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  1. Wegerleswiggle

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    A proper centre half? We have 4. Wharton was arguably MOTM. Lenihan was solid. Add Ayala and Williams and we are just fine. I don't think we need anything in January other than extending contracts. Nyambe, Holtby and Dack for starters.
  2. Wegerleswiggle

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    Harsh on Buckley. Thought he was class today. Don't recall him giving the ball away once!
  3. Wegerleswiggle

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    I think we'll have some good news regarding the line up today. 2-1 win Arma and Big Ben
  4. Wegerleswiggle

    Coventry v ROVERS

    Del is our strongest centre half atm. Wharton looked awful pre season and even worse on Wednesday.
  5. Wegerleswiggle

    Summer Transfer Window

    Trybull was quality for Norwich in their promotion season. Will be a huge asset to us. Ayala is one of the best centre halves in the league. Douglas already has 2 promotions out of this league and by all accounts is a wonderful attacking full back. I'm guessing if Whiteman had signed you'd be opening the champagne already!
  6. Wegerleswiggle

    Summer Transfer Window

    If we end this window having brought in Kaminski, Ayala, Douglas and Dolan for our starting 11 then it is 100% a success. Nobody can surely argue that!
  7. Wegerleswiggle

    Summer Transfer Window

  8. Wegerleswiggle

    Summer Transfer Window

    Incoming 👀
  9. Wegerleswiggle

    Summer Transfer Window

    More chance of getting shit out of a rocking horse
  10. Wegerleswiggle

    Summer Transfer Window

    Garner loan would be my choice to cover Travis. If we get a left back and there's still money from a potential Josh King transfer then I'd go for Whiteman.
  11. Wegerleswiggle

    Summer Transfer Window

    He knows nothing!!! Or He's keeping everything hush hush!!!
  12. Wegerleswiggle

    Summer Transfer Window

    Who says we aren't gonna sign them both?
  13. Wegerleswiggle

    Bournemouth away

    I am not saying he is at Duff's level, but I remember when Damien broke through he was an absolute pleasure to watch. We haven't had a home grown attacking player like it since. Dolan changed the game when he came on. We were the only team looking like winning. The high press game that we are now playing needs Dolan's energy. He's the one to watch, for me, this season.

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