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  1. A Northern Horde...

    Championship season 2019-20

    Dived for the ball when it hit the back of the net!
  2. A Northern Horde...

    Expectations for next season

    This sums up my feelings also.
  3. A Northern Horde...

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    I would hazard a guess most Rovers fans won't be able to basically donate £300 to the Club.The financial situation pre-Covid was bad enough but for many now it's a case of Family first.Matters really are 'grim up North' at present. This whole situation is going to be a death knell for many Clubs.
  4. A Northern Horde...

    BRFCS TV - Nostalgia Thread

    The grand old Riverside stand and Terrace...
  5. A Northern Horde...

    PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 🏆 25 years today

    I think of all the generations of Rovers fans who had nothing but disappointment and decline to support... I really do thank my lucky stars to have lived and witnessed it all,what a privilege. As for Hendry..it was bad enough seeing his strides but then he would pull 'em up the crack of his arse!!😫
  6. A Northern Horde...

    Wigan Administration

    If by some miracle the Pie Munchers do get away with this, a trip over to a certain Bolton MB should be quite entertaining.After all the problems their own Club has encountered,I have never before seen such a bunch of spiteful and bitter Ham shankers in my life as the Piggies!
  7. A Northern Horde...

    Steve Kean on TalkSport very soon

    What more is there to say about the cretin...why would anyone give that nomark airtime? Mates.
  8. A Northern Horde...

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    We have improved our league position Gav that is true,for me his one and only saving grace. We should be aiming to brake into the top six next season..if it doesn't look like coming to fruition then we should thank him for his efforts and part ways at the earliest possible opportunity.As early as possible. Mowbray does not inspire me personally never mind the players,I find his talk and body language dour and apathetic at times.Talks up Clubs like ferkin Brentford like they are Barcelona!!
  9. A Northern Horde...

    Damien Duff interview

    Duff,Dunn and Jansen..the Ewood Holy Trinity. A great time to watch Rovers.
  10. A Northern Horde...

    Wigan Administration

  11. A Northern Horde...


    My heart bleeds for 'em...don't know how they will cope.
  12. A Northern Horde...

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Can't help but feel the man himself is frustrated with the situation but is more than happy to 'put up and shut up' for the generous Coin he is receiving...he and Waggott know when their Bread is buttered.We are set to be in this mid table mediocrity for some time to come. There will be no promotion with the present incumbents in charge.I find Mowbray dour and uninspiring as a manager and its reflected in his team at times.
  13. A Northern Horde...

    Premier League Stuff

    You a bit of a Terrace dandy Tyrone?
  14. A Northern Horde...

    Summer Transfer Window

    Transfer window?... What ambition,expectations do Venkys have for the Club next Season? How much do we have to spend/do they trust Mowbray with their coin? Do they give a toss anymore? I hear a song playing
  15. A Northern Horde...

    BRFCS TV - Nostalgia Thread

    Early 1960's I believe.

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