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  1. sharpysharps86

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    He was fairly snarky with the Radio Lancs reporter. Lots of one word answers.
  2. sharpysharps86

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    The club should go all out for Hughton. Would be an absolutely top class appointment at this level. I think we've seen enough to know what to expect with TM now. We are very much in Gary Bowyer territory. We won't challenge the top six but we will grind out enough results to stay in the league. Is that enough? For me, no. The top 6 is there for the taking when you see the likes of Charlton up there...and yet we seem to be sleepwalking through the season.
  3. sharpysharps86

    QPR Away

    Absolute trash from Rovers. Time up for TM?
  4. sharpysharps86

    Hull (A)

    Thoughts on the game: 1. Downing was fantastic and so far is anything but the Danny Murphy type we all feared. Was unlucky not to score a Worldie against Boro and again tonight when hitting the post. Wonderful performance and our left hand side looks really strong with him and Cunningham linking up well together. 2. Williams is a revelation at CB. Never changed my opinion of a player so drastically after a change in position but he looks a totally different player there. 3. Travis and Johnson looking like they're becoming a solid partnership. Johnson did get himself into a muddle a few times and gave away the pen but was unlucky not to score with that cracking effort that clipped the bar. 4. Best performance from Walton so far. Looked much more confident and the pen save was a big moment for him. 5. We are gonna miss Cunningham on Saturday. He's settled in really well and looks a player.
  5. sharpysharps86


    I'd be tempted to go with 2 up front tonight. A lineup like this would be good to see: Walton Nyambe Tosin Williams Downing Chapman Evans Buckley Rothwell Brereton Graham Think we'll win this one 3 nil. Brero, Graham and Chapman.
  6. sharpysharps86

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Really not about the quality of football at this level, worry about that when your team is solidified in the Prem....right now we just need a manager who knows how to get out of the division....Hughton has done it a couple of times at least from my memory. Couldn't care less how we play in this league as long as we win and drag ourselves up to the premier league again. Yes, TM has done it before with WBA but they arguably had the best side in the division that season.... and football has changed A LOT since then.
  7. sharpysharps86

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Feels like we are set up for a season of hot and cold. I think long term we'll win a few and lose a few....basically a bit like the season with Bowyer and then Lambert. Yesterday was encouraging and if it hasn't been for the dire result against Charlton there would be a lot less frustration at losing to a team that spent 100 million last summer, has the best striker in the league in Mitrovic and probably the best playmaker in Cairney. The issue is the Charlton game, we sleep walked into that game and they did a job on us. This is always my concern with TM in that we struggle to be up for the games against the sides that don't have much quality but lots of graft. We should be looking at 4 points from the next 2 games, anything less I'd be disappointed with...and then in September we have 4 very winnable games through to October...we need to be looking at 9 or 10 points from those 4 games or I'd be looking at pulling the trigger. Maybe I'm being a bit brutal there but then if you start regressing with the manager you've had for 2 and a half seasons already then you don't stick with them if you want to kick on.
  8. sharpysharps86

    Fulham Away

    Bottom of the table as it stands. OK after 2 games that's not too much of a big deal but still....
  9. sharpysharps86

    Fulham Away

    Walton poor with that cross. Looks totally unconvincing. 2-0 not accurate to the way the game has been but we've ended the game with 4 strikers on the pitch and have tried to go for it.
  10. sharpysharps86

    Fulham Away

    Brereton on for Rothwell after a clash of heads.
  11. sharpysharps86

    Fulham Away

    Much better performance so far. Unlucky to concede but it was a moment of magic from Carney. He will do that a few times this season. Something in this for Rovers if they stick at it.
  12. sharpysharps86

    Fulham Away

    Wonder if Lenihan is injured or there is unrest after Mulgrew being allowed to go and no replacement brought in. Are we about to witness it all massively unravelling for TM? Also, I guess Bennett is captain today then....
  13. sharpysharps86

    Fulham Away

    Think we will play better against a better side than last weeks debacle...but it won't be enough and expect us to go down 3-1. 2 nil down at half time, we'll pull a goal back, get well on top and then get hit on the break.... Standard really. Gallagher to score our goal. Tom Carney almost certainly going to bag against us because of course he is. Expecting Mitrovic to net a couple too. My team would be: Walton Nyambe, Big Tosin, Lenihan, Downing Travis, Johnson Armstrong, Dack, Rothwell Gallagher Hope we get to see Brereton on the pitch at some point.
  14. sharpysharps86

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Don't forget Nyambe. I'm sure TM sees him as a CB now, leaving the RB spot between Bennett and JRC...
  15. sharpysharps86

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Something has clearly gone on behind the scenes with Mulgrew to Wigan coming from out of absolutely nowhere. If for whatever reason Wigan failed to beat the deadline and he stays with Rovers I don't think we'll be seeing him play for the club again. Sad end if that's the case. I loved Charlie in that league one season but since February he's been a walking defensive disaster. I would not be at all surprised if we bring in a free transfer CB in the coming weeks. Lynch seems most likely if he was in for talks. Providing that's backup and we give Tosin the gig alongside Lenihan then I'd be OK with that. On Tosin, if Pep rates him that's good enough for me. So he got mixed reviews at WBA, but it sounds like he was moved around a bit positionally, which never helps when bedding a player into the team.

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