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  1. benhben

    Mowbray’s Future

    Another weird and stupidly frustrating quote from Mowbray in the LET article: Mowbray admits he has reservations about Rothwell’s ability to help the team defensively, adding: “I think he’s got a long way to go. “He’s in a similar situation to what Harry Chapman was in at the start of last season, and as a football manager, I need to feel what works for the team and what they’ll benefit from. Because were such a solid defensive unit as it is??...clown.
  2. benhben

    The Big Summer Clearout

    I would keep Rodwell providing the wages are low. Hes a good footballer who could fill in CM or CB. Not sure he will want to stay as backup. Its also hard to get rid of Mulgrew given he gives you at least 10 goals a season. He is physically declining however, Id keep him as a squad player. There are players in the squad who are not good enough now and never will be. They need moving out and replacing in a sustainable way that doesnt get us into a financial mess (well more of). This summer - Samuel, Gladwin, Conway, WILLIAMS (1st out the door), Downing Longer term - Mulgrew, Bennett, Graham (will be retiring in 2-3 years), Bell, Evans, Smallwood I think Dack will be off to a promotion chasing champ or lower prem team in summer so he will need replacing effectively. I am worried for next season. Mowbray needs a plan...
  3. benhben

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    I'd say we would be odds on favourites for the drop next season unless the manger and half the squad are replaced. Johnson until the end of the season and blood in some U23s and see if any can be assets for next year. Dropping like a stone. Thank God for a good January sandwiched between long spells of shite . We'd be for the drop if not for that.
  4. benhben

    Summer transfer window

    Needs to get near the bench first. To be honest Id want to make sure his hamstrings are 100% healed and strong before putting him in the starting 11. U21s isnt the same intensity. Were pretty much safe and no chance of the play-offs so no point rushing him. I agree he should at least be making some cameos of the bench however. Same with Brereton. Id be interested to see Butterworth and Rankin Costello given game time. Sounds like theyve been excellend for U21s lately.
  5. benhben

    Champions League 2018-2019

    I always preferred Messi over Ronaldo due to natural talent and his less in your face demeanur....but I think over the last three years you cant argue with what Ronaldo has achieved in the game. Scored regularly in three different leagues, won the euros with an average portugal side and won 3 champions leagues. I think he has edged slightly ahead of Messi for me in terms of an all time great.
  6. benhben

    ROVERS V Wigan

    Think of the most dour boring team melton Mowbray could put out and then that will probably be pretty close. Raya Nyambe Williams Bell Bennett Reed Smallwood Evans Conway Dack Graham Team Id like: Raya Nyambe Me someone else off here Bell Travis Reed Rothwell Dack Armstrong Graham
  7. benhben

    Manager or Players to blame?

    A number of the players simply arent good enough at championship level. You can graft and work hard yes and it may get you points in some games, but you cant spend an entire season on that tactic. Fundamentally they arent good enough. Many of them were here last time we were relegated and the team at the moment is no different to the one in league 1. It has been the managers decision to either not replace them or he has bought badly resulting in half the team being played out of position. Also letting all our centre backs leave on loan without any cover was a diabolical decision and pretty much sums up his lack of a plan. The players have stopped grafting to the levels of earlier in the season so I will concede that...but I struggle to blame a player who just doesnt have the ability. I blame the manager for not having a plan of squad improvement.
  8. benhben

    Manager or Players to blame?

    Manager and no one else. He has had numerous transfer windows and failed to sign anyone bar Dack that has improved us and without any plan or squad balance. Wasted £7m on a guy who is now behind Nuttall in the pecking order. Time to move on....id even like to see D. Johnson given the role until the end of season. Cant be any worse.
  9. benhben

    Preston at Home

    At home against an awful side and we have a midfield 4 of reed Smallwood Evans and bennett. That's fecking boring and dour. I'd rather see our U23 side. At least they're entertaining. Not sure Mowbray will ever excite us.
  10. benhben

    Premier League Stuff

    RIP at least there is now some closure for the family. Looking at the type of plane he was in....I would have paid for a bigger plane even with my wages.
  11. benhben

    Brentford v Rovers

    Same team as last game. Cant see any need to change. Think this will be a tough game. Can see a 1-1 or 2-2 draw. Armstrong to carry on his scoring run and Nuttall off the bench.
  12. benhben


    I cant say I'm too upset we didnt break the bank to sign some of the names we were talking about last week. Yes they would make an immediate impact but the wages involved are obviously far an above our current wage structure. We have to be careful we dont go for broke only to miss out on promotion leaving a serious financial problem the year after. Weve seen it at other clubs. I am surporised we didnt push the boat out a little for an experienced loan signgning until the end of the season. At least that way the risk is only with us for 6 months. They may not have been available however. Agree with other comments that not spending on BB and putting all money into one high qulity signing earlier in the year would have been a better way to go by the looks of it. Wonder if TM has gone all cautious with funds having been stung by what hes seen with BB.
  13. benhben

    Where Are They Now?

    Frank Lampards long lost blonde brother.
  14. benhben

    Bradley Dack

    Whilst Id love him to stay, if I put myself in his shoes...I'm 25 and have ambitions to make it in the premier league having never currently played there. Im off at the first offer from a prem team as the opportunity may never come again. One bad season or injury would see his stock fall. The ideal is if we get promoted with him.
  15. benhben


    Where is it actually confirmed we are in for Assombalonga? I havent seen this anywhere.

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