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  1. Wegerleswiggle


    Absolute bullshit. Please don't try and defend these scumbags!!
  2. Wegerleswiggle

    If Tony goes...

    Don't suppose Southgate is a lifelong Rovers fan is he?
  3. Wegerleswiggle


    It will be a sad day when Southgate leaves the role as England manager. Absolute gent and seems to do and say everything right. Has his players playing for him and he stands by them no matter what the circumstances.
  4. Wegerleswiggle

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    To me, it sounds as though Tony didn't have the balls for a real good go at promotion. Whether he doubted the players or his own abilities as a manager I don't know. Maybe if TM had gotten himself a little excited, like Barry was, us fans might have had a glimmer of hope. I want a manager who will bust a gut to get the men he wants in and do everything possible to pick up 3 points every game. TM is clearly not that man. I wanna see a manager going ape shit on the touch line when our boys aren't doing the basics right, not just shaking his head, cutting a glum figure in the dug out. It's time for a change in what I see as a possible last role of the dice to save our Club.
  5. Wegerleswiggle

    Preston Away

    Looks like we are putting everyone down the left hand side to strengthen up in Cunningham's absence. Good thinking!!
  6. Wegerleswiggle

    Corry Evans

    Is it just me or does Evans look like a completely different player when he pulls on the Northern Ireland shirt? I am actually enjoying watching him tonight.
  7. Wegerleswiggle

    If Tony goes...

    He's not long taken over at his new job.
  8. Wegerleswiggle

    If Tony goes...

  9. Wegerleswiggle

    If Tony goes...

    I forgot to add this man to the list...
  10. Wegerleswiggle

    If Tony goes...

    Just wanted to get a general feel for people's opinions. I know there will be lots of varying answers but what do you think would be the best route for Rovers to take..
  11. Wegerleswiggle


    If we aren't going to play Harry anytime this season then I would send him out to Germany on loan. He is the type of player they are trying to bring into their football. He would learn so much and develop other sides to his game. I would love to see him start every week for Rovers but obviously TM doesn't trust him yet. Shame!!
  12. Wegerleswiggle

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Have always supported TM but now we are at the point in the season where it can be rescued with a change.. Chris Hughton for me..
  13. Wegerleswiggle

    QPR Away

    My team for Huddersfield
  14. Wegerleswiggle

    QPR Away

    Chris Hughton please!!!
  15. Wegerleswiggle

    Nottingham Forest Home

    Could've brought Evans on...

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