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  1. benhben


  2. benhben


    Awsome win especially after everyones unease at the starting line up. We are fecking useless at defending a lead. Just keep on the attack...
  3. Wasnt at the game and only just saw the goal highlights yesterday. I thought some people were overreacting talking about the keeper and walls fault for letting a direct free kick in...however having seen the highlights the wall was very poor. The ball didnt go up and over the wall it went through the massive gap left to the keepers right. There were only 3 in the wall, one or two more would have stopped that free kick.
  4. benhben

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    We concede so many late goals. It would be interesting to see the stats accross average minutes in the game we conceed over the last year. It seems a lot are 85 minutes onwards especually in added time. Would have taken a point before the game but that goal is a sickner
  5. benhben

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Not too confident with this one. I get the impression Brereton isnt reay for a start yet, not had much pre season and had a tough time mid week for the England U20s. I dont think this is a game where sitting back will help us. I do think well score if we go at them. Hopefully have Dack back. Im pretty sure Mowbray will pick an unchanged side apart from Dack but I'd go with this. Raya Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Evans Bennett Rothwell Dack Palmer Armstrong Subs. Leut, Downing, Reed, Travis, Graham, Brereton, Williams
  6. benhben


    Probably because hes playing with better players. England would be tranformed with an Eriksson or Dembele in midfield. Alli, Lingard and Sterling run around a lot but they dont link defence to midfield and attack. Henderson is a much better player than Dier in that role. Agree with the Delph over Dier comment above. Still not convinced by 5 at the back formation. The two wing backs usually end up pinned into a 5 against anyone half decent and leaves our already weak midfield overrun. The 2-1 loss to spain doesnt seem quite as crap after their result yesterday.
  7. benhben

    Smallwood signs

    What a strange comment
  8. benhben

    Best Starting Eleven 2018/19 Season

    I had never heard of Ben Brereton until a month ago and I have never seen him play. Given hes not played this season I dont think he will be straight into the starting 11. Rothwells performances this season have given us a nice dilemma. I only expected him to be a squad player. I also think Nyambe is developing into a top quality full back. I wonder if Bell will keep his place when Williams is back. As others have said out of no where we have suddenly got a very competetive squad. Raya Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Evans Bennett Armstrong Dack Palmer Graham Edit: Just noticed ive only selected 1 change from the team that played last year! Quality to call on the bench though.
  9. benhben

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    Fair enough! This season seems a big step up for them.
  10. benhben

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    I think this game is a good chance to give some game time to our promising U23s with some experience to help them along. Leutweiler Nyambe Downing Rodwell Doyle? Travis Hardcastle Reed Conway Nuttall Rankin-Costello? Subs. Whittingham Bell Tomlinson Mols Raya Palmer Lenihan
  11. benhben

    ROVERS v Brentford

    With the injuries we have against a decent championship team thats a great result. Credit to TM and the players. Dont think anyone could have asked for more at this stage. 2 wins 3 draws 0 defeats. 5th in the table. Genuinely believe we are a solid championship side. 2 or 3 good attacking additions could see us have an outside play off push
  12. benhben


    Absence of Dack and Palmer seriosuly showing how much we need to sign some players before the loan market closes. 2-0 down and nothing on the bench that id expect to make any impact
  13. benhben


    I think we can afford to go slightly more attacking for this one without being kamikaze. Bennett in CM gives more pressing energy than Evans or Smallwood but will still provide decent defensive cover. I like the fact Bell is starting at LB now, him and Nyambe pushing on make us look far more balanced than the defensive williams. It also reduces the impact of not having any geniuine wide players up front. Same front 4 as Carlisle and give them license to roam. Raya Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Evans Bennett Rothwell Dack Palmer Armstrong
  14. benhben

    Championship 2018-19

    Ive only just found out Mclaren is the manager of QPR after reading about their 7-1 loss. haha. How on earth is he still getting employed? He must be in the same category as Coyle as joke managers. Very happy however as it makes it easier for us!
  15. benhben

    Hull away

    Would much rather have him CM. Is energy is a massive asset in the middle but doesnt provide much out wide. Get in Dack! Hes stepped up to the championship easy!

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