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  1. simongarnerisgod

    Players that underachieved or what could have been

    keith gillespie,on song a full backs worst nightmare,one of the most gifted players iv`e ever seen,he made the game look so easy,just a shame he did`nt have it up there in the mind dept,some days he looked like he`d rather be anywhere other than a football field
  2. simongarnerisgod

    Worst Rovers 11

    poor keith,he did take some major abuse🙂,honestly i though he brought it on himself by trying to be something he was`nt,in his mind he was up there with zidane,in reality he was a player from the bottom division who got lucky
  3. simongarnerisgod

    Players that underachieved or what could have been

    think he thought he was a bit above rovers tbh and saw us as a stepping stone back to the big time though maybe if ince was`nt such a **** he might have stopped
  4. simongarnerisgod

    Worst Rovers 11

    im`e basing it on him continually disapearing,not turning up for training and genuinly being a pillock when his opinion of his own ability did`nt match his true ability,25 games in two and a half seasons says it all
  5. simongarnerisgod

    Opinions on Mike Newell

    great striker with few weaknesses and scored vital goals for us,love him to bits😊
  6. simongarnerisgod

    Worst Rovers 11

    i always though grabbi had the ability,he just could`nt adapt to english football
  7. simongarnerisgod

    Worst Rovers 11

    sergio peter-so bad he would have struggled in a sunday morning side maceo rigters-came with a good rep,never saw him play but apparently he was utterly terrible jordon slew-cost us a million quid and last seen getting shown the door by chorley at 26,says it all!!!!! tony finnegan-probably the worst player iv`e ever seen,period shaun curry-signed by don mackay,troubled person and terrible player honourable mentions to per pederson,tony diamond,paul shepstone,matt dickins,anders anderson,all dawson and stuart munro
  8. simongarnerisgod


    i missed the qpr game due to an absolute humdinger of a hangover,the wine lodge in chorley had cheap rum on sale,it got very messy indeed,i could barely get off the couch for two days😫,happy days though!!!!!!!!!!
  9. simongarnerisgod


    i remember in the early days of sky the pubs used to be packed on sunday afternoons and match nights,it was a novelty to see to so many games on the telly
  10. simongarnerisgod

    On the back of....Best Rovers Scottish eleven

    andy kennedy,marshall burke,grant hanley,jordon rhodes(not very scottish but has a few appearances for them)
  11. simongarnerisgod

    Rovers best ever Premier League 11

    friedel neill hendry samba mikey gray ripley tugay dunn duff shearer jansen i cannot believe someone has put amaruso in🤣he was ok apart from the fact that my grandad was probably quicker and he lost a leg in the war
  12. simongarnerisgod


    i had doubts about jack paying 3.3 million for a player who great at southampton but did`nt score that many goals there,changed my mind completely when he demolished the norwich defence in the 7-1 win,mind you i thought souness should have signed berkowitz and not tugay🙄so don`t take any notice of my scouting ability!!!!!!
  13. simongarnerisgod

    Boredom Relief

    that season was the first my friends and i started going on our own,my dad stating he was fed up with the idiots in the blackburn end and proclaiming we were old enough to look after ourselves,used to love it in the blackburn end,everyone seemed to have their own place on the terrace and look at the entrance price😎,that villa winger tony daily,what an absolute handful,thankfully he used to hit the crowd more than the striker when he tried to cross it,if he could have crossed a football he would have been legendary
  14. simongarnerisgod

    Boredom Relief

    horse racing is on,so is greyhound racing and the national league are playing as well,if you don`t like any of those three then it`s going to be a pretty boring weekend,get the monopoly set out or a deck of cards🙂
  15. simongarnerisgod

    Bristol City (H) - Saturday 14th March (3pm KO)

    if thats the case then no doubt the cia and mi6 are planning to infect the ***** back with something nastier,i`ve always thought bio and germ warfare was far more frightening than nuclear armageddon,only takes a couple of competent chemists to make a nasty virus,far easier than building a nuclear device

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