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  1. That was fun while it lasted.
  2. GHR

    Football Italia

    I'm too young to remember the glory days - either of Serie A or Rovers! - but not having Sky as a youngster, the European competitions on ITV and Channel 5 were the closest I got to watching any football that wasn't Rovers. Though most were past their absolute best the names still bring back memories for me - Vieri, Thuram, Nedved, Recoba, Del Piero, Buffon, Maldini... Something when you're a kid about seeing all these names and matches from places thousands of miles away is really special. Not arsed about any of it these days but those memories are still such a part of my early years. Shame what Italian football descended into!
  3. GHR

    BBC Sport

    Always been that way on BBC Sport, anything below the Conference in whatever capacity comes through in dribs and drabs, suspect it's more to do with their feeds for the data than lack of effort. It's the same for the likes of the Highland League in Scotland. My main problem with the BBC's coverage is that they'll spend from now to Christmas gibbering on about the 'magic of the Cup', then as soon as the big names come along the cast aside the Chorleys, Stanleys and whoever else of this world so we can watch Man City drub Charlton 8-0... It's a shame really, when the Beeb want to they can pull off 'obscure' football journalism and representation with the best (one of the reasons I genuinely admire their attempts at promoting the Women's game). Sadly, there's more mileage in 'who would make your combined Fulham v. Leicester XI?'...
  4. GHR

    20/21 kit

    Must say I prefer the royal blue with yellow letters surrounding on the circle to the sky blue and bright yellow we have at present. My only dislike on our badge!
  5. GHR

    Excitement ahead of the coming season?

    Finding it hard to get going at all. Would normally have watched this morning's draw and hoped for a decent match up. On Friday I'd have spent the morning planning which away days I'd go for, which weekends I'd conveniently come back home for and drop by Ewood, when the crunch time is so we'd know if this season might be the one, who we play on Boxing Day, New Year's etc... Couple the likely prevailing situation of limited home fans only, and even then with minimal fun and interaction with the sadly unsurprising lack of signings, kit or even general news and developments from the club and it just feels a bit hollow really. My last Rovers match was Derby away and I had a great time despite the score - new ground, typical wedged away end, plenty of alcohol (numbs the pain!) and found a great pub in Derby afterwards. The fact that that could well be my last such experience in years genuinely hurts. I could stand the finish to the end of last season I think for two reasons - we could hardly do anything else as an alternative passtime anyway, and the closeness to the climax of the season coupled with the intensity of matches meant it was actually rather fun, for all the usual anger, pain and frustration. Being as it is now, when the world has practically reopened except for football grounds, coupled with the lack of general excitement, in all honesty I will find it very hard to maintain full interest. I'm not spending my weekends following text updates or looking for dodgy streams.
  6. GHR


    This will have been said by many others I'm sure, but I want to join in the deserved praise. As someone too young to remember the 1990s I have to make do with the early and mid 2000s for my 'good old days', and this bloke was the centrepiece. He was in his 30s when he joined, smoked like there's no tomorrow and scarcely warmed up; but he could do whatever he wanted with the ball and always gave his everything. The goals, accolades, quotes and World Cup exploits speak for themselves, but my fondest memory however is the genuine love you could tell he had for us, and we showed back. In a sport nowadays where players are judged by spreadsheets of data and their rating on Fifa, I fear the Tugays of this world are a dying breed, for absolute shame. Thank god then that Souness took the punt on it working out for him at Rovers when it hadn't at Rangers. In doing so, he gave us Rovers' greatest foreign player ever, my favourite player ever, and the club arguably one of it's five greatest players in history. If, somehow, Tugay ends up dropping back over here for whatever reason, I really hope he does 'An evening with...' like MGP did and Samba was to. The bloke would sell out Kings George's Hall! Our Turkish Delight.
  7. GHR


    Loved him when he played for us, what he lacked in ability he more than made up for in attitude. Could do with a couple of proper old school types like him these days, might bring some passion and determination back into the dressing room if nowt else. I know football has changed in general but we used to have some absolute units on our team - Todd, Short, Neill, Savage, Dickov, Bellamy - we had some proper balls on us in them days... We have maybe on Bradley Johnson and a couple more these days cut from that cloth.
  8. GHR

    20/21 kit

    You'd hope not, kits and other merchandise is probably the least painful way for the club to make money at the moment. Mind you, the way this club has been run for the last decade...
  9. GHR

    Wigan Administration

    I sadly believe this to be true - I don't think it is in the best interests of anyone apart from the top three or four teams in the continent at the given time (Liverpool, Man City, Real Madrid, Barca and Juve for example right now). How do someone like Chelsea, Atletico Madrid or Dortmund sustain the model they've created for themselves when instead of competing successfully on weaker domestic fronts all of a sudden they're getting beaten every week by vastly superior, stronger teams? Much better for them to have the annual competition as it stands and build their foundations on Cup titles and top 4 finishes. There's a really good book called Can We Have Our Football Back? by John Nicholson that goes down a lot of the roads @S8 & Blue's post above touched on - well recommended to everyone with that mindset.
  10. GHR

    Luton Town away

    Cheers both. Can understand him to be fair, they were acting like absolute tossers the more time went on, if we had anything riding on tonight I probably would have gotten wound up by it. Suppose it makes a nice contrast from our permanently-seated, silent manager.
  11. GHR

    Luton Town away

    What was the afters? Closed the window as soon as the whistle went. Sending Walton up for that corner was so pointless I actually like it.
  12. GHR

    Luton Town away

    Aye, them and Cardiff in the play offs as it stands. Forest have had a shocker since the restart, they were well in the driving seat for 5th let alone 6th.
  13. GHR

    Luton Town away

    Swansea 4-1 up now. What a night.
  14. GHR

    Luton Town away

    it is poor form. One thing for the odd old school timewasting but literally it's every turn and pick up a yellow for it. If the extra balls are there for safety, then why are they allowed to get away with pilfering them?
  15. GHR

    Luton Town away

    Lovely prolonged shot there of Mowbray in 'Man waits for slightly delayed train' stance. All whilst his side are going relatively all guns blazing for an equaliser. Inspirational.

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