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    Hi Rovers fans, I'm a Rovers fan for 25 years and am registering today because I would need help with purchases on Roverstore but I will introduce myself first. I'm French and support Sochaux since my childhood because it is the club of my city and my region. Like Blackburn Rovers, Sochaux is a great club which is out of place today in the second division. I have also been a supporter of Blackburn Rovers since 1994 with this great team which will win the title in 1995. My favorite players at the time were Alan Shearer of course but also Graeme Le Saux, Chris Sutton, Kevin Gallacher, Tim Sherwood, Collin Hendry ... I scored a lot of goals in my garden with the Sutton-Shearer duo! Today I follow the Rovers every weekend hoping they will find the Premier League as soon as possible ... Unfortunately it is impossible to see the matches here but I watch all the summaries on YouTube. As I wrote at the beginning of my post, I would need some help shopping on Roverstore for (my) Christmas. Indeed, I often buy kits and other accessories for several years but since this year the store uses a credit card recognition system to which my two banks are not registered. I would need someone with a Paypal account who would agree to send me either my jersey and other purchases, or a gift card in the value of these so that I can make my purchases. Of course I send you the amount of the payment on Paypal before and I trust you, I believe in the understanding between supporters, especially in this difficult period for us football fans. Thank you for reading me and hope to see you soon at Ewood Park. I have planned to come after the COVID crisis as soon as we can return to the stadium. If you want to help me, you can send me a private message or here. Come on Rovers! Maké

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