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  1. benhben

    Stoke City home

    Hoping we go for it with Gallagher and Armstrong both central. Rothwell and Downing out wide. I suspect gallagher on the wing though.
  2. benhben

    Stoke City home

    Id try and stick with a similar side to that of late. My only concern would be that the Brentford game was a tough game and Johnson and Downing may be in need of a rest just 4 days later. The rest should be fine. Please do not bring Bennet back in. If Downing and Johnson do need a rest until saturdays Id like to see Davenport and Chapman come in.
  3. Despite losing a 2-0 lead cannot fault anything with that performance against a very good side going forward. They have a lot of quick talented forwards with lost of movement. A wonder goal and a never in a million years penalty cost us. The wind battered us 2nd half as well. I'd have taken this result before the game. Armstrong and Travis immense and look dangerous on the break. On to the next one!
  4. Nervous about this one. their front three has A Lot of goals in it. Take a point from this. I do think well score though. Armstrong in the counter.
  5. benhben

    Premier League Stuff

    Spurs' Son out for the season apparently after breaking his arm and needing surgery. Strange one as he got the injury in the first minute of last weekends game but was ok to play until the end, scoring twice. Id do my best to have him playing in a cast if I was spurs. They arent blessed with great options up front atm.
  6. Would you not watch a world cup final or champions league final?
  7. I reckon Mowbray will go for the following 😂: Nyambe Gallagher Tosin Bell
  8. This is a big footballing test against a good side. They blow a bit hot and cold but on their day can beat anyone in the league. Much bigger test than the last few games. My head is saying we should play a bit more conservatively and be solid, however I don't think this mentality suits us (even though Mowbray can resist). I think were better off going for it toe to toe, taking the risk of conceeding a few in the process. Downing an Same team as last game.
  9. benhben


    Get in. 2-0! Just putting it out there....are we playing better football since Dack got injured? Still have him back tomorrow though!
  10. benhben

    Premier League Stuff

    There's no chance Man City will not be in the Champions League for two years. There will be an appeal whereby the ban will be dramatically reduced and backdated to the original sentence, meaning they will likely be back in next season. In reality some top UEFA officials accept a nice bribe and go and buy a yacht each. Id put money on a successful appeal, even if City are 100% guilty of the offence. If the ban is upheld though It would be interesting if 5th place then got champions league. Could see Wolves or even Sheff Utd in there!
  11. benhben


    I think last night sums up why we need to move on from Bennett and Graham. Graham doesn't have the legs anymore and Bennett is utterly dogshit. Theres a myth that he puts himself about and makes us more solid. Even Brereton in 20 mins made more runs than Bennett did in 70. 0-0 when they were on, 3-0 after they went off. Proof enough. Away from home id go for more pace and make them cautious about pushing high up the pitch. Id even play Samuel after his goal. At least he tries to run in behind. Think playing Graham and Bennett with no Dack just invites us to sit deep and have no outlet. Basically the lads that won the game v hull deserve another chance.....even big Ben Walton Nyambe Lenihan Tosin Bell Armstrong Travis Johnson Downing Brereton Samuel
  12. benhben

    Rovers v Hull

    Bennett on 0-0. Bennett off 3-0. Just sayin... Good result given the players missing. think we looked alright with a straight 442. Armstrong or Travis mom for me. Poor old Ben cant buy a goal. Keeper passes it to him inside the penalty area and it still bounces off his shins and gets tackled.
  13. benhben

    Rovers v Hull

    Armstrong smash!!! him Travis and Nyambe have been good. Breretons touch is horrific but the fact him and samuel actually run has made a big defference
  14. benhben

    Rovers v Hull

    Why is Downing right and bennett left?
  15. benhben

    Rovers v Hull

    Neither team look like creating much. Low quality game. Anyone decent would beat Hull. Would have been a good game for Holtby. Johnson just hoofs it long every time

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