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  1. Prelude


    Looking Forward To May and going to all 19 of these concerts in the space of 21 days! This is Wendy James former lead singer of Transvision Vamp! Already seen her live over 30 times!
  2. Prelude

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    Ha Ha I wish! Just love a good debate!
  3. https://trainingground.guru/articles/stewart-downing-managing-the-twilight-of-my-career
  4. Prelude

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    After the last couple of games would anyone change there original vote?
  5. Prelude

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    Tosin would be a dream, even if he was available we would not be able to afford him.
  6. Prelude


    At least he was not the 1st sub on this time! When was the last time he wasnt the 1st sub to come on?
  7. Prelude

    First team squad 20-21

    Rothwell on a good day is a top 6 player but needs to up his consistency.
  8. Prelude

    Rovers v Hull

    Whos defensive? Only Travis who gets forward more these days. Bell can be attacking when playing on the week but also makes us more solid defensively. Who would you pick? I know it is all mute point as Tony will play league 1 level Bennett somewhere. Why is he still captain when he rarely starts? Give darragh the armband and downing as vice
  9. Prelude

    Rovers v Hull

    Thinking a little bit outside the box with the team selection this week. Thoughts ? Walton Nyambe Tosin Lenihan Williams Chapman Travis Davenport Bell Downing Armstong Subs Leutwiller Graham Buckley Mulgrew Gallacher Bennett Brereaton Johnson
  10. Prelude

    Tony Parkes

  11. Prelude

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Gotta be a good sign that Rothwell is already back in training even if that is on his own at the moment and Mowbray saying in the press conference saying he hopes he could be back in a week or 2!
  12. Prelude

    Academy & U21s

    Jesus time for the club to invest it bubble wrap!

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