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  1. Wegerleswiggle

    Derby County (A) - Sunday 8th March [3pm KO]

    I like a bit of brown in the mornings!!
  2. Wegerleswiggle

    Derby County (A) - Sunday 8th March [3pm KO]

    For me the 3 attackers would alternate positions and all play quite central. The width comes from Nyambe and Bell with the 3 central midfielders able to cover at full back if one of them goes marauding down the wing.
  3. Wegerleswiggle

    Swansea City home

    I have a bad feeling about this one. I reckon Brewster and Ayew might cause us countless problems. 0-2 with Lenihans absence being apparent.
  4. Wegerleswiggle

    Stoke City home

    So you reckon we are a 200/1 shot for promotion. I'll have a fiver please on that!!!
  5. Wegerleswiggle

    Stoke City home

    You haven't just pissed on my chips but I think your dog has too!!!😉 I know exactly what you are saying though. It's hard to be hopeful supporting Rovers these days. I fancy us tonight but think Saturday might be a bigger test of our stature.
  6. Nearly correct with the goalscorers.
  7. I'm going for 2-2 On their day, they are deadly going forward. 1-0 Armstrong. 13 1-1 Watkins. 25 2-1 Lenihan. 61 Lenihan Red Card 78 2-2 Benrahma. 88
  8. Wegerleswiggle


  9. Wegerleswiggle


    And Tony wore the lucky scarf!!!
  10. Wegerleswiggle


    Originally went for 3-1, thinking maybe 2-1 now. Very brave/stupid to start Buckley after his awful performance against Huddersfield, but I suppose TM knows best. COYB
  11. Wegerleswiggle


    Armstrong has the pace to lose a tight marker though. I think we'll win this one 3-1. Armstrong to grab a couple more.
  12. Wegerleswiggle


    Is there anyone in the Norfolk region, traveling down for this one, with a couple of spaces in the car? Please and thank you.
  13. Wegerleswiggle

    Rovers v Hull

    Hull are there for the absolute taking tonight.
  14. Wegerleswiggle

    Rovers v Hull

    Can't argue with a single word of that. Great post!!

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