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  1. JAL

    Thursday deadline.

    Should change the t to an s.
  2. JAL

    Thursday deadline.

    No problem Butty always love to hear other people's opinions but as Biz said recently, shouldn't react, but we do, for the love of the game and the love of Rovers, rightly or wrongly. If you love it then give it .....m.
  3. Tony Mowbray should be asked about his inclusion of Nuttall and substitutions , plus his thoughts on their piss our performances. Is that not fair enough to ask or know..
  4. JAL

    Thursday deadline.

    You keep saying I dislike Mr. Conning which couldn't be further from the truth. Rovers are my focus.
  5. The remarks about Lenihan. I'm curious to are they suggesting selling him now to the prem or what is the structure to achieving prem status with Rovers especially after he goes and picks the likes of Nuttall who are incapable of doing anything.
  6. Yeah! Unfortunately we are saddled with a bunch of keaners that have excellent communication skills that can manipulate the situation and make you believe . How frequent is the change in personnel very frequent.
  7. Agents control players it's not just ours . Who pays most wins ! remember the Jack Walker days and loads and loads of money. We won then yet Venkys came and told us they had loads of money.
  8. JAL

    Thursday deadline.

    Hurst will be told by the agents and owners for the gullible football fan.
  9. JAL

    Thursday deadline.

    Anyone in for Nuttall is positive extremely positive! Great cross from Williams for Bradley to tap in yesterday for our second. Now thats challenging for the guys and gals who say the new Ipswich winger give him a roasting yesterday. But it's positive.
  10. Pity Blackburn Rovers isn't controlled and run today with people who are first and foremost Blackburn Rovers fans. Venkys out!
  11. Absolutely ! Simons a handicap for our club with his shyte players that chaddyrover seems to like. Luke Varney and Bradley Orr with that extra year that no fan knew about on a million plus a year .
  12. JAL

    Thursday deadline.

    Anyone in to take Nuttall off our hands ? Anyone in to to take the blond dummy from the pub Gladwin off our hands.
  13. Waggott and co. have killed it for Rovers this season! Venkys out 👍
  14. JAL

    Thursday deadline.

    Lets see how the season pans out for them then. With Harrison upfront definite struggle for me.
  15. JAL

    Thursday deadline.

    What was all that about Lenihan being a prem player in future after weve failed against a struggling Ipswich team.

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