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  1. simongarnerisgod

    January transfer window 2020

    i tell thee all,mowbray has no say in the transfer policy of incomings and outgoings,of course he/waggot won`t ever publicly admit it,it would make tony look a right lemon,ask yourself why a tactically cautious manager would blow 12 million quid on two strikers,one unproven and who appears to be a duckegg and the other who`s limited,never plays his correct role and won`t get you 15/20 goals a season,im`e of the opinion that tony will resign with a pay off at the end of the season
  2. simongarnerisgod

    January transfer window 2020

    you don`t get to many matches i take it😉
  3. simongarnerisgod

    4th ROUND DAY

    thoroughly enjoyable game,liverpools goalie the man of the match by far,mowbray take note,two centre forwards running the channels and creating a nuisance
  4. simongarnerisgod

    4th ROUND DAY

    i would say it`s same whether league or cup,some teams are beaten before they leave the dressing room,the days of billy whitehurst,joe jordan and mick harford battling with the likes of terry butcher,kevin moran and other beefy centre backs are over im`e sad to say,their is`nt a sense of pride anymore
  5. simongarnerisgod

    January transfer window 2020

    Sheffield Wednesday have told Jordan Rhodes that he can leave the club for ‘free’ as long as his wages are met, we can reveal. And former club Blackburn Rovers are considering a move for the Owls frontman. Rhodes is a legendary figure at Ewood Park from his four-year spell, which ended in 2016 and saw him score 85 goals in 169 games. The 29-year-old spent last season on loan at Norwich, but they did not sign him on a permanent deal and he returned to Hillsborough. However, he has been limited to just four starts this season and has been told he is surplus to requirements. if it`s true(which i doubt)it will be a disaster for rhodes,he needs a team that creates chances not one that tries to negate the opposition and plays with most of it`s personel out of position,god alone knows where mowbray would play him,i guess it would`nt be as a striker
  6. simongarnerisgod

    4th ROUND DAY

    very nice team fulham,so nice it looked like they did`nt want to upset mr guardiola why getting stuck in,as for parker their manager,he makes mowbray look animated,i can 100% be sure that they will not be getting promoted
  7. simongarnerisgod

    4th ROUND DAY

    he`s got a big head,he`s got a big head grant hanley,he`s got a big head
  8. simongarnerisgod

    January transfer window 2020

    bit unfair on davenport,we`ve never really seen what he can do,same with chapman,though i suspect that`s more a case of mowbray not liking individuality
  9. simongarnerisgod

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    this qpr lot won`t fancy a trip a midweek trip up north,i think we`ll take them apart with laser like precision,the question is,will tony keep an unchanged team and who will have picked up a mysterious "knock" in portugal in order to reinstate captain not so fantastic bennett
  10. simongarnerisgod

    January transfer window 2020

    is mowbray making the decisions??the brereton situation stinks of somebody else`s involvement,it defies belief that an experienced manager can`t see that the lad needs to out on loan and get confidence and game time,i honestly believe mowbray did`nt want him and someone at the club was in cahoots with an agent and mowbray just wants nothing to do with him
  11. simongarnerisgod

    January transfer window 2020

    it is`nt looking to good for chapman if we do sign a wide player,barely used since he signed,not really sure why he was signed tbh
  12. simongarnerisgod

    Monday caption contest

    bloody hell stuey,tell brereton he`s kicking the other way will you
  13. simongarnerisgod

    Lewis Travis

    i don`t think travis is mobile enough in speed or thought to play at the highest level,though he is and will be a very good player at our current level,hopefully he`ll be here for a while,nyambe on the other hand has everything in his armoury to make it to the top,his positional play is a bit dodgy but with better players around him that will be solved,expect scouts to be sniffing round soon if he carries on with his current form
  14. simongarnerisgod

    Premier League Stuff

    our erstwhile neighbours struggling badly😀 and judging by the crowd their legendary support has given up as well
  15. simongarnerisgod

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Let's celebrate cockers and sup up some ales for our Rovers and your mexican Cocker aswell...! UP THE BLUES currently quaffing quantities of johns smiths,whil`st watching the greyhound racing,basking in our victory

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