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  1. benhben

    Rangers fan here

    Pretty much agree with this. I'll put my hands up that I had no idea who the left back was when he came on, even thinking he may be a trialist. Thought he was much better than Bell. Also much taller than our other full backs and even got forward a bit. Johnson looked spent after about 15 minutes. Very slow and laboured. Didnt really offer anything different to Evans or Smallwood. Hopefully he will improve with more fitness. Downing seems a pointless signing. Another Conway. If Mowbray starts the season with Travis, Nyambe, Rothwell benched for Downing, Bennett and Evans he needs removing. The impact was instant once Travis and Rothwell came on.
  2. benhben

    Rangers fan here

    It does look like weve had zero pre season. Johnson looks gone already. The fact Mowbeay has picked the oldest dullest least progressive team he possible could just compounds it. Really cant understand his thinking. Hopefully there will be changes at half time and this isn't what he thinks is the best side.
  3. benhben

    Rangers fan here

    0-1 Defoe beats mulgrew to a header.... This line up is truly terrible. The 7 on the bench would beat us.
  4. benhben

    Rangers fan here

    at the game. our team looks so slow. Johnson like smallwood. Downing another Conway. the bench looks far more exciting.
  5. benhben

    Rangers fan here

    boring starting line up for this one. hopefully this isn't a sign of Mowbrays first choice.
  6. benhben

    Kits 19/20

    Wow...... Have our PR/marketing team all been made redundant on the quiet? Nothing productive ever seems to come out of the club I would try and peel the sponsor logo off and stick it on the home shirt.
  7. benhben

    Premier League Stuff

    Dont think its just Rovers. I live in Morecambe and they charge £18 to watch terrible league 2 standard. I could watch Rovers for a fiver extra.
  8. benhben

    Jacob Davenport

    The latest LET interview with Mowbray doesnt sound good reg Davenport. Apparently hes going for a scan and was very upset after the game. Doesnt say what the injury is. id imagine Davenport wouldnt be very emotional unless he knew it was fairly serious.
  9. benhben

    Kits 19/20

    Wow that Huddersfield kit..awful! Makes our Bet 10 look ok! Any news when the away kit is released?
  10. benhben

    Premier League Stuff

    Kieran Trippier has joined Atletico Madrid. Interesting to see how an English player manages abroad. I think it would benefit the English national team to see more of our players experiencing the game in different countries. After a good world cup hes been pretty terrible since.
  11. benhben

    Pre-season 2019/20

    Whilst our game vs the mighty Rochdale is cancelled Acc Stanley have just got their fans excited by beating Marseille. Sounds like Marseille brought a decent strength side too.
  12. benhben

    Pre-season 2019/20

    I associate a lot of blame to Rovers. Our pre season is the result of unambitious and lazy organisation on behalf of the club. It appears no thought or effort has been put into the fixture list, with two arranged against clubs who are unlikely to or cant fulfill the fixture.
  13. benhben

    Rangers fan here

    Me and my Rangers supporting mate are off to this. looking forward to seeing a new stadium. Unfortunately we sold out our allocation straight away so I'm having to sit with the home fans! Hopefully I wont get found out!
  14. benhben

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    I saw a few games and I enjoyed the lack of diving, arguing and general cheating (apart from Cameroon) which now makes the mens game almost unbearable to watch. As you say though that standard is very poor and slow. I have played amateur saturday league for the past 12 seasons and I'm pretty sure I'd get in some of the women's teams. It will never match the mens game due natural physical limitations as there is with tennis etc. Good to see the womens game get more tv time though.
  15. benhben

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Cant see any good coming out of Raya leaving. A young home grown (relitively) GK who is arguably the best shot stopper in the league with some obvious flaws to be replaced with likely a free journeyman. with decent coaching he could well becomee a Premier league keeper.

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