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  1. blackburnpepper

    FIFA World Ranking

    Here you can discuss the FIFA World Ranking. Good to see England doing well. Belgium at number 1 is quite a stunt. They were located around spot 70 a few years ago.
  2. blackburnpepper

    Premier League Stuff

    I was a little surprised that the reserve team of Liverpool could beat Ajax.
  3. blackburnpepper


    Won't take long before we'll be rid of Trump.
  4. blackburnpepper

    Football Italia

    It's still not offensive compared with some other major European leagues. It's not catenaccio, but still shouldn't be called offensive.
  5. blackburnpepper

    The State of Ewood Park!

    Wow this looks kinda Chernobyl 😕
  6. blackburnpepper


  7. blackburnpepper

    Football Italia

    Why watch Serie A, we already know Juventus will win its 354th consecutive league title. English football is less predictable, and more fun to watch than defensive football.

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