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  1. Prelude

    Ben Brereton

    If Ben come through our academy rather than us paying 7 million pound what would we be saying about him? The guy is 21 years old and has potential. It can't be denied that he has improved since coming back from lockdown. He has worked hard in the gym and has bulked up and had a good pre-season. Everyone moans about his goal scoring record but how many 90 mins has he played as a striker? A handful? Half a dozen? Is it the lads fault that Tony decided to pay 7 million for him? Is it his fault that Tony has consistently played him out of position? I think this season he will score half a dozen to 10 goals IF played as a forward. Lets get behind the lad he has talent and yes he is pretty raw but he is only 21 years old.
  2. Prelude

    Bradley Dack

  3. Prelude

    Bradley Dack

    What does it say please? It asks me to pay to read it 😳
  4. Prelude

    Summer Transfer Window

    I said it after The Kaminski signing. Not counting McBride and he is not a 1st team signing.
  5. Prelude

    Summer Transfer Window

    Can we alll please calm down on the posting please I predicted we would sign 2 players before page 500 😆.
  6. Prelude

    Summer Transfer Window

    Whats worse is that Mowbray does not know the difrence between wingers and attackers! Plus Bennett must start some games and come off the bench 90% of the time regardless it it makes sense or if it is in his corect position! Then you have JRC playing left back as Our 1st choice (god help us) LB was injured! Then you have Holtby having to hassle Tony to play as a playmaker! Dont worry folks Tony has plans for the defence this season. Bennett is working hard in training at converting to a Centre back and left back! #tonylogic
  7. Prelude

    Summer Transfer Window

    I think this is why we after that kid Garner from Man Utd. We know that Holtby struggles with injuries so smart to have him as well and creates competition in that place but is he any better than Davenport that can play that role as well?
  8. Prelude

    Thomas Kaminski

    Clean sheet! 😄
  9. Prelude

    Summer Transfer Window

    I dont mind us going with youth this season but do you have faith that Tony will do that? I can see Bennett and Williams playing more often and other players playing out of position.
  10. Prelude

    Summer Transfer Window

    My guess that we would sign another player by page 398 we now no was ambitious! My new guess is we will sign one player by page 450 and a second player before page 500! Anyone willing to go lower? 🤯😳
  11. Prelude

    Summer Transfer Window

    I think giving youth a chance is great and would love to see Maglore, Carter, Buckley,JRC, Vale, Butterworth, Thompson etc get more game time but does anyone think that would actually happen or do we think/know instead the likes of Bennett and Williams would be picked ahead of them? And the experienced players being played out of position rather than actually giving youth a chance.
  12. Prelude

    Leicester away

    Ha ha! I was a better player on the right and am a good crosser with the right. On the left I would rarely cross and cut inside as you say I would fit right in! 5 years ago playing for a vets side on the right wing I scored 37 goals in 26 games...
  13. Prelude

    Leicester away

    Yep straight and diagonal 😏
  14. Prelude

    Leicester away

    45 and can play on either wing RB, RW, LB,LW. Probably still quicker than Bell (ran 100m in 11.3 seconds earlier this year) so have accleration and pace. My fitness is great play tennis 12 hours a week and go gym 4 days a week. I am a great dribbler and great passer of the ball and specialise in a through ball. Weaknesses not great at tackling, heading or crossing with my left foot. So I basically Bell at defending, Rothwell when attacking and have the versatility of JRC 😂
  15. Prelude

    Leicester away

    I read something yeaterday that said Test have shown that Tyler is the quickest player in English football ! 😱😍

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