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  1. JoeH

    Cardiff away

    I agree. Although it's my personal opinion that JRC is lightyears ahead of John Buckley in terms of first-team readiness. Much more versatile, usable, seems to have an older head on his shoulders. I think JRC is performing as well as Lewis Travis performed when he had to step up in early 2019. But now we are getting into personal opinion, and with this particular discussion I think the facts speak for themselves, and my own viewpoints are necessary colour to add to the point - it's already substantial enough.
  2. JoeH

    Cardiff away

    99.99% correct. But it's just somehow true that players score against teams like that, former clubs, former rivals. That's football, outside of the context of the goal.
  3. JoeH

    Cardiff away

    One player will be 23 in a matter of days, the other is 20. Judge Wharton by his senior apps - he has been decent, but not remarkable, at League Two level consistently. Joe Rankin-Costello, at a two/three year younger age group, can only be judged by HIS own first team appearances, which have come in the Championship where I believe he's performed admirably. I don't see why it has to be so "one equals this then the other must too". We've had a handful of managers, including of course also the handful of managers Wharton has played for on loan, and Wharton is yet to be given a chance in the Championship/spoken of as a huge prospect for the future - whatever your view on Tony Mowbray, at the end of the day if Scott Wharton was a decent Championship footballer (or going to be), he'd have had his break by now. Joe Rankin-Costello hasn't gone out on loan, Buckley hasn't, Travis and Nyambe didn't. Infact almost all of the decent youth prospects we've had who've succeeded didn't go out on loan. If you're good enough you're old enough they say. Players like Wharton, who leave on loan consistently, very rarely make it back into the first team picture at this level. The players who have the ability from day one are the players who make it, and they usually don't leave on loan. Travis had two games to prove himself, BANG, best midfielder at the club. Wharton's played games for us as early as 2016... there's a huge difference.
  4. JoeH

    Cardiff away

    I agree.. I was responding to the point made by someone who claimed our academy was underperforming/overhyped which I think is absurd. The claim that we've nothing decent coming out of the Under 18's or the 23's is quite clearly proven to be false by the numerous former youth team players in our first team, and some of the quality we have at 18's and 23's level. It's not a huge personal opinion based on my viewing. I don't see how these factual points are a sign of my lack of sight for the context of their play at youth level at all. I know what that league is like, I know that Callum Hudson-Odoi was tosh at Leyland and scored his first England senior goal just 6-months later. Players perform and underperform at that level and at that age consistently very inconsistently. I'm not claiming that we have the most amazing academy in the world, but I think the original claim (the one I was responding to) is absurd and outside of personal opinion, there's many factually unavoidable variants proving so.
  5. JoeH

    Cardiff away

    I wasn't suggesting he would aggravate the fans in the stadium. Not my intention at all. More that players against former sides (where they're usually booed by opposition fans - obviously not on this occasion) tend to score against those teams. I was proven correct there.
  6. JoeH

    Cardiff away

    Had a knock from three games ago going into the game, physios told TM that he'd get 20 minutes out of him. He got 60 something. The lad had a really serious injury a year or two back and is still finding his legs after it, takes a long time to be "right" after an injury so serious. Think he did marvellous and luckily, it's not a hamstring injury.
  7. JoeH

    Cardiff away

    Dan Pike, Luke Brennan, Zak Gilsenan and D'Margio Wright-Phillips in the Under 18's all look very promising indeed. Could become very big players in the future. Joe Rankin-Costello proved yet again last night that he will be a very big player for us. John Buckley, Joe Rankin-Costello, Ryan Nyambe, Lewis Travis, Darragh Lenihan are all players who have played in our youth teams and are now in the first team. If you do truly go and watch the 23's you'll see we have a pretty decent side, competing against some of the best in the country. Jack Vale is breaking through, Dan Butterworth is a baller and if he recovers from his injury will get first team game time soon, Joe Grayson can pass a ball really nicely and shows promise. I find it a very dower overview to say our academy is overrated.
  8. JoeH

    Cardiff away

    Interesting. Wasn't my point. I'm glad I was proved correct
  9. JoeH

    Cardiff away

    Chapman won't be here next season I don't reckon. If Tony stays I think Harry goes. They've clearly had a falling out and TM doesn't like him, that's toxic and it'll end in a move probably. Play Arma out wide and give Danny Graham a much needed and well deserved start against a Cardiff side who's fans hate him with a passion.
  10. JoeH

    Wigan Administration

    I live here. I know three people who attend Latics matches, I know 20+ who attend Warriors games. This is a rugby town and it always has been. Every town has United/Liverpool supporters, Wigan none more so or less so than any other, but this town is a rugby town and it will always be that way. Their attendances show that, and they're only getting worse. They'd be much better off lower down the pyramid, operating under more realistic budgets with a local businessman who has at least some care for the club at the forefront of his decision making.
  11. JoeH

    Academy & U21s

    We're not due another Academy report for a while yet, so nothing to worry about in the near future. Just spent a lot of money on facilities too, should be fine with Cat 1 status for a good while yet, even if Venkys give up on throwing cash at it tomorrow morning.
  12. JoeH

    Summer Transfer Window

    David Marshall for me is a good option. A very reliable Championship goalkeeper with bags of experience, who whilst not being the most technically gifted in the world, is one of those who doesn't make huge mistakes. We've had Raya and Walton gifting points away on their own for four seasons now, it's time for a Mr Reliable in the nets - nothing fancy, just gets the job done and understands the division.
  13. JoeH

    Wigan Administration

    As a Saints RLFC supporters I'm not exactly a huge Ian Lenegan fan, but I think Wigan need a local owner. Their average positions, attendance and standing within English football puts them in League One, maybe even League Two. They've been punching above their weight for some time thanks to some great moves by Dave Whelan in days gone by. The FA Cup win and some Premier League seasons, but they can't sustain it. Wigan are a team who will be better off under local ownership, paying out more reasonable lower end wages and competing at a level befitting the interest the town of Wigan has in football vs the interest it has in Rugby.
  14. JoeH

    Wigan Administration

    Antonee Robinson has a £1.5m release clause if Wigan are relegated to League One. Christ they need to stay up if they've got a chance of getting out of the dirt here.
  15. JoeH

    Cardiff away

    Rothwell needs dropping, as does Gallagher and Bennett. Abandon the false nine crap and rest Holtby, who's been poor in a stupid position. Walton Nyambe Lenihan Tosin Downing Travis Davenport JRC Buckley Armstrong Graham Would be what I'd go for. Most of Arma's goals come from that left hand side, Graham up top so we at least have some sort of resemblance of a real striker in the side, Buckley and JRC deserve game time as does Davenport.

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