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  1. Atty

    [Archived] Uefa Cup

    http://www.bookryanair.com/skylights/cgi-bin/skylights.cgi cheap flights to gratz
  2. Atty

    [Archived] Back To Normal

    i'm not having a dig at cool claret i'm sure she is one of the more decent dingles i'm having a dig at the dingles you here on a local radio phone in and some dingles that post on other football forums. philipl you can leave me to get chew up by a dingle, Then again you wont know what a dingle is being based in malta. I'm entitled to share my views and post on this message board.
  3. Atty

    [Archived] Back To Normal

    Your right beat us at incest and talking Bull S**t. Im just sick of listening and reading the rubbish in the local press and radio eg scummings who was shooting his big gob before the game now he gone realy quiet. and p**s head payton talking s**t about the gap closing between the both clubs he must have had alot to drink as i dont think he watched the same game.
  4. Atty

    [Archived] Back To Normal

    Does the truth hurt. The only reason you dingles hate us so much is out of jealousy. Small town here are the facts. After getting beat of us the first time dingles smashed there own town up. Second game 3 fans ran onto the pitch. small minds. one question what have burnley ever beaten rovers at ?
  5. Atty

    [Archived] Back To Normal

    thery proberly cant win any throphies with the dingles on there playstations without cheating. and thats the lucky one whon have playstations in there caves.
  6. Atty

    [Archived] Back To Normal

    I totally agree with Cletus and krillian. I’m sick of the total in bread bu*l**it that come out of most of there fans. There is a few fans that speak some sense but most of them just speak rubbish. I want to know where they get it all from they must have a dingle dictionary. If they bothered to look back at both club histories rovers have been the fare most successfully club. Just look at both clubs honours list. The fact is we have beaten them at everything, on the pitch, attendances and Trophies won. They just our jealous poor neighbours living in caves in land that time forgot. The song your mums your dad your dads your mum, really does sum up Burnley and there football club up. Small Town, Small minds
  7. Another great decision there by the Manchester united referee association just like the handball at ewood but they didn’t kick much of a fuss up with that. There has been loads of decisions in the past like that most of them at old Trafford go unnoticed unless it happens to a big club then it get noticed. The FA and the premier league have been corrupted for the last ten years but no body has the guts to stand up to them. If that goal would of happened to us then no body would of kick up such a fuss but with it being Tottenham and all the London press then it’s all over the papers. I think if I was a scummy red I would be embarrassed with my team cheating like they do week in week out if its not rude or Ronaldo diving its referee and linesman helping them out. I just hope man utd get what they deserve one day and nobody will have any sympathy for them what so ever.
  8. Atty

    Savage Signs

    I think that Robbie savage wood be a good signing and would be a good acquisition for the midfield along side Barry. I think Birmingham is getting a taste of there own medicine on what happened with Dunn and their stupid bids they put in for him. They got him eventually got Dunn and I think we will get savage, as I don’t think he will sign for Everton as he got a great relationship with Hughes. I also don’t blame Robbie for wanting to leave Birmingham they are doing well at the moment and their fans should be happy where they are in the league as Bruce is doing a great job but he wants to come to a club that might not have the same fan base as Birmingham but we have won a lot more trophies then they have and got the potential to win more if Hughes gets the right players and fetches youth players through as we have got some of the best youth players around. I’m just wondering if we got 40000 a week would we be classed as a big club. Mr hypocrite Bruce must be REALY DESPERATE signing first division player like Blake he couldn’t do it when he played for Bradford so what makes he think he can do it at Birmingham. He been dinglefied for that long he wont know what its like to go into a supermarket and see people normal people again.
  9. Atty

    [Archived] Rovers 0 Spurs 1

    I don’t think we played that bad yesterday, we have played alot worse then that this year and got a good pasting. Tottenham where solid at the back and we could not break them down and they hit us on the counter attack with there quick players like Kean and defore. The problem for us we are conceding soft goals by giving the ball away at the wrong times of the game. Against Fulham we did not do that and we won yesterday if we would of kept hold of the ball it proberly would have been a draw. Also we don’t create chances against a well-organised defence team like Tottenham as we are not playing with any width and if the crosses do come in we have no height and presence in the box like other teams have. We should be playing to our strength like playing Bret on the right and bring gray back to left back as nissa is not a full back. I think Steven Reid is playing well at the moment but he not left footed and cant play on the left and I think Bret more effective on the right then left he cause problems when he runs at defenders which Steven Reid doesn’t do but that doesn’t excuse what them two brain dead people sat behind me think about him and the rest of the team if it was up to them we would only have 3 players on the pitch and Hughes would have been sacked by now we don’t kneed fans like that they may be entitled to there opinions but they don’t need to let everyone else know around them what they think. I don’t think rovers will go down but its going to be a long hard season but they need us to get behind them.
  10. I 100 % agree with Tom if we had Jack Walker we could compete with Middlesbrough and Birmingham but he not here anymore and neither is the money. We don’t get the crowds like the big clubs so we cant afford the big players or there wages in fact it wont be long before we will be the worst club in the premiership for a attendances. I think the club are trying there best but what ever they do they cannot get the fans into Ewood park that something we just got to accept. I think the clubs are going the right way trying to fetch the youth players through and mixing them with experience players and not spend big and end up like Leeds. I went to Stockport last night and I am looking forward to next season. The team looks in a lot better shape then last year and in spells playing some good football. I was impressed on how Barry made runs from midfield to support and on occasions run past our strikers. When I watched them at wigan last year I knew then we was in for a tough season. I can’t wait for the season to start I just hope that people get behind the team and stop morning all the time. Lets get the atmosphere back at Ewood again like it used to be.
  11. Atty

    [Archived] Season Ticket Sales?

    I am ashamed to call myself a rover’s fan sometimes with some of the fans at this club. Can I ask them 1 question how can the club survive in the premiership with an attendance of 24000.Fans scream for quality players but how can they do that if they cant afford to pay the wages if they don’t get the fans through the door. The club is trying there best by freezing the season tickets and reducing them in some parts of the ground. If we don’t get the fans through the turnstiles then the club wont be able to go for quality players which means they wont be able to sustain a long term in the premiership. Jack walker is here anymore and neither is the money so the club needs the fans more then ever to get behind the team. I know what it feels like to come off the ground sat nigh and feel crap and wound up for rest of the weekend but by Wednesday I can’t wait for Saturday to come again. I also understand why other football fans say going to Ewood is like going to a funeral, all you get is people morning and slaging the team off and if you stand up and sing you get told to sit back down again by our own fans not even the stewards (home and away). People wont like this, but I think we have got some of the worst fans in the premiership and if you don’t believe me go and read some of the other clubs and football message boards. No matter what happens I will still keep buying my season ticket and supporting my club

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