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  1. benhben

    Jacob Davenport

    Spotted him sat amongst the staff and subs during the newcastle home game. Thats as much as hes been seen since pre season. Still no idea if hes any good when fit or not.
  2. benhben

    Premier League Stuff

    There are fears new £17m Cardiff striker Emiliano Sala who only signed at the weekend was on a plane which has gone missing off the coast of the channel islands last night. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11614233/cardiff-citys-emiliano-sala-was-on-board-missing-plane-french-authorities-confirm
  3. benhben

    Championship 2018-19

    Fair dos! Welcome! 👏
  4. benhben


    This is a fair point. Whilst Bell does have many technical flaws, he does have a decent bit of pace and does try and get forward. For £300K he is probably as good if not better than I expected. To improve on him, the price will very quickly go up for each percent of ability increase. He is also better in most areas other than aerial than Williams who is garbage.
  5. benhben

    Championship 2018-19

    Out of interest and nothing to do with this thread but why has a leeds fan racked up 185 posts on a Blackburn forum?? 🙈🙈
  6. Disagree with this. Williams must be the worst player I've seen in a Rovers shirt since Lowe. I also said this all last season. Bell isnt good by any stretch but much better than Williams. Id look to replace both in summer. Important we win this to get over the newcastle game dissapointment. Hoping Reed is fit. Given Armstrong has found some form and scored a few goals lately I would keep him upfront even if it means moving Dack around a bit. Give Dack a free role off the left. We shouldnt be worrying about Ipswich at home and play how we want. Raya Nyambe Lenihan Rodwell Bell Travis Reed Rothwell Dack Graham Armstrong
  7. benhben

    Championship 2018-19

    Not the championship but just watching Derby and Southampton. Their passing and pace is a level above what we produced last night....and Newcastle for that. A good benchmark of where we need to get to.
  8. benhben

    Ben Brereton

    I wouldnt be too worried if he had some raw physical attribute which was promising like great pace or strength, around which his technique could be moulded. What Ive seen so far is a young player with no standout ability or physical features. I cant see what part of his game can be built on to be a better player. He looks slow, skinny and weak to me without much technical ability. Hopefully his lack of performance is more due to a crisis in confidence which some time in the U23s would benefit. Nuttall, whilst being limited in ability looks stronger, faster and more of a useful player at this point.
  9. benhben

    The Tennis Thread

    Andy Murray announcing he will likely retire this year due to a hip injury. The surgery earlier this year hasnt cured the problem to the extent it effects his mobility in normal life. He got some stick but I always liked Andy Murray. Gave everything for the cause. Goes to show while the money is something us normal folk can only dream of, being a professional athlete takes a massive tole on the body.
  10. Sounds like a decent performance with some good individual displays. Still can't get away from the habit of conceding goals on 85mins plus.
  11. Leutwiler Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew Bell Travis Rodwell Rothwell Dack Brereton Armstrong Strongest team but give some others a look.
  12. benhben

    Premier League Stuff

    Solanke has joined Bournemouth for £19m. Imagine 10 years ago paying £19m for a player with hardly any first team experience. It's the norm now. Crazy. Good move for him though. I'm surprised Klop hasn't given him a chance. Seems to score regularly for the u21s. I'd have thought he would be ahead of sturridge but obviously not. Interesting to see if he gets any game time at Bournemouth. Think he will do well.
  13. benhben

    Premier League Stuff

    Chelsea also have a promising young English winger in Hudson Odoi. He's higly rated and Bayern have bid £20m recently....but why develop him when you can buy a more experienced player in the same position for mega bucks. Chelsea are everything wrong with the premier league. When was the last time they brought any youth through? Loftus Cheek should put a transfer request in also. In other news Tottenham are reportedly interested in a young English winger from Hull. Never heard of him before. If I was a youngster id be much more excited about going to Spurs than Chelsea.
  14. benhben

    Tony Mowbray Appointed Head Coach

    I think Tony is an honest genuine bloke but i believe his managerial ability is limited. I remember last season being very underwhelmed many a time by his tactics and comments. There was one game at home to bury where in the build up Mowbray explained in the LET how it would be a very hard game and that he would have to make a team to cope with their brilliant right back. Come on..... The players have lost their battle, Dack is a shadow of what he was and the manager seems clueless. Thank God for the early season points. I can't see Venkys and co being keen to replace him.
  15. No team when 0-0 Against 10 men should lose by 3 goals and counting. Not even amateurs. Shocking. What's worse I would trust him to spend any money wisely come January.

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