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  1. Sounds like Dack is having a good game. Two assists and a goal. Sky sports have him lining up centrally in the 10 role. Probably not a coincidence
  2. Friedel named New England manager

    Would love Big Brad to come and manage us one day. Who knows, we scrape a promotion and he has a good couple of season in management....
  3. Rochdale v Rovers Tuesday 7th Nov.

    Not too fussed about the checkatrade trophy however another loss and average performance by the sounds of it. We should be using these games to blood in more of the U23s otherwise they will never be ready according to Melton Mowbray. What also worries me is, how do we expect to create a winning mentality at the club to push for promotion when we cant even win games against League 2 opponents? At some point the club needs to get used to winning, and whilst not a trophy anyone cares about wins in any game breed confidence and momentum. We simply don't win enough games under Mowbray and the club is accustomed to draws and losses. Losing faith well ever turn it around as we stand now. Cautious line ups no matter who the opposition.
  4. Joe Nuttall

    Them comments from Melton Mowbray are outrageous. Nuttal still has to convince him that hes worth picking over three lazy 1st team strikers who rarely score despite scoring more goals than games played in u23s and 2 in 2 for 1st team. You need a man in games rather than out top of the league u23s??? Pull the other one pie man. Getting more and more irritated by our lack of hometown youth over lame loan players.
  5. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Boring team, boring players, boring manager horrible owners. Hard to muster up any passion for all things Rovers nowadays. I thought Mowbray was the right man but he's sooo dull and dour!
  6. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    Haha it had to be didn't it. Who reckons stubborn old Mowbary will bung him back in the u21s next week.
  7. ROVERS v Fleetwood

    100 goals for promotion lol..... I'm pretty sure if we just sacked off the first team and promoted all the under 23s we would be at least similar in the table. Mowbray obviously doesn't fancy our youth though.
  8. New Games

    I cannot defend to save my life on fifa 18. You can literally walk through me. Struggle to even basically control my defenders. Swìtching player seems a night mare too. I was pretty good at 17. Am horrendous at this one
  9. Pre-Season friendlies

    Us obviously. Think he used to be at man city before going to Scotland. Evans just gone off injured after a tackle
  10. Pre-Season friendlies

    At the Morecambe game. Neat and tidy in midfield. Dack looks good and sharp. Caddis is neat and tidy but very slow. A trialist striker has come on and missed two sitters. Doesn't look good at all
  11. Pre-Season friendlies

    Sorry, Samuel. Bit of a brain malfunction.
  12. Pre-Season friendlies

    Off to the Morecambe friendly tonight. Was hoping to see what Samuelson looked like, but doesn't seem like he will be involved. Still looking forward to seeing the new signings. Solely based on reports and early pre season performances, i actually think we have a stronger team now in L1 than we did last year except maybe up front.
  13. Pre-Season friendlies

    Paul "Daddis" seemed to have a good game. Surely he must be worth a year contract now.
  14. Would love to see the faces of the two cocky "watford are the best team ever" fans from the preview.
  15. He scores when he wants! He scores when he wants! Jordan Rhodes, he scores when he wants