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  1. sabino

    Lewis Holtby

    Bennett was very good against Millwall, and it was his cross, and a good one at that, which led to the 1st goal. But we are stuck with Bennett haters. A guy behind me in BBE actually cheered when he went down injured and shouted for him to get off. He also boos when his name is mentioned at the start! Watch these limited highlights. It even looks like a Bennett masterclass. 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyHcCPySlVY
  2. sabino

    Lewis Holtby

    Yes, but at least Netflix would be cheap!
  3. Opens the door for Craig Conway now. Good fit for him.
  4. sabino

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Well, Brian Clough was known too! Maybe a Middlesbrough thing😀
  5. sabino


    Unfortunately, it was exactly how we played against Middlesbrough!
  6. sabino

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Looked like Gally was there for the long wide ball from defence. Trouble the only one with decent distribution was the keeper. But he was damn good.
  7. Anyone spot what tune they used on Tuesday? And any idea what it's likely to be today? I know it doesn't sound important, but it stops me worrying about the defence!
  8. sabino


    I was thinking of popping down to U23s tonight. How much is it?
  9. sabino

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Yes, and we got rid of that in the transfer window. Away even quicker than Charlie. Been replaced with probably different tune each game.
  10. Just found out that they ran out on Saturday to Intro by XX. Must admit I prefer The Final Countdown.
  11. On Saturday they played "The Boys are Back" and "Wild Rover" but they never ran on to the pitch to Europe's "The Final Countdown". What was the song/tune they used instead?
  12. sabino

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    The worst thing was No "The Final Countdown". That's the last straw. Am oot!
  13. Well Rangers did disappear, only for a new team to be formed with a subtly different name.
  14. And played for and managed Hearts who, although long after he left, damn near went bust due to overspending. And played for the Old Rangers who, again after his time, actually did go bust due to rediculous overspending.
  15. sabino

    Rangers fan here

    The only souvenirs I've collected at Ibrokes were a fine shower of pee from the upper tier above and a punch on the side of the head for wearing an away scarf. Although that was the old team. However, can't say I found the other half of the biggot sisters much better. Hopefully they'll behave as it is only a friendly.

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