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    Thanks for the love!

    I’m so glad that I have been able to keep you in a state of apoplexy for a while. I admit that some weeks I use the old William Burroughs/David Bowie cut-up technique instead of purposely trying to annoy you. I was hopeful that by now you would realise that I don’t write for you. Obviously Ian runs this site and so he speaks for you. Delap writes for his demographic. I write for me. My opinion is not supposed to lay easy with you. I am not spoon feeding you what you want to read. No point. You know what YOU think. You then float it on here. i did not win a competition to write a column. I have done this for 20 years. I don’t share my column on Twitter or in the Rovers groups because I am not in this for likes and love. I change my mind just like everyone does and that is an asset I find. Please carry on the hate. It clearly makes you feel better and, since I have only just been nudged to this forum, it has had no impact on my world.

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