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    Constant reader of the forum but felt like I need to reply to this... I read someone's post a while ago but I wasn't sure it was true but I think the what ifs and close margins to this season, I think that post thats stuck in my mind could actually have been true, I went something like this.... I dont actually think mowbray and 70% of the team actually want to get promoted. You've got mowbray who knows he won't get a better job than this one, and if he gets us promoted with the current structure of the club he will fail and will get himself sacked and then be out of a job and not racking up a pension, You've then got the likes of Bennett, Williams, Bell, Evans, Smallwood, Samuel, Johnson and you could even count Gallagher, Brereton, Rothwell, Graham who know they're not good enough for the premiership, if we did get promoted they wouldn't cut the mustard and would need to be replaced or be in their twilight years and have to try and find another club lower down and move the whole family again. Every time we get within whiskers of the playoffs, there's no urgency, no determination, no arte et labore! We then drop off, and they show what we need to see and pull off results by all playing as a team to then repeat. It just doesnt make sense for them to be promoted because they're comfortable at this football club. Mowbray has done an amazing job over the last 3 /4 years and we'll hold him forever grateful but i think its time for him to go. Sorry for whoevers original post this was along the lines of but its resonated in me for the last 6 or so months.

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