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  1. kendraytyke

    Football videos.

    I actually enjoyed watching that! Great goals. We were pretty poor that season we only just beat the drop with about three games left.
  2. kendraytyke

    Football videos.

    I haven't seen it. If it's on video I'd be more than happy to add it to the collection.
  3. kendraytyke

    Football videos.

    This is all I have. This was my first match.
  4. kendraytyke

    Football videos.

    Yep that's mine 😁
  5. kendraytyke

    Football videos.

    Thank you!
  6. kendraytyke

    Football videos.

    Barnsley fan here. Hello to you all. I archive and collect video footage of my club and wondered if there is any footage you might have between our clubs. The kind of stuff I'm looking for is old club videos, stuff taped off telly and even home movies. If you are willing to share your stuff I'd be more than happy to convert it to dvd for the loan of any tapes you might have. Thanks for looking and stay safe in these strange times.

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