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  1. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Nottingham Forest Home

    When was the last time we nicked a 1-0 away from home in stoppage time? Regardless of how well Bell has played defensively in recent matches we have to get Douglas in straight away to give us something going forward. On another note, Chris Hughton has a hex over us. I may be imaging it but we hardly ever seem to beat his sides. I knew as soon as he was appointed we were in for some pain today.
  2. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Victims of our own successful start to the season. Both Cardiff and Forest have come to frustrate and so far have succeeded. Having said that, being without Dack, Holtby, Rothwell, Williams, Travis, Rankin-Costello, Douglas, Tybull, Elliot and....errr Bennett...doesn’t help either
  3. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Get Evans off
  4. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Cardiff (H) - Saturday 3rd October 2020

    I thought Cardiff were successful in nullifying our style, often illegally but one thing stood out again for me: literally every time Nyambe got into an attacking position the move broke down. He managed to win one corner from his numerous attacking escapades. Yes, his main role is to defend and he did that well today (likewise Bell) but he MUST improve his final ball and ability to go round a man on the outside. As soon as he gets the ball in an advanced position I give up. There is no end product. From memory I can remember one of the 5 goals we scored at Hillsborough being down to a Nyambe surge but I’m hard pressed to think of another. If we are going to play without two natural wingers then our full backs have to offer more going forward...or at least one of them has to. Having said that, I’m quite happy with a clean sheet, three games unbeaten and looking quite solid. Johnson has clearly found his mojo and long may it continue.
  5. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Doncaster Rovers (H) CARABAO CUP RND1 - Sat 29th Aug

    At times, Brereton looked our best player today...driving runs, tackling back etc etc...but then he inexplicably misses an open goal when under little pressure. I can’t fathom him. Bell’s performance epitomised his Ewood career. Regularly receiving balls in promising situations, only to make the wrong decision (penalty aside). I can forgive a few defensive errors if a player provides a genuine threat going forward but he doesn’t. He can’t be our first choice at left back. Wharton looked solid enough but there will be much bigger tests. He can be the new Paul Downing and play when required but we need a partner for Lenihen and sharpish. Fisher lacks match experience and it showed on a number of occasions. A full season on loan (actually playing regularly) will hopefully get him right. He’s nowhere near ready yet. Dolan impressed. His low centre of gravity and tigerish qualities make him a real prospect. He seems to have a decent football brain too. All very early yet but...I can see him having a big impact for us this season. Not surprised at all by the way the game unfolded...it’s what Rovers do, especially in early season cup fixtures of late. Entertaining but also worrying in equal measure. Two new CBs and a LB and I’ll sit more comfortably.
  6. The Mighty Chaffinch

    20/21 kit

    Like the collar, like the shade of blue, quite like the sponsor (Peel off the EC and it says Roverite!) but why the red trim on the arms? Minus the trim it’s very much the Crown Paints kit of the (nervous cough) Venky’s takeover season.
  7. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    He’s never going to oust Matt Ryan from between the posts at Brighton and if Ryan ever ends up getting a move to a bigger club (which I can see happening as he’s one of the best in the top division in my opinion) then I would expect them to spend big on a replacement. Walton is destined for a career below the Premier league...would I sign him? Right now I’d take anyone!!! His performances after the restart were concerning but that doesn’t mean he can’t find the form of earlier in the season. Ideally, yes, I’d like someone better but we haven’t got the scouting network or money to achieve that at the moment. If Brighton offer another season long loan I’d probably take it but I don’t think it will happen.
  8. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Summer Transfer Window

    This may have already been mentioned but Jordan Jones is from Redcar and started out at Boro...right up Mowbray’s street!
  9. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Summer Transfer Window

    Prior to having his head re-arranged I seem to remember Corry Evans was forming a very good partnership with Lewis Travis and that some of Evans’ performances this season have been his best in a Rovers shirt. Consistency is of course key but I wouldn’t write off that midfield pairing just yet.
  10. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Summer Transfer Window

    Regarding Wharton, he’s now played over 100 games in the Football League, largely for promotion chasing teams in L2. When Coyle threw him into the side he was raw and if I remember correctly debuted against Burton in a 2-2 (Sam Gallagher getting his first goal for us in that match). He wasn’t ready then, but there have been many other lower league defenders who have stepped up to the Championship and excelled. Maybe time for Wharton to get his chance
  11. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Summer Transfer Window

    I’m still discussing Oumar Konde so that logic doesn’t work ha ha
  12. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Worst Rovers 11

    It always felt that Holmes was bought off the back of his performance for West Ham on the last day of the season...and that wasn't necessarily representative of his regular ability. Maybe I'm being harsh but he was a big disappointment, but you're right...we should have been looking to sign a higher quality of player at that point
  13. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Worst Rovers 11

    Realistically I want to choose players who actually played a decent number of games as one match here or there isn't really representative...let's see how it goes: Alan Fettis Bradley Orr Darren Peacock Gordon Greer Gary Croft Keith Treacy Jason Lowe Hope Akpan Matty Holmes David Goodwillie Chris Brown
  14. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    If it was players at their best regardless of their spell at Rovers then the task would be impossible...Cole, Yorke, Fowler, Sukur, Baggio, Djorkaeff, Batty to name but a few...
  15. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    Always hard is this: GK: Friedel RB: Berg CB: Hendry CB: Nelsen LB: Le Saux RW: Ripley CM: Tugay CM: Dunn LW: Duff CF: Shearer CF: Bellamy Subs: Flowers, Samba, Henchoz, Sherwood, Wilcox, Gallacher, Sutton (Couldn't find a place for McCarthy or Santa Cruz...loved them both though!)

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