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  1. Darrenbot

    Danny Graham

    Quite a talking point up there,7 pages of talk just today about signing him,we have 8 pages in 4 years of him being here 😀 i didnt realise he played so bad there in the past.Kind of like what it would be here if we had ever re-signed Kevin Davies.
  2. Darrenbot

    Summer Transfer Window

    I agree plus with the pressure Pep must be under with the owners wanting trophies after all the money they've shelled out hes gonna have to be pretty sure a young player is ready to give him regular playing time.
  3. Darrenbot

    Summer Transfer Window

    thats quite cheap,Newcastle paid 40 for that useless JoelLinton bloke
  4. Darrenbot

    Summer Transfer Window

    Bellis-harwood,angelino,Diaz,Celina have/had 6 premier league appearances between them,hardly given a chance imo Foden is a regular,Garcia has played a few games recently but i'd harldy call him a regular so far and Inehacho was offloaded as soon as Leicester made a bid for him. I can understand Pep using big money players when hes got an owner willing to pay for them,all i'm saying is if Tosin wants a premier league career it wont be with City.
  5. Darrenbot

    Summer Transfer Window

    I dont't think Tosin is going to be anywhere near the 1st team at City,other than Phil Foden Pep has hardly given a chance to their youth team players to become regulars in the 1st team,until the the owner changes his mind City will be using his oil money to get new defenders in the club.
  6. Darrenbot

    Championship season 2019-20

    So with Villa and West Ham staying up and Leeds getting promoted who will Sky's obsession be next season? Maybe for once they'll spread the lives games around evenly instead of showing 1 team 30 times in the season....maybe not
  7. Darrenbot

    Championship season 2019-20

    I thought it must be a Villa fan taking the p*** with the story until i clicked on the link.
  8. Darrenbot


    Reading this thread trying to work it out at 1.25 am, my head hurts now i'm going to bed.
  9. Darrenbot

    Reading at Home

    Maybe it's a +43 goal difference because hes a good keeper that stops shots going in at one end while theyre scoring at the other end,ever thought of that?
  10. Darrenbot

    Reading at Home

    Or you could put it another way and say his performances over the whole season are one of the reasons Brentford are in a position to be promoted and getting that £150 million.
  11. Darrenbot

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    And if the remarkable happens and they decide to do the best thing for the club and get rid of Mowbray then you can bet Waggott will be right in there trying to change their minds.
  12. Darrenbot

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    We'll have to agree to disagree,this club is his pension plan,few more years doddering around in the championship picking up millions in wages,with his mate Waggott around theres no chance of him being fired.A few more years then he'll be retiring back up the North East to count his money,do you feel inspired after hearing any of his interviews? i've never once thought he instills passion in the players,half are probably struggling to stay awake after on of his team talks.
  13. Darrenbot

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    There's been a lot of good stuff written on here since the end of the game last night,a lot of passionate supporters putting their opinions across,i just wish the people running the club had half the passion we do,with Mowbray and Waggott at the helm i can only see more seasons of drab,uninspiring football ahead with no chance of promotion,just treading water as a mid table team.The fact that in a game where it was win or bust they put in a performance like that shows Mowbray has no motivation skills,i'm guessing they have stopped listening to him and his voice just goes in one ear and out of the other for most players in the team.
  14. Darrenbot

    Millwall Away

    Mowbray wont be able to resist making 3 or 4 changes and i'm thinking tonight is where the season ends. 2-0 to Millwall.
  15. Darrenbot

    Premier League Stuff

    As much as we hate them Burnley have shown what a well run club with a decent manager can do in the Premiership without having to spend tens of millions.First team to take a point off Liverpool at Anfield this season.

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