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  1. Yonder12

    Preston (home)

    It wasn't as bad as the Wigan game come on. But it was pretty dire
  2. Yonder12

    Preston (home)

    I sit by the dugout and I heard it.
  3. Yeah, disgusting. I hate Wigan and all they stand for. Disgraceful club.
  4. No one going to mention the vile Chant about Dack
  5. Maybe set up a crowd funding page to get him over for a game. Just a thought.
  6. I thought I'd at least try as he posts in English. Only fair to make an effort for him too
  7. It's all fine margins, if you don't hit the onion bag then you don't win games. Very proud of my team. Not Mowbray biggest fan and I was calling for his head a few weeks back. So I will eat my words as I've got it wrong. Somethings clicked however I'm sure Brereton won a competition online to become a football, he has the worst first touch I've seen. He Goodwille MK2
  8. Esa es una publicación increíble. juego limpio para ti mi amigo
  9. Record the game. You can always rewind
  10. It will be a strange game today, I think we will dominate possession but do nothing with it. All huff and puff for 85 mins and concede from a set piece in injury time and ultimately I think Mowbray will.be sacked. (Wishful thinking) Struggling to guess his team selection but I can bet there are at least 5 players out of there natural position I think he will go Walton GK Bennett RB (wrong postion) Best BENCH Lenihan CB (wrong postion) Best CDM Tosin CB Downing LB (wrong postion) Best LAM Travis CM Johnson CM Holtby LAM (wrong postion) Best CM/CAM Dack CAM Gallagher RAM (wrong postion) Best ST Graham ST Rovers 0 - 1 Barnsley
  11. Yonder12

    Sheffield Wednesday (H)

    Terrible team, exposed down the flanks and awful keeper, glad your not picking the team.
  12. Yonder12

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Tommie Hoban is Available on a free
  13. Yonder12

    QPR Away

    I agree, totally unbalanced and we would be looking at a tonking
  14. Yonder12

    QPR Away

    I'll give him until stoke away and I bet he,s gone. It's embarrassing to go 10 games without a win. I'm an honourable guy." Said Mowbray as he left Coventry. that takes us to stoke away.
  15. Yonder12

    QPR Away


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