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  1. Other things could go on behind closed doors but they have chosen not to do so. WWE have chosen to. They're doing two different nights across multiple locations so that only around 10 people are actually on any one set. Outside of the Wrestlers themselves they're respecting the 2 metre rule too. I'm just glad they are because it gives me something to look forward to and the end of these wretched few weeks.
  2. JoeH

    Football League Suspended

    Yeah I personally think that just scrapping the Nations League would help things get back to normal on the Int. front as a first step.
  3. JoeH

    Football League Suspended

    There's no host country this year so there really wouldn't be much protest if we delayed a year, or even scrapped Euro 2020 altogether. No big financial repercussions for any particular nation, and most leagues would be glad of the extra time. Play this season out in August and September. Start the new season on October 31st. PL 2020/21 season has only 30 games, EFL 2020/21 season has only 35 games. Luck of the draw at the beginning of the season for who you have to face twice and who you get away with facing once. Season can be further shortened by a suspension of the League Cup for 2020/21, or the removal of replays in both cup comps for one year only. 2020/21 season finishes at the end of May, re-arranged Euro's can take place in Summer '21, or not depending on whether they just cancel it instead. Back to normal for August 2021. Liverpool would get to win their title fairly, Leeds & West Brom most likely get their earned promotion. Three PL teams actually get relegated like they should and the play-off contenders get to battle it out and have the big day out at Wembley. Nobody can complain of complicit bias in any way. Job done for me. I'm sure someone will explain fifteen reasons as to how I'm way off though happy to hear it.
  4. It's on Sky News now, all games suspended.
  5. It's not fake news when it's coming from multiple legitimate news sources... EFL Have Suspended Games and its fairly common knowledge at this point and hardly controversial to post onto this forum...
  6. JoeH

    Autographs ID help request

    Number 7 was Liam Feeney. TOP Left is Wes Brown 100% TOP Right is Jason Lowe Danny Graham 12 Bang in the middle
  7. I personally find it disgusting that its taken Mikel Arteta catching the disease for the PL to act.
  8. Taken the decision today not to attend the game tomorrow. Every other league in the world has been suspended, played behind closed doors or cancelled. I refuse to believe that a set of experts in America & every other country is saying something different to the experts in our country. I work with an 83 year old in my office, to attend the game and potentially catch the virus, potentially passing it onto him, would simply be selfish. Got a strong feeling the attendance is going to be extremely low.
  9. JoeH

    Academy & U21s

    Rovers boast a 23's side made up of 75% Under 18's players, but Burnley do too. Get the feeling with Rovers already through, Burnley confirmed as not through, the two clubs have both come to a decision (maybe even together) to play some of the younger lads in this one. Kicks off at 2pm, no video available anywhere but Rovers Twitter are providing updates. Sam Burns (man of the hour on this thread recently) starts up front.
  10. Out of interest, will you be attending the game? Happy Birthday in advance!! 🎂
  11. JoeH

    Academy & U21s

    Both Zimba and Burns play as strikers for the 18's. It might be a case of "look, only one of you will get any kind of game time underneath Butterworth at 23's level next season, the other will mostly struggle to make the bench in the PL2." Zimba may be choosing to not extend for this reason?
  12. This hand-drier is only 19. It's had multiple matches in the England Youth Toilet Set-Up down at St George's park! For just £5m now, we think this hand-dryer could stagnate in your first team toilet for a good few seasons!!!
  13. They don't "not matter", there's just less obvious pressure. HUGE difference. I agree with the latter, not the former.
  14. I think Stuart meant now that a win will most likely see us still outside of the play-off spots and there's slightly less obvious pressure on the team. I'd be inclined to agree personally.
  15. ST's won't be refunded as your ST doesn't guarantee any minimum or maximum number of games, just all home league matches that are available to be viewed at the discretion of the club. Those paying on finance may be in a different boat however as they're covered by other rights, rules & regs.

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