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    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    Well fucking done my Rovers I'm still celebrating somethin tell me would be a great weekend again yeees! I knew even being on that spot poters of shet are not so bad cause they have quality on attack and i also knew they will make (as Barnsley) the better match so far on their poor seasson and even like that we won a tight enough match wich we needed to wi by the way and we did it trying harder and being better in general so im very fuking happy...will be good to read moaners this days jaja... We are showing a very good level now the task now is to be able to play all alog the 90 minutes like we do some parts. Our players now will have a much more better trust on themself and they try more things...and well a victory let you train during week in a proper way...is always easier to prepare a match like that and that's good cause blody rams will be a better prove anyway i trust my colors and i know that a victory is possible again...Come On You Rovers!!! Let's to fucking prove this our level and not just causality!!! And let'sto finish year at the top i think is possible.!! And you? #COYBBR #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  2. Alejandro Tapia

    Stewart Downing

    Everybody talking about, Travis and Dacky and and i share they were the best on pitch yesterday but what about my man Stewart Downing? Come on pals with 35 years is showong one of the biggest commitments on our squad in my opinion he's proving to himself and probably to the boro tossers that they were wrog and he still being a very good and reilable player... Personally he tottally over pass my expectations and he's one of my favorites this seasson. #COYBBR #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  3. Alejandro Tapia

    Brentford (h) - the Mowbray love in!

    What a great result for our Rovers and a very important victory as well about pur perfprmance well...it was a very closed match i knew the difference will be by only one goal in match Blackburn ran and tried all match long they press very well to southern dikheads and we did it very well now next step is to make that performance cpuld last the entire 90 minutes... About Tony well he picked the correct players and teally jope we just saw finnally the regular 11 players even when i used to rather Johnson i have to say that Travis still improving and taking every chance as he has to shown his talent so i hope Saturdays match we can see something like this again...Come On You Rovers!!! #COYBBR #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  4. Alejandro Tapia

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    What a great result...it's true we haven't the best of the matches but well Barnsley played their best match of the sesson by far. The positive things well we tried and tried all the match and even when they get tie twice we keep pur temple... In my opinion the match should finish 3-1 cause their second goal was an horrible accident thqt only proves our poor defensive level and that Walton could be goodnbutbnot enough is not tje goaly that we need. Whoaver a victory always will make my dayband i think couldbe the first of some victories. #COYBBR #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  5. Alejandro Tapia

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    Do you think you are a rover? Really? Even my being mexican I'm more Tover than you underatand if you want gaffer out that's your opinikn but to wish or spect a defeat right now? Fuck shit pal open your eyes our team needs you to support amd to help to change this situation if tony has to be sajed he will but who will saked ypu amd all tje shet supporters hu? It doesen't matter how black skyes cpuld be I'm always going to wish and think about a victory for MY TEAM.
  6. Alejandro Tapia

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    Hya pal! Well to my will be an honor to have some pints with some real Cockers!!! I understand you pal...amd shit ypu makes me feel sad...but you know what? Is right now when our team needs us isn't? To support during succes is easy and we are not like that to be a Rover is not about economic success is about to passion isn't? About to still tayng in the ground and representing Lancashire till die! So... pal...come on Cheers you up a little drink a couple of pints for me brother and sing the wild Rover one more time!!! FUCK YES!!! AND someday literally i will anesthetized my brain woth you before a match on our holly turf. #COYBBR #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  7. Alejandro Tapia

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    Respect your point of view but still thinking he is good enough to cgange this and rise the bar again at least enough to finish at the middle of the table again. Whoaver I'mnot blind either pal and i know of curse part of the problem is him butbonly cause fixtures still passing tru and we haven't a reilable or even a regular 11 selection and changing the natural position of players as well...but come on he's not even the bigest part of the problem let's face it, we have a much more better roster against last seasson and Tony hasn't changed his philosophy of game then? What's going on? Why even with better players we still fragile? Well pal the answer is easy to me we doesen't have a good enough defense and defently key players are not working good enough (Walton, Gallagher, and even Johnson wich I'm sure will improve again). To change a gaffer who is happy here os not good not yet at least let's wait andbif it's necesary by the end of the seassonwould be a better option i guess pal.
  8. Alejandro Tapia

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    Come On You Rovers!!! At last a winnable match for our team a lot of people has been very tight and keep moaning about Tony ,well he put us back to this division and and after our first campaig we not just survived and keep on the diviton but we keep far from the danger zone... Any way not everybody things like me so i really l reallt this match could be the fist one of many showing a better football a football that is not impossible to dowe have shown that before... I think to press and atack will be thekey if we let they feel comfortable on our ground they can take a point of us... I say will be a victoryfour or beloved tram 3-0 with two goals from Gallagher ( yes I'm optimistic this weekend) and one more from Armstrong #COYBBR #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  9. Alejandro Tapia

    144 Years

    144 years a go the most beautiful football team...as a forgein supporter has to be impossible to say something that you doesn't know yet about our team but let me try... 144 years of a team that always has the special task to not only plays football but do it well thinking on people ho pays the ticket 144 years representing full of proud one of the most beautifull, traditional, and important countys...Lancashire...a place that has been forgotten like almoust the north a place that has much more to offer that people even imagine and Rovers always will represent the North. A team that changed my life in any aspects... thru football I knew and fell in love of England and your culture and values... a contry that now i respect and love just like mine. 144 years of glory and a present that yes wpuld be a shadow on our history but pals Blackburn Rovers has survived it doesen't matter why...since I'm a Rovers l hear a lot people sayung that we are lost that we are doomed etc...the only true is that we still here Why? Because of you and me becausewe know that to be a supporter it's not about trophys is not about economic success...Blackburn Rovers is about to pasion is about to love and defend your ground... 144 and I don't have nothing more to say but cheers to everybody ho supports my Blackburn it doesen't matter where. #Rovers #ImRoversTillIDie #Roversince2001 #TheMexicanRover
  10. Alejandro Tapia

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Yes he has more less the same level than Raya but right now I see and I think he's very unsure. Hope he can increase whoaver I spect by next campaign we can buy a good enoguh goalkeeper with more experience on league.
  11. Alejandro Tapia

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Muy feliz amigo! COME ON YOU ROVERS!!!
  12. Alejandro Tapia

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Muy feliz amigo!!!! COME ON YOU ROVERS!!
  13. Alejandro Tapia

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Yeeeeeees!!! So good to see all the Rovers happy and saying I told you...even to the blody moaners...it was a very good match a veey tight 1 half but i think that we played better than blody owls the whole complete second half...the bad things that this match left us the Gallagher injury...walton still showing that he's good but not enough not yet next campaing maybe we should to BUY a little older and more experimented goaly...and the poor defense level yesterday Wednesday has so little chances and even like that we had the constant fear to finish losing the game again.... The good things we won we show our true level (2 half) we showed that we can defeat a top 5 and I think yesterday it was a proof that we can relly on our yong players!!! #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBBR #TheMexicanRover
  14. Alejandro Tapia

    Preston Away

    Today wasn't Tony was walton Bennett nyambe and Tosin great 1st match horrible 2nd one a fucking disgrace I'll have a miserable weekend and the worst part we have two very difficult matches just comming. #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  15. Buenos días Tyron viva Rovers!!!
  16. Ofcurse I will also you can find me on my FB as Alejandro Tapia Reyes and I can help you with you practice pal...i became a Rovers thanks to the great campaign in 2001 ...I had 11 years and I started to watch british football thanks to a victory against Tottenham I started to follow my Rovers and I'm a proud Rover since then. Cheers pal!
  17. Next match is defently vital for us we have to defeat blody bromies if we want to keep on a safe spot by the half of seasson... We have to face that if we loose against shity blues against Preston and plus Leeds by November we'll on the danger part of the table something that we doesn't diserv It's doable if we control the miedfield soemthing that el happen I spect but we'll have just few opportunities only against them so we need to score that few opportunities if we play specting to have a drawn we will lose if we doesen't play with our 100 % we can lose and it is time to understand that any single match till December is a final to us. Anyway I LOVE my colors amd still waiting a 1-0 for our Rovers with a goal from Dack. #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBB #TheMexicanRover
  18. Alejandro Tapia

    QPR Away

    Awful performance! I'm veey sad and worried pals because of a lot of reasons. First I have to say Tony I trust the boss and know he's more than good enough he had show that buuut... I think almoust all of us we are agree about Rovers should have a clear 11 but for some reason Tony still improvising and do it changes... Things are pretty clear to me Johnson Dack AN D Holtby has to be midfield since first minute... Second place...the defense so irregular and capable to show very poor level and horrible devolpment quite often...bell was the worst today and Williams has just a bad night a very bad one. Third place we are about to face very hard matches ibthink that the next "easy" that to should we say doable would be Barnsley in about a month before that only hard tasks...specially against Leeds and Preston shity tossers so we can be on the low part not at te relegation positions either but I'm a very bad one by the end of November... That was a very important match now the only option it is to face next matches with all what we have . #Rovers #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  19. Alejandro Tapia

    QPR Away

    He won't even with more minutes pal let's face it he still having a lot of talent but he has a lot of years as well...
  20. Alejandro Tapia

    QPR Away

    QPR it is a very hard task for our Rovers and is a very important match cause we have the opportunity to still fighting for a top 10 place and cause if we lose again then some teams that are close down to us can finish the weekend above us and let's face it to take them down could be complicated with the calendar that we have aprouchig (shity preston and Leed) in the other hand the teams that are close to us but on a higher position would start to have certain distance from us once again cause the next complicated fixtures.... That's why I see next match as a very important one we have to improve a lot on our offensive and i guess that Holtby has to start as Bradley Johnson, Travis is good very good lad and that's why wee need a young ,fresh and very good skill gifted player comming from bench if the match is to tight. Sam Gallagher out now and streight to bench my patience with him is finally finished now...and i would play with Rothwell and Armstrong together since minute one... I'm specting a drawn 2-2 but we can win the match if we can play 45 minutes like the last 20 min that we showed against forest. Whoever if we looses wich is possible as well i know a lot of asshole will start to talk shit about our team but you now if we finish on top 10 would be great #COYBBR #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  21. Alejandro Tapia

    Luton Town home

    Another great pportunity to get 3 points. Wehave the chance to keep wining as consolidating our high level amd great momentum is a doable rival we have several chances but we can't underestimate then... If Rovers use Armstrong since minute one and Brandley Johnson we won't any problem...about Holtby well i will use him in one of the halfs but not 90 minutes yet... I'm specting a 3-0 for Rovers but a victory whatever the score could be would be great fair and necessary. #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBBR #RoversForTheTop #TheMexicanRover
  22. Alejandro Tapia


    Well pals a very importantmatch to us we are on a bad position on table but we only need 3 more points to be on top again... I know that much of you aren't happy with the development from our Rovers by far but let's face it what did you spect against many of the stongest rivals in this division...i think we had showed actually that we have a enough competitive squad and that we can aspire to top 10 this season... Millwall is the first of some much more doable matches i belive on my colors and i know we can do it. We only need to pass the ball constantly and quick enough keep focus the complete 90 minutes and they will be lost... We have better offensive and midfield I spect another great macth from Downing and a victory from our Rovers by 2-0 #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBB #TheMexicanRover
  23. Alejandro Tapia

    Reading (A)

    I think this match will be a very hatd one i know they are below on table but they have enough quality on squad and bench so i don't spect an easy match as some of you pals... I think we have good chances of we can cut their game constantly and we focuson rules the miedfield...something thst we have been done since the beginning of this campaign. I'm specting a victory for 1-0 but even a drawn wpuld be good enough causeto visit theyv s always complicated. #COYBBR #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  24. Alejandro Tapia


    What a great result i think we show very good level a lotbof positive aspectes...clean sheet very important and well deerv three points...the strongest defensive performance until now especially Leninham inthink he's commanding the bottom of pitch already he will be a great captain im sure...Dack scored and that's great we'll need onnhis best level... So yes a lot of positive thig to talk about buuuuut...we need to keep focus and working cause next fixture won't be so easy i trust my colors like always but reading could mean trouble if we start underestimating rivals. Any way well done my Rovers lets go for the top come on!! #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBBR #TheMexicanRover
  25. Alejandro Tapia


    Not to me pal.

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