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  1. Darrenbot

    Leicester Play Off Final

    I dont think any player has made an impact in 1 season at a club like Speedie did at Rovers that season.Its a shame we had to let him go to Southampton to get Shearer,i wonder what a Shearer/Speedie forward partnership would have been like if they could have had time together.
  2. Darrenbot


    Just finished rewatching Life on Mars on the IPlayer.I had forgotten what a great show it was,cant believe its been 15 years since it was on.John Simm and Phillip Glenister are excellent as Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt and the rest of the cast are good too.I'd definitely recommend it to anybody that missed it when it was shown on TV.
  3. Darrenbot

    Music Association Game

    The Cult - Fire Woman
  4. Darrenbot

    Music Association Game

    The Jackson 5 - I want you back
  5. Darrenbot

    Music Association Game

    Counting Crows - Mr Jones
  6. Darrenbot

    BRFCS TV - 1993/4

    Dirty Yorkshire B*stards lol
  7. Darrenbot

    Football League Suspended

    I tried to watch a bit of the Bundeslige but couldnt get into it,i switched over to England v Scotland from Euro 96 that is being replayed in full on ITV4.The only time i was ever glad to see aHendry make a mistake was when Gascoigne flicked it over him for the second goal,its always nice to see us beat the Scots even if it isnt live.
  8. Darrenbot


    Its not the right Thyme for a herb joke.
  9. Darrenbot

    Football League Suspended

    I'm not surprised some of the players are wary of coming back so soon,if i was them i'd be thinking why do i have to be the entertainment for everybody while risking my health before a vaccine has been invented.
  10. Darrenbot

    BRFCS TV - 1993/4

    Kept at bay by MikloŇ°ko,we'll let him off that after what he did against Man Utd 18 months later.I also forgot how slowly they took it letting Shearer get his starting place back in the team after his injury,6 games after his injury comeback and hes still on the bench.
  11. Darrenbot

    BRFCS TV - 1992/3

    The end of Brian Cloughs reign as Forest manager as they went down,i watched The Damned United this week,i'd love to have seen what he could have done as England manager when he was at his peak at the end of the 70s.
  12. Darrenbot


    I've been waiting 20 years for a new Cinema to open in Chorley and within 3 months of opening it had to close because of the virus,i just hope they re-open it when everything is allowed to get going again.
  13. Season 1 is on Channel 4's on demand service All4 i watched them last week,theres plenty of seedy stuff going on in the background of wrestling companies.
  14. Darrenbot


    Each season has different Female writers and Showrunners so theres no real flow from one series to the next,changing each series means the new people want to put their stamp on the show and it doesnt work.
  15. Darrenbot

    Away shirts

    I had the Orange one with Henchoz on the back,i think i just wanted to have a name on the back that not a lot of others would have.

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