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  1. Elvis Biro

    Rovers Twitter Legends

    One thing often overlooked about 'The greatest Rover of them all' is that number of England caps - 41. In his time England didn't play in World Cups and there were no Euros (or qualifiers. England only played the Home Nations and a few friendlles. I reckon if he had his career in modern times that total would have been between 100 and 150. Truly the best ever.
  2. Elvis Biro

    The Meaning of (Rovers) Liff

    Excellent stuff. Can I suggest a couple of additions to the lexicon- Intack (n.vb) A meandering , midfield attempt at at shilly-shallying tiki- taka football which ultimately results in no shot on goal, as the players don't possess the requisite skill. Corporation Park (n.) Valiant battle to protect a precarious one goal lead for 74 minutes, always ending in abject failure.
  3. Elvis Biro

    The Team that Jack built

    Thanks for sticking that up. What a fantastic watch. I was a bit misty-eyed at times...
  4. Nice work Leonard. I've still got a copy of your 'Relegation Row' somewhere...
  5. Elvis Biro

    BRFCS TV - 1992/3

    I was at the Palace match in 92 and must confess to wondering at the time who this Shearer lad was that we'd just signed.... Then he scored those two goals - I think it was love at first sight.
  6. Elvis Biro

    Stoke City home

    Let's get real -can you see this outfit being capable of playing in the Premier League?
  7. Elvis Biro

    Stoke City home

    Has Tony got one of those contracts (like he who shall not be named) that pays him more for being in the Championship than in the Prem? Only asking.
  8. Elvis Biro

    Owd Photos o’t’ Rovers

    And I've walked back down it many a time as fed up as buggery...
  9. Elvis Biro

    January transfer window 2020

    A Forest season ticket holder of my acquaintance laughed out loud when the BB deal went through. He reckoned that the lad was one of those 'big for his age' kids who bullied his way through junior football and then got found out when everybody else grew up. Seemingly what the Forest heirarchy thought as well.

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