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  1. The January 2018 transfer thread

    I had never heard of Adam Armstrong until around 2 minutes ago. No idea if its a good, bad or nothing signing. I am assuming hes a striker going of what I've quickly read.
  2. Northampton Town v Rovers

    Graham deserves a start after two goals in two games and give some hold up play up front. Samuel to use his pace in the second half. Raya Nyambe Downing Mulgrew Williams Smallwood Tomlinson Conway Dack Antonsson Graham
  3. Rovers v Charlton

    Charlton fans seem to be expecting a tonking. Last few Charlton performances have been bad by the looks of it. Interesting how they single out Bradley Dack and...Ben Gladwin as an example of our squad strength. Obviously dont know how bad he is. http://forum.charltonlife.com/discussion/80200/blackburn-v-charlton-sat-16-dec-3pm-ko-match-preview-predictions-news-views
  4. Rovers v Charlton

    Raya Travis Downing Mulgrew Williams Tomlinson Smallwood Samuel Dack Antonsson Graham I think this is a game where Graham would do well.. Fresh from a goal in mid week and his hold up play and ability to bring others into play against a team likely to sit deep will help in a crowded area. Cant see much space for Samuel as a lone forward to run in behind. Id go for this team with Samuel, Antonsson and Dack making plenty of runs off graham.
  5. How much of a difference does Mulgrew make. Must be the best player in the league. Top 6 championship player at least.
  6. Blackpool away

    Have a feeling Graham will come good tonight...if he wants more football he either needs to force his way into this starting XI or put in some performances so he's in the shop window. 2-0 graham x 2
  7. Admittedly it is only the sky sports app text commentary but the two subs seem to have had a big impact especially Samuel. Surely the Whittingham out wide and no wingers this must be an obvious fail even to Melton now
  8. Sounds like Dack is having a good game. Two assists and a goal. Sky sports have him lining up centrally in the 10 role. Probably not a coincidence
  9. Friedel named New England manager

    Would love Big Brad to come and manage us one day. Who knows, we scrape a promotion and he has a good couple of season in management....
  10. Rochdale v Rovers Tuesday 7th Nov.

    Not too fussed about the checkatrade trophy however another loss and average performance by the sounds of it. We should be using these games to blood in more of the U23s otherwise they will never be ready according to Melton Mowbray. What also worries me is, how do we expect to create a winning mentality at the club to push for promotion when we cant even win games against League 2 opponents? At some point the club needs to get used to winning, and whilst not a trophy anyone cares about wins in any game breed confidence and momentum. We simply don't win enough games under Mowbray and the club is accustomed to draws and losses. Losing faith well ever turn it around as we stand now. Cautious line ups no matter who the opposition.
  11. Joe Nuttall

    Them comments from Melton Mowbray are outrageous. Nuttal still has to convince him that hes worth picking over three lazy 1st team strikers who rarely score despite scoring more goals than games played in u23s and 2 in 2 for 1st team. You need a man in games rather than out top of the league u23s??? Pull the other one pie man. Getting more and more irritated by our lack of hometown youth over lame loan players.
  12. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Boring team, boring players, boring manager horrible owners. Hard to muster up any passion for all things Rovers nowadays. I thought Mowbray was the right man but he's sooo dull and dour!
  13. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Haha it had to be didn't it. Who reckons stubborn old Mowbary will bung him back in the u21s next week.