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  1. benhben

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    Same team as preston other than swapping Dolan for Gallaher on the wing. Think the goal will have him buzzing again and his pace and trickery will be useful against a packed defense. Can see a tight game with them sitting in. Id take a win of any kind. Low scoring 1-0 I think.
  2. benhben

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Great win. Had a feeling about Dolan getting in on it. Hopefully that goal fills him full of confidence. Holtby is too good for this league. Wonder how many Premier sides are keeping an eye out. With this squad we are so much better playing on the front foot.
  3. benhben

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Cant see Preston sitting back so id play the paciest team to take advantage of the counter attack. kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Warton Douglas Rothwell Holtby Trybull Dolan Armstrong Brereton Think Dolan would be well up for it against the team that released him. Not convinced by Trybull but not many other options. needs to prove himself.
  4. benhben


    Just can't get my head around this 3-4-3 which in reality with this selection is 5-4-1. The high intensity 4-3-3 we played post world cup up until the covid lockdown was some of the best football I've seen from England. Im sure there was a time last year we scored 4 or 5 a few games in a row. Just can't understand why he's felt the need to go back to this dull Conservative formation, which doesn't even suit the players we have. Mowbray esque.
  5. benhben

    Ben Brereton

    On a different and irrelevant tangent to the main topic I have also played pretty much every position in my 15 years and soon to be finished amateur 11 a side football career. An crap amateur James Milner I guess. By far the hardest position I play regularly is Centre Back. The strikers can suck all game but score one at the end and everyone is happy. A centre back can be outstanding all game and make one mistake that leads to a goal and everyone blames them. The concentration required is immense.
  6. benhben

    Summer Transfer Window

    Were we linked with Ben Whiteman from Doncaster this summer. Looks a decent player tonight against FC Utd.
  7. benhben

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    We are incapable of keeping clean sheets. Puts so much pressure on the forwards knowing we need to score 2,3 or 4 a game to have a chance of winning. Lenihan needs a break when Ayala is fit
  8. benhben

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    Get in. He needed that after a few good performances without a goal. If he can get enough confidence to be a semi regular goal scorer, that would be a massive boost.
  9. benhben

    Swansea City away

    The defensive side of this team is a million miles away from being top 6 worthy. Admittedly weve got a vast unabailable list but weve conceeded far too many for far too many seasons. It feels as if every attack against us is a goal atm. Some is down to crap players but a lot needs to lie with the coaching team. Nice to watch, massive soft touch.
  10. benhben

    Rovers vs Reading at Virtual Ewood

    Expecting a tight and cagey game. The majority of posts on the reading forums (I dont normally look at opponents forums!) would be happy with a draw. I think their management would say the same. 1 goal in it at most i think. Fancy Dolan to come on with 15 mins left and cause some trouble to tired legs. 1-0 Armstrong with a Dolan won penalty.
  11. benhben

    Nottingham Forest Home

    The rovers insta page had a matchday post with a photo of rothwell as the player. Would be weird to promote the game with a player whos not in the squad. Edit just had another look and theres no sign of it! it definately came up on my feed!
  12. benhben


    Cant knock recent results but you look at that starting line up and this weird defensive formation hes gone back to and cant help but think were no where near fielding our best team or best system. The bench would beat the starting line up. Not sure what hes aiming for at the moment. He found an exciting winning system and appears to have abandoned it.
  13. benhben


    Unfortunately as i expected Southgate over thinking and leaving a winning formula. 5 defenders and 2 defensive midfielders in the starting line up. Sigh
  14. benhben


    At the time of writing it was a turgid 0-0 with wales dominating the ball. The games pre covid were some of the best ive seen from england with a 4-3-3. So much movement up front and an energetic midfield. A bit Liverpool like. Hoping the last few games have been experimenting with plan Bs and Cs and well revert back for the bigger games. Belgium would have put the game out of reach after that first half hour vs wales. A win is a win though and a clean sheet.
  15. benhben


    Woth some of the best forward players in the world and playing some pretty good stuff with a 4-3-3 over the last 12 months cant get my head around why Southgate seens to have gone back to this crap 3-5-2 formation. Terrible to watch and dont even think the players enjoy it. Mogga esque

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