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  1. benhben

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Reading his comments in the LET about wanting to teach the ball boy about ethics, honour, integrity and personal values the ref probably did everyone a favour. He does come out with some nonsense does old Tony. Sounds like a decent performance. Good to see Gallagher get a goal. Hopefully he will kick on from this....and play more central.
  2. benhben

    Bury FC rip

    An example of whats wrong with the English game, allowing a 132 year old club to liquidate, with the possibility of another league co founder following suit. Huge gulf in prize money and TV revenue from the top league to the rest. The pointless fit and proper owner checks. Clubs spending vastly beyond their means to stay in touch with the hope of rising the football ladder. We currently owe Venkys about £120m. If they called that debt in we would likely follow the same path as Bolton. Shame.
  3. benhben

    Hull (A)

    Thought Mowbrays post match interview comments reg Walton were interesting. He basically said there is more to Goalkeeping than just shop stopping. He wants a keeper to control his box, be brave and come for crosses. Basically saying everything he thought Raya didn't do..
  4. benhben

    Hull (A)

    Not sure I buy into this. Watching Gallagher on the wing doesn't do anything for me. He looks awkward out wide and doesn't really have the skills to beat a full back one on one. Surely a pacey winger who can dribble and run in behind would be more effective at this? Hopefully we will see him getting into the box more when the ball is coming from the other flank. He needs to use his size to more effect. He does put a shift in though. Needs a goal for confidence. Had a great opportunity to go for goal at the back post but tried to head across goal to Dack. Sign of low confidence in front of goal. Armstrong frustrates. Has all the pace in the world but hardly uses it. Reminds me of a poor mans Walcott. Our centre midfield is much stronger than last year and generally bossed the game. Williams has been a bit of a revelation at CB. From a dogger of a full back to a seemingly very solid CB. I take my hat off to him following my criticism throughout most of his Rovers career. Another player I should eat some humble pie with is Downing. Thought he was a pointless signing, replacing Conway like for like. After watching him last night he is 2 or 3 levels above Conway and still looks to have plenty of energy.
  5. benhben

    Hull (A)

    Our final ball is woeful. Hull are there for the taking if we could pass in the final third. Desperate need of some pace and trickery outside like Hull with Bowen and Grosiki
  6. benhben

    Middlesbrough (H)

    You do know we have already lost to Fulham??
  7. benhben

    Fulham Away

    As you said we need our quickest paciest side available to take advantage of any counter attacks. Were not going to our possession them. Que Bennett William's Evan's Downing Graham.....
  8. benhben

    Fulham Away

    Ffs....Melton Mowbray needs to go ASAP. Really hoping this isn't the team that starts. £12m worth of strikers not even in the side..
  9. benhben

    Premier League Stuff

    They look good going forward. could have had a couple themselves. Getting murdered on the counter attack though. Way too open for away at anfield
  10. benhben

    Premier League Stuff

    Oh dear!!! what an awful OG. I thought he was surplus to requirements at Norwich. starting and captain today.
  11. benhben

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    Does anyone know if Wigan are paying his wages or will we still be footing the bill?
  12. benhben

    Your expectations for the coming Season...

    I think there's enough firepower and ability in the squad to potentially challenge the top 6.......but not with Mowbray in charge. With the current management team I think well be top half of the bottom half....i.e. 12-15th.
  13. benhben

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I think this summer we have strengthened some important areas of the team, with an obvious glaring weakness at CB. I still don't think letting Raya go was the right thing to do. The midfield and attacking positions are definitely stronger than last year. For a club of our size and a need to keep the wage bill to a minimum I'm surprised there haven't been more outgoings. Centre mid looks overstocked with similar players. Surprised we haven't tried to move on Smallwood or Evans....although its likely due to lack of interest. We also kept Dack who i thought would have gone in the summer
  14. benhben

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Unfortunately yes I do.
  15. benhben

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Trouble with Mowbray is his results will likely never be bad enough to force Venkys and his mate Waggot into action to replace him. We will have many years just about surviving at this level whilst hes in charge, yet I cant see him ever taking us forward. After the good results playing attacking football at the end of last season, to go back to the same dour stuff on Saturday sums him up. Too old fashioned, stubborn, afraid to upset his mates and unable to take the club up a level. We need a chairman with some forward vision, which its unlikely Waggot will ever be. Hopefully our Rothwells, Nyambes, Chapmans will take their chance when finally given one leaving him with no choice but to change.

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