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  1. Inglorious basturk


    Isn’t posting that nothing but political ?
  2. Inglorious basturk


  3. Inglorious basturk


    Jack grealish not taking his own advice post nhs message ... celebrating a move to utd apparently
  4. Inglorious basturk

    What are your favourite sports books?

    While you could come to that conclusion via Clarke Carlisle , Robert enke leads you down a different path
  5. Inglorious basturk


    I’m just not taking anything on face value it’s just all too strange
  6. Inglorious basturk


    Testing loads to see if they have ambiguous flu like symptoms ... I’m sure loads are positive
  7. Inglorious basturk


    And in the lab.... let’s just call this covid lads there are vicious flus that kill loads every year
  8. Inglorious basturk


    I’m not talking about Purely flu. It’s not complicated I’m talking about a re badging of anything slightly close Italian death rate 0.016 of the population be safe but don’t be hysterical
  9. Inglorious basturk


    Oh lo and behold let’s call these ambiguous symptoms corona That was just a description of how you would test someone for any flu
  10. Inglorious basturk


  11. Inglorious basturk


    It seems weird not to take it seriously despite your feelings about it even for me never mind that president
  12. Inglorious basturk


    Yes but what has the criteria become ? How specific is it ?
  13. Inglorious basturk

    Movie Discussion

    Oh and I’ve a real fetish for bourne , he would smack the fuck out of the tiresome bond
  14. Inglorious basturk

    Movie Discussion

    We have time on our hands so let’s suggest films my three absolute favs are funny games ( original Austrian version ) magnolia Donnie Darko id actually add anything by Shane meadows this weekend I got round to watching parasite which was pretty decent but does dine out a bit on being a novelty to many cos it’s foreign im currently watching prince avalanche which is a film close to my heart ( Texas fires )
  15. Inglorious basturk


    I trust little

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