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  1. benhben

    Music Association Game

    The monkees - Daydream beliver
  2. benhben


    I personally have no issue with giving Rooney 15 minutes for a proper send off. He is our record goalscorer and unfortunately was in his prime when the rest of the England set up was a complete shambles. I am far far more mystified by Fabian Delph being selected as Captain. He must have less than 10 caps and hasnt kicked a ball for city for some time. Ive not seen the squad but If Delph is captain I am assuming they are all making their England debuts.
  3. benhben

    New Games

    Does anyone find their ps4 has much slower internet speeds than other devices in the house? My virgin Fibre optic is rated to around 170mb/s. My phone, laptop and tablet all seem to get close to this fairly regularly, but my PS4 wired connection seems to average about 10mb/s. A fraction of the speed of other decices. I've tried various tips off YouTube but it doesn't make much difference. Interested to know if it's a common issue or my ps4 is showing it's age. I've had it from near launch. It also takes forever to download and install updates.
  4. benhben

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    If we have any ambitions of promotion we have to win these games. This is also a chance to take the handbreak off a bit and give some license to the creative players. Maybe give Brereton, Palmer or Rothwell a bit more game time.
  5. benhben


    Such a shame. I pulled my Hamstring quite badly in July in pre season for a local team. Never done a hamstring before but its still in the back of my mind now it might go at any minute and im still not confident to sprint 100% God knows what goes through Chapmans mind when hes on the pitch...his who game was around his speed. Will be tough to get his spark back. Hope he does.
  6. benhben

    ROVERS v qpr

    Have a feeling we will win this one. Im going for 2-0. Again I hope Mowbray goes for a young energetic team, but I think well see a revert back to the norm with Evans and Smallwood in the middle and Reed out wide somewhere. My Team: Leutwiler (assumin Raya out) Bennett Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Reed Evans Armstrong Dack Rothwell Graham
  7. benhben


    Haha keyboard warrior...calm down. On the football, was concerned by the line up before the game but I would probably have taken 4 points from Leeds at home and Swansea and WBA away. Surprised Arma didn't start.
  8. benhben


    Energy in midfield and pace up top for this I think. Can't see us having much of the ball so it's vital when we break it's with speed. I wouldn't be surprised to see Graham miss out or start as sub. Mowbray mentioned he's struggling with a dodgy back at the moment. Raya Bennett Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Reed Evans Rothwell Dack Armstrong Graham
  9. benhben

    New Games

    Is anyone into Call of Duty on here? I got Black Ops 4 a week or so ago. I must say Im not that impressed. The graphics look pretty average at best to me. COD WW2 looked much nicer on the screen. Black Ops seems to have bright blocky colours and even the weapon detail isnt great. Reminds me more of the very first CODs that came out on PS4 4 or 5 years ago. Anyone else think similar? Think Ill see what the new Battlefield is like and decide whether to trade.
  10. benhben

    Tugay- best rovers midfield ever

    He doesnt seem to be doing anything football related at the moment looking at his Wiki page. Would be great if he came here as a coach of some form. Also see he won the Turkish masterchef!
  11. I think we will need to rotate the squad to keep the performance levels up also bearing in mind the game at the weekend is also a very tough game. Something like: Raya Bennett Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Reed Rodwell Palmer Dack Armstrong Brereton Then bring back Graham, Evans and Smallwood for the WBA game.
  12. benhben


    The players look much more comfortable and flexible in the 4-3-3 formation compared to the World Cup. Reminded me of watching Rovers. Dominated for 45 mins then dont turn up for the second half. Spain were always going to come into the game at some point and were relentless in their posession second half. It could have been worse if Pickford was peanalised for his brain malfunction in the second half. Agree with others above, the front three of Rashford, Kane and Sterling is a good mix of pace, movement and quality. Id struggle to see Alli or Lingaard in that three. Would have liked to see Maddison given a go as hes an attacking player who looks promising.
  13. benhben


    Much prefer the 4 2 3 1 formation than the 5 3 2 or whatever we played at the WC (even though we got to a semi final). Think the players look more comfortable . Rashford missed two sitters. Would like to see Sancho and Madison for last 20..Just to see what they're like.
  14. benhben

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    I'm pretty sure as he was released to cut the wage bill..whether he wanted to or not i dont think the club gave him the choice. Looking back I think relegation for a year has made us much stronger. There was some proper dross in that squad.
  15. benhben

    AFC Bournemouth v ROVERS

    Just saw the highlights. WTF was Williams doing. Had loads of time with the ball at his feet and panicked. Balls crossed aimlessly into our box cause havoc. Armstrong looked to make himself a few chances. Dont mind him missing a few as long as he is creating. Didn't see Brereton in any of the clips... The Bournemouth tv camera seems to have a massive cloudy blob right in the middle lol

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