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  1. Erased Citizen

    Forest V Rovers

    Like the football equivalent of a dog chasing it's own tail
  2. Heard on comms that he's already equalled his goal tally from last year, admittedly he only scored 5 last year but if he carries on like this he should have 10-15 goals by the end of the season. Encouraging signs with Dack still scoring as he always does.
  3. He cleaned up a hell of a lot of Travis' mess today that's for sure. I think apart from Travis and Rothwell everyone had good games with Tosin being the MOTM for me
  4. Erased Citizen

    Academy & U21s

    Aside from the ones we hear a bit about (JRC, Butterworth,Vale et al) How does the rest of the u23s squad line up? Anyone doing well on the down low without attracting too much attention?
  5. Erased Citizen

    Caption This

    "We're getting a chippy do you want curry sauce or peas?"
  6. Erased Citizen

    Luton Town home

    They do look alike to be fair
  7. Erased Citizen

    Reading (A)

    That could be more down to Gallagher than anything else. Graham is definitely better than him at being in the right place to pick up anything loose in the box
  8. Erased Citizen

    Hull (A)

    Andy Hinchcliffe was one of them, cant remember the other one
  9. Erased Citizen

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Absolutely reeks of a bust up

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