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  1. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/11998654/at-home-with-blackburn
  2. Prelude

    January transfer window 2020

    I spoke to a friend of mine who is a Sunderland season ticket holder about the Sunderland keeper and he said the following. I heard the rumours hes Class I love him hes tall great shot stopper commands the box comes and wins corners everytime hes made 2 miskates in the 2 seasons that's it , if you get him ull get a great keeper I'll be gutted if he goes
  3. Hakan had only just turned 31 when he joined so still had plenty of legs left which was proven with his follwoing 5 years at Galatasary where he scored better than 1 in 3.
  4. Ruben Rochina Matt Derbyshire Paul Gallagher Carlos Villanueva Corado Grabbi Hakan Sukur Barry Fergurson Paul Robinson Mauro Formica Nikoli Kalinic Vince Grella Varaslav Gresko Junoir Hoilett
  5. Prelude

    The Team that Jack built

    Brings back great memories and great times at the club
  6. First time I have seen this since its original airing!
  7. Prelude


    Yep watched them on Now Tv on catchup
  8. Prelude

    Music Association Game

    Electric Youth - Debbie Gibson
  9. Prelude


    Just on the last episode of Gangs of London it is exceptional!
  10. Which is why I went for 3 at the back so I didnt need one 😆
  11. Random question- Just been watching the Worthington cup final win and I know Tugay was suspended but as far as I can make it he was not even at the game? Did not notice him in any of the celebrations or in the dressing room after the during the celebrations and interviews. During the on pitch celebrations Souness tells someone to hurry up to come and join them and no one appears any idea if that was Tugay and if not who it was?
  12. As Herbie said above Best UK and Ireland Blackburn 11.
  13. Here is mine! Lets see yours! Flowers Tosin, Hendry, Le Saux Bentley, Dunn, Batty Duff Dack Shearer Jansen Subs Given Hughes Jones Cole Wilcox Ripley Bellamy
  14. Prelude

    Kenny Dalglish

  15. Wow can't believe how much Gallagher and Bennett are getting paid compared to Dack and Travis! https://footballleaguefc.com/blackburn-rovers-2019-20-player-wages/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

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