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  1. JAL


    There's been some great improvements in Blackburn town centre over the past couple of years from the converted cathedral quarter to the bus station yet, another office development proposed on the open green space of the boulevard is not what we want to see Cathedral people. If the Cathedral people want to develop further in the town centre then they should look to purchase the Thwaite brewery site and develop on there, thus not spoiling the good work that they've already undertaken in the town.
  2. JAL

    Venkys 7 years on...

    I'd be shocked if he head butted me because he doesn't like jumping up or heading on a football field. 😃 Ryan 'please don't make me head that ball again boss, please boss, I'll do anything not to head that ball, again boss' Nyambe.
  3. Let's see what this Ben Brereton can do along with the Southport millionaire Jack Rodwell. Two English lads on home soil.
  4. JAL

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    When are they going to tidy or smarten up the stadium inside and out to enhance that match day feeling along with improving the mid table mediocre team.
  5. JAL

    Ben Brereton

    What a shocker of a performance from Ben Brereton against Sheffield United..... he couldn't control the ball, had no pace, didnt know where to run, hed no strength in his shooting and basically looked like he didn't have a clue. Could not believe what I saw after enthusiasticly giving such a warm welcome he was poor and thats putting it mildly. An older supporter compared him to John Omara from the early seventies.
  6. JAL

    Bradley Dack

    How the he'll does Nixon know what Venkys plans are or is it through the agents still doing Venkys deed here.
  7. JAL

    The Ryan Nyambe Appreciation Thread

    As an older Rovers supporter I want Rovers to be of a far higher standard than Nyambe is capable of and the empty seats will back me up. What's Nyambe doing stood in that space for the free kick then ducking out the way of the free kick ? Please tell blueboy🤔
  8. JAL

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Is very hard Butty because I've not been able to go and a few are saying hes had a good game but not what he did to have this good game. For Rovers goal it looks like Charlie boy is doing the creative work down Nyambe's attacking right hand side to create Rovers goal this is what I want to see from Nyambe to say yes. Gutted we didn't win.
  9. JAL

    The Ryan Nyambe Appreciation Thread

    Was the cross straight or swerving and over what distance did he make it easier for Graham to miss or did Graham make hard work to contact the ball ?
  10. JAL

    The Ryan Nyambe Appreciation Thread

    Chaddy Nyambe runs forward like a tank and then delivers a ball like a tank awkward and not that accurate once the distance goes beyond 25 yards. If he can play a 30 yard ball along the floor spinning infield onto a running Rovers player then I'll hold my hands up.
  11. JAL

    The Ryan Nyambe Appreciation Thread

    Enlighten me then what did he do with the ball for over a hour and half and saying Villa weren't that strong down their left today. Instead of cheap insults talk about what he did control, execution etc., Or are you simply on here to peddle a pay rise for him ?
  12. JAL

    The Ryan Nyambe Appreciation Thread

    What did he do when he had the ball to excel. What did he do to excel without it .
  13. JAL

    The Ryan Nyambe Appreciation Thread

    To you he has to me he hasn't is this Pedro from Great Harwood ?
  14. JAL

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    If the penalty had been given would you gave said the same then about Lenihan if Villa scored.

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