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  1. Are we back to being a great team now? How few points are we off the top six??? I'm off to start cooking the tea.
  2. If you can keep your job when all around are losings theirs...... Then one day you'll be a Kentaro client, my son!
  3. Looks like the mighty Blackburn Rovers, six-time winners, might be exiting the FA Cup whilst local rivals Chorley march on into the 4th round. Hey ho.
  4. Yes, I think the whole album 'Almost Blue' consisted of cover versions of C/W classics he recorded in Nashville.
  5. 'It's been a good year for the roses' - One of my favourite songs by my namesake.
  6. Probably my favourite item is a copy of Harry Berry's Centenary history of the Rovers, signed by Sir Roger Jones. The only Rovers autograph I ever remember queuing up for.
  7. The young lad in Dalziel and Pascoe was uncannily like Alan Shearer.
  8. We used to call it 'Frankenstein'. No offence!
  9. What's that Talking Heads song called again......?
  10. Birmingham now 300 minutes without a goal, apparently. Oh oh.
  11. I was as nervous watching that as I was at Wembley on the day!
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