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  1. BlueMonday

    Music Association Game

    Moby. Go
  2. BlueMonday

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    Thats actually a good shout Bob. And thinking about Lambert and the Seneca rejection, which on the surface made no sense, maybe the decision to sell had been taken, which changed the forward plan. But like you say, the hope...
  3. BlueMonday

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    Its been sold on Gumtree. Hope they reinvest the money in the squad.
  4. BlueMonday

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    Muchas Gracias
  5. BlueMonday

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    The fact that it has been done now, when money is so tight is bizarre in the extreme. Que Venkys announcing they have redeveloped the ground during the Close Season.
  6. BlueMonday

    Premier League Stuff

    If there is a fire sale at Leicester, Vardy will probably be regretting his decision right now. Mind you, there will probably be a not so secret trigger clause in his contract.
  7. BlueMonday

    Music Association Game

    Public Image Ltd - Good Things
  8. BlueMonday

    Danny Graham

    Just wondering if Tony Watt is still on the radar. When he's fit he would be a good, if not the main partner for Graham.
  9. BlueMonday

    Danny Graham

    Would have been a better signing with Lambert in charge. Lets hope he's not a regular winner of Friday head tennis or he'll put on 2 stone...
  10. BlueMonday

    Music Association Game

    A Certain Ratio - Only Together.
  11. BlueMonday

    Premier League Stuff

    He's signed a 4 year deal so you'd have to say he's passing up on his last chance to move to one of the 'Big' Clubs. Good on him.
  12. BlueMonday

    Music Association Game

    Asha - JJ Tribute
  13. BlueMonday

    Music Association Game

    New Order - The Perfect Kiss
  14. You only have to read the statement that they new nothing of a proposal from Seneca, and were only aware through media reports to know there is a double agenda at play. Kamy saw the proposal document and Seneca wouldn't just have popped it in the post. Wild speculation?, conspiracy theories? All I know is, if it looks like BS, smells like BS, I'm taking it as BS.
  15. They are not making decisions purely for footballing reasons, but, like Elvis, I have a Suspicious Mind.

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