ref to send him off! They even said they'd rather play with 10 men. As an aside, before the game my son and I were talking with 2 away fans outside McD's. I said we were a bit weak down our left today. They laughed and said that all their play comes up their right and that our right side would get away with murder. I think they got it spot on.
  9. sabino

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    I never said he was booed EVERYTIME he got the ball, you did. But I can assure you that both my son and I I heard it. BTW, Specsavers now do hearing aids😀 My 6 year old grandson even has a hearing aid with the BRFC crest on it!
  10. sabino

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Bennett had a good game against Millwall, not great, good. He was still booed by some fans in the BBE before, during and after the game. They paid no attention to what he did. They cheered when he got injured (both times). So I have no doubt how they will treat him tomorrow. And Bell.
  11. sabino

    Lewis Holtby

    Bennett was very good against Millwall, and it was his cross, and a good one at that, which led to the 1st goal. But we are stuck with Bennett haters. A guy behind me in BBE actually cheered when he went down injured and shouted for him to get off. He also boos when his name is mentioned at the start! Watch these limited highlights. It even looks like a Bennett masterclass. 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyHcCPySlVY
  12. sabino

    Lewis Holtby

    Yes, but at least Netflix would be cheap!
  13. Opens the door for Craig Conway now. Good fit for him.
  14. sabino

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Well, Brian Clough was known too! Maybe a Middlesbrough thing😀
  15. sabino


    Unfortunately, it was exactly how we played against Middlesbrough!

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