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  1. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Worst Rovers 11

    It always felt that Holmes was bought off the back of his performance for West Ham on the last day of the season...and that wasn't necessarily representative of his regular ability. Maybe I'm being harsh but he was a big disappointment, but you're right...we should have been looking to sign a higher quality of player at that point
  2. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Worst Rovers 11

    Realistically I want to choose players who actually played a decent number of games as one match here or there isn't really representative...let's see how it goes: Alan Fettis Bradley Orr Darren Peacock Gordon Greer Gary Croft Keith Treacy Jason Lowe Hope Akpan Matty Holmes David Goodwillie Chris Brown
  3. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    If it was players at their best regardless of their spell at Rovers then the task would be impossible...Cole, Yorke, Fowler, Sukur, Baggio, Djorkaeff, Batty to name but a few...
  4. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    Always hard is this: GK: Friedel RB: Berg CB: Hendry CB: Nelsen LB: Le Saux RW: Ripley CM: Tugay CM: Dunn LW: Duff CF: Shearer CF: Bellamy Subs: Flowers, Samba, Henchoz, Sherwood, Wilcox, Gallacher, Sutton (Couldn't find a place for McCarthy or Santa Cruz...loved them both though!)
  5. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Swansea City home

    The wind had a big hand in proceedings today, and in the first 20 or so minutes of the second half Swansea seemed to manage it much better. That was their purple patch and they didn't kill us off. I'm disappointed not to have won but in the end it was a point gained and our goal difference protected. Always satisfying to end like that against an opposition who practice the dark arts. They got what they deserved...how often have we not been able to say that? Really pleased for Gallagher to score, I thought the criticism of him after the Stoke match was a bit much. He runs his socks off for the team regardless of where Mowbray picks him. Brereton's (slightly longer than usual) cameo was entertaining and offers hope for the future. There's something there definitely even though the 'Bambi on ice' was on show as ever. To be fair to him, most players would have gone for glory in stoppage time...many of them would also have endangered the ducks in the river Darwen. Onwards to Derby. This league...anything can happen.
  6. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Stoke City home

    Our play in the first ten minutes could never be sustained for 90 minutes, but it was disappointing how quickly we dropped off from that intensity and incisiveness. Having said that, Stoke noticeably pushed up and went tighter after we'd carved them open a few times early on. For me, Rothwell should be hugging the left touchline rather than Bell. Rothwell is at his most dangerous when cutting in from the wing, something that Bell just hasn't got the confidence to do (I think the ability is in there somewhere but unlocking it???) The same issue to a lesser extent happens on the right as the out ball is always to Nyambe, who has improved immensely but still doesn't offer the kind of delivery or trickery that a genuine wideman would. A frustrating night but not a disastrous one
  7. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Stoke City home

    We haven't beaten Stoke at Ewood in the league since Big Sam's first game in charge. Stoke have won the last 3 and drawn the other. Putting that record to bed would be nice
  8. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Agreed, but we were missing Dack, Holtby and Rothwell. JRC had two opportunities to shoot early on but chose the wrong option on both occasions. I thought Hector was outstanding for them at the back and was the best player on the pitch. We didn't get close to them because of the quality they had in key positions.
  9. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    We do not have a god-given right to win every match and yesterday proved that. We were beaten by the better side and yet for vast periods of the match we contained them and competed with them. Given our injury crisis and the quality in the Fulham side I was expecting the kind of game we witnessed. Luck was against us in terms of the dubious offside decision and every loose ball seemed to drop to Fulham but on balance, they deserved to win. Frankly, given our current situation I am happy that we are competing in every fixture, the lads are giving everything for the cause and our relatively comfortable mid-table position is not a massive negative by any stretch of the imagination. We are seeing youngsters like Travis and Nyambe developing into real talents, we have found a relatively settled and competent back 4 and we have that mix of experience and youth that bodes well for the future. Four games ago we won 5-0 at Hillsborough...another side whose fans no doubt are saying that they should be doing better, likewise Stoke and many others. This is the nature of the division. We are an average sized fish in a moderately big pond. Beat Hull on Tuesday and it's butter side up again
  10. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Adam Henley once scored the winning goal at Hillsborough...anything can happen! Back on planet earth, I can't see beyond a Wednesday win
  11. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Preston (home)

    We've now seen Wigan, Preston and to a lesser extent Birmingham, come to Ewood with no intention of winning but doing their conniving best to slow the game down, disrupt the flow and in general employ anti-football tactics. The antics of Ben Pearson yesterday were a disgrace and the referee, if he'd have possessed an inch of fibre, would have booked him before half time and curbed his 'shithousery' (to quote PNE fans on their own forum). We saw similar performances down in League 1 (Plymouth at Ewood springs to mind) where we struggled to get round such tactics. I think I've reached the conclusion that we are unlikely to see a referee who deals with the Pearsons of the world properly and that as such, Mowbray needs to find a way of setting up against such sides. We were hamstrung by two injuries yesterday that prevented us bringing on Rothwell or Chapman, but if anything we regressed in the second half when really we should have been getting at a poor Preston team. Do I have faith that Mowbray can learn from yesterday's battle and find a way to overcome the anti-footballers? My faith is waning by the day.
  12. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    They did it once with David Ellary back in the late 80s. Tony Adams was at him all match and was booked for it. I'd love to hear the refs thought process for some of his decisions today!
  13. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Just out of interest, can anyone remember the last time we scored a late goal that affected the result of a match? I'm thinking last 10 minutes...
  14. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    You can almost feel his anger when Walton wants to kick it long. A Pep graduate he most certainly is.
  15. The Mighty Chaffinch

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    I thought we played well for the period between scoring our first and half time...that was about it really. The referee didn't help with his intent to be centre stage for the SKY cameras, missing a foul for us in the build up to their equaliser being his biggest crime. Our biggest crime was short corners and not reacting to the fact that their main weapon was playing on the break. I understand wanting to change the angle etc etc but a short corner that goes wrong leads to a quicker break than a conventional corner, as we saw for 0-1. I'm not rating our chances at Brum on Tuesday

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