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  1. Did any of the U23s travel down for tonight and Saturday?
  2. All apart from Bell for Downing I'd agree with. Let the lads rest tomorrow, tactical meetings on Friday and go get 'em on Saturday. Last season we would have thrown that away.
  3. I'd play Bennett right midfield and switch Arma over to the left.
  4. At the end of the day I'll take a point. Changes bound to happen for Saturday. Bennett and Holtby in for Dack and Rothwell is what I would do, but please Tony don't put Benno at left back.
  5. Travis looks exhausted. He's not stopped all game.
  6. Brilliant from Walton there!
  7. Lee Trundle is an absolute bell end. Just turned the sound off cos he's doing my swede in.
  8. 7) Sam and Ben I spent 12 million on you 2, if I bring you on SCORE
  9. Bennett for Rothwell and Holtby for Dack soon.
  10. Final prediction is a 2-1 win Dack and Gallagher scoring.
  11. Watching this on Swansea City TV. They keep talking about how this is a game that they should win. Currently showing last season's 3-1 defeat. COYB!!!!!
  12. Well done Tony, temptation must have been there to alter it slightly. At least he can't be blamed if we get beat tonight, as that is the side most of us would've picked. Really nervous yet excited for this one. Get these kids to bed and settle down to watch it!!!
  13. I think one will miss tonight and barring no other injuries the other will miss Saturday. Personally I would rather Downing miss tonight and Graham on Saturday. I assume it'll be Benno for Downing and SG for DG.

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