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  1. For me you've got: RB: Bennett, Nyambe, Rankin-Costello CB: Williams, Tosin, Nyambe, Grayson, Doyle LB: Bell, Hart, Downing, Davenport, Thompson It's easily the worst defence in the division.
  2. James Collins, Djourou and Samba? Crikey. I'd sooner see Joe Grayson Matty Platt and Charley Doyle as a back three.
  3. JoeH

    Damien Johnson

    iPad Assistant Manager???
  4. All are depressing but which would you personally choose? Bennett Nyambe Tosin Williams Hart or... Bennett Tosin Williams Hart or... Bennett Nyambe Tosin Williams or... Nyambe Tosin Williams Hart
  5. JoeH

    Damien Johnson

    I know I'm wearing DJ tinted glasses with this one, and I'm probably a little over complimentary but I like his footballing style and I just have a personal opinion he'll manage this club one day.
  6. JoeH

    Damien Johnson

    I'm aware. Little bit of a paradox though. Can't become a manager without having been a manager etc etc... For me we have to take a risk on trying something productive. I just think it makes more sense than bringing in another version of TM.
  7. JoeH

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I see that point, but to me thats a separate issue to the one being addressed here. If he's PNE then that's its own problem, but I don't think we should be attacking each other because of the wording we use to describe the club we support.
  8. Right so I just want to quickly talk about Damien Johnson. The most qualified (in a literal sense) member of staff at the football club. Damien Johnson created an ethos during his tenure as manager of the Under 23's, and during the rest of his work with all teams throughout his time at the club. Johnson has been pivotal in introducing the new learning culture within the first team set up, the new technological advances I would say are a direct result of his impact since stepping into the first team picture. Damien has two underlings (Data Analysts) who he works with personally on a day to day basis, which has come into major effect from this season, and it is Johnson who has been instrumental in the touch screen implementation at Brockhall, analysing games and player performance and going over it with the players. The bloke has spent most of his career dedicating his time and efforts to this club in MANY capacities and I have absolutely no doubt that one day he'll manage at a top top level. He joined this club as manager of the Under 14's, and the achievements directly caused by his impact since are astounding to me. For me, if TM really does end up going any time soon, there is no better replacement, there's nobody who's got the experience at this club, the freshness to give it a good go and most importantly the respect of the fans, players and staff already at the club. Others may disagree and that's fine, but I just wanted to lay that out there. Johnson has worked wonders with the 23's. Not just the promotion from the PL2(2) but also his amazing season with that team last year getting the lads into the Champions League of youth football. Mark Hughes, Chris Hughton, Tony Pulis... meh - tried, tested? Sure. But for me, we've got a chance to try something new. Think Eddie Howe, even in some ways Gary Bowyer (hopefully not in the mediocrity way though!).
  9. JoeH

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Feel as though this is a little harsh, I often use both Rovers and Blackburn to describe the team I support, is it *really* that big of a deal? All seems a little silly and over the top to me this.
  10. JoeH


    1,100 people didn't renew season tickets this year. I'd hazard a guess to say that over 75% of those people probably put that down to financial and personal issues. 700 NEW people bought season tickets this year. If we didn't lose those 1,100, we'd have gained 700 ST holders from last year. A loyalty scheme would help retain current ST holders, whilst allowing us to bring in new ST holders.
  11. JoeH


    We should adopt a loyalty scheme system. For me, every year you renew your season ticket you should get an extra (lets say) 5% off for next year. This can build all the way up to (lets say) 40% as a maximum. It rewards fans who have been massively dedicated for a number of years. For example I'm just going to use the price £300.00: ST in Year 1: £300.00 ST in Year 2: £285.00 ST in Year 3: £270.75 ST in Year 4: £257.21 ST in Year 5: £244.35 (plus 50% off the new home shirt - or something for a 5 year 'special') ST in Year 6: £232.13 ST in Year 7: £220.52 ST in Year 8: £209.49 If in Year 7 of holding your Season Ticket the club is relegated, or we have a shocking season, your next season ticket costs almost £100.00 less than the RRP so you'd be less likely to give Ewood up for the year because its cheaper. The figure that over 1,000 don't renew each year is really sad. In some cases there's reasons for this outside of financial, but for a lot of people football isn't something that is easily affordable. I think loyalty schemes would help those who have committed a big chunk of their money over the years.
  12. Exactly. The 23's under Damien Johnson had an identity. A formation that they stuck to, a way of playing the ball around, the team didn't change every week and players knew exactly where to be and where to go etc.. Our problem at first team level is there's too much fluidity. Downing is on the wing but then also in the middle, Dack is in midfield but also kind of up front, Holtby is a central player but kind of out to one side when he comes on... It's like, make your mind up TM. Pick the team, and stick with it for a month, let them gel and give them proper positional instruction!
  13. I've seen him enough times fail to impress against kids. He's been awful.

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