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  1. Rovers1994

    January transfer window 2020

    https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/football/leeds-united/latest-leeds-united-news/marcelo-bielsa-good-english-game-blackburn-rovers-boss-tony-mowbray-wants-see-humble-leeds-united-head-coach-impacting-premier-league-920789 interestingly mowbray confirms he spoke to bielsa a couple months ago. Intere4sting to see if it was one of thier players? Jansen? Roofe maybe?
  2. Rovers1994

    Reading (A)

    Reading are a weird team. Mowbray alluded to such previewing the upcoming games. They've got some good players, and play some good football, but they haven't started the season well. Got some good results (3-0 v cardiff), but theyve had soem shockers too. Gonna go for a 1-1 draw here, Gallagher to score for us. Mowbray will look to play on the counter here, with pace. Think Rothwell will start, some thing similar to what we finished with vs Millwall. Travis has to start these sort of games, hopefully Downing will play over Armstrong. Walton Bennet Lenihan Williams Cunningham Travis Johnson Downing Dack Rothwell Gallagher
  3. Rovers1994

    Lewis Holtby

    Cunningham came straight into the side though? As has Tosin when hes been fit? And Johnson? And Downing? And Gallagher?
  4. Rovers1994

    Lewis Holtby

    Holtby would be a good signing, played 26 times for Hamburg last season and their fans held a petition for the club to offer him a new contract! Not sure where he really fits in to the team, is more of an attacking player so maybe on the right, as an inverted winger, but then again Mowbray doesn't have a fixed 11, will depend on the game. Don't think he'll replace Travis as they are 2 completely different players. interesting one for sure, but will definitely improve the quality of our team and help keep the ball better which Mowbray is v keen to do.
  5. Rovers1994


    downing v oldham in the league maybe rothwell v forest? mowbray alluded to this weakness of ours too after the game
  6. Rovers1994


    id go with walton bennet lenihan williams cunnigham, travis johnson, downing dack rothwell, gallagher/graham maybe switch rothwell and downing depending on how the game is going, may be too narrow for Millwall who will come to frustrate. would help push the FB's right up though, and ask one of Johnson/Travis to drop off in between the CB's. Graham will be advantageous against thier big CB's but ga;;aghers pace in behind may cause them more problems. Armstrong on the bech and use him how we ddi versus Cardiff, give him the last 20/25 to get right up with thier CB's and in and around and see if he can cause problems with his pace and psuh them right back.
  7. Rovers1994


    going to be a tight game this, with us looking poor going forward so far this season, and Millwall with their usual 2 tight banks of 4. Expect Dack to be crowded out at every opportunity. Think Millwall will fancy their chances of keeping a clean sheet here, maybe even nick one on set pieces with Cooper. Rovers will need to look out for Mahoney, been very impressed with him this season. Gonna go for a 1-1.
  8. Rovers1994

    Raya joins Brentford

    Waggot confirmed Raya asked to leave and his agent was activey seeking a transfer after he was dropped towards the end of last season
  9. Rovers1994

    Raya joins Brentford

    cuz hes not the finished article just yet. hes very young for a gk too. once everything clicks fro him as he matures further, hell be in the prem no doubt
  10. Rovers1994

    Raya joins Brentford

    I was always confident this would happen. In most cases, if Brentford want your player you shouldn't be letting him go, definitely not for cheap. King of recruitment outside the PL. Also, raya was always more of a continental keeper, his distribution has always been good, he's good with the ball and fast on his feet, a perfect sweeper keeper for a Brentford side who play a lot more attractive football than we do. He'll be in the prem/la liga in the next year or so.
  11. Rovers1994

    West Brom Away

    have to agree, immediately recognised we wont the game once Dack put us up in the first 20 seconds
  12. Rovers1994

    West Brom Away

    decent enough start, always gonna be tough these first stretch of games, these next 6 fixtures are a lot easier so will be interesting to see where we are going into the next international break..
  13. Rovers1994

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    any one have link to the goal?
  14. Rovers1994


    I’d drop Dack for the game against wba and start Rothwell in the 10 spot...
  15. Rovers1994


    0-0 was probably the rigjt result. Thought Bennett had a good game today. Armstrong should have come on a lot earlier, they couldn’t deal with his movement when he came. Started getting on top of them too late but unlucky not to win with Williams hitting the post. Btw what’s happened to Rothwell this season? He’s been so poor whenever he’s come on, looks completely invisible.

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