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  1. He looked pretty injured to me. Don't expect to see him or Rothwell.
  2. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Branthwaite Douglas Davenport Holtby Trybull Elliot Armstrong Brereton
  3. Douglas was my main of match. Brilliant tackle yo set up our first goal. And solid throughout.
  4. Douglas and Branthwaite were best for me. And Holby and Buckley obviously did extremely well when coming on. Nyambe was good as always. Big Ben made a big difference, and not sure why he didn't start. Davenport was solid. Elliot was again very disappointing for me. And, I said before the game I wouldn't start Dack or Travis.
  5. Trybull has been one of our best midfielders in the last few games. Douglas was our best player today imo. Brilliant tackle yo set up our first goal. F##k that ref!
  6. N Ireland always played decent football, so too the Irish club side O'Neill managed. But disappointed with Stoke's play considering.
  7. When we are pushing forward it would be wise to have pacy defenders to avoid being caught on the counter attack.
  8. JRC is a footballer though. He make the right pass at the right time. Of course Nyambe is our best defender.
  9. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Branthwaite Douglas Trybull Rothwell Johnson Elliot Armstrong Brereton With Maglorie, Dack and Holby to come on if we are chasing the game. Travis, Dolan and Gallagher to come on if we are winning.
  10. He's our best attacking right back and our best left back; he's clearly competent.
  11. As much as I like Nyambe..JRC is far superior at passing, and was a big part of all our big wins.
  12. No it wasn't. Buckley tracked the overlapping player. It was the other players fault. Buckley did very well in that game.
  13. He did, when we were down to 10 men against Brentford, and did pretty well. Definitely wasn't his fault for the goal. Still he's an attacking midfielder imo.
  14. I have faith in some of our young players coming through. And don't see why Nyambe and JRC wouldn't still be here.
  15. Trybull has been our best midfielder last few games imo.
  16. Sounds like you are in the wrong place sir. I'll certainly be paying my £10. Am glad the Venks have kept supporting us in these troubled times.
  17. Would be happy with the young Everton lad. Very highly rated, and had all the attributes to be successful. But we should sign 2 CBs and hopefully the left back who likes to argue. Lol!
  18. Nobody said that. It is if AA has been sold. I can only judge what I have seen with my own eyes, and the young lad is very talented. If we got £20 million I would sell AA.
  19. Yeah, I have had Achilles problems for about 8 months. Starting to feel better now, though running difficult. I can cycle many miles though. At least he is a centre back..
  20. He took his goal very well for us in a preseason sub game, and won the ball and set up Dolan in another sub appearance. Always looks lively to me. I think he would be a handy substitute option.
  21. Yes, he is left sided and plays the same positions AA does.
  22. I rate him very highly. Thought at first it meant Armstrong was on his way. Brennan suits our front 3 system perfectly.
  23. Dear God. Downing's legs have absolutely gone. No chance he can be at left back. We should never have signed him. Douglas isn't great, but played well at right back the other day and I'd versatile.
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