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  1. knobblybottom

    Things you dislike about football.

    Players / teams so well trained that all individuality is being forced out. There's no place for the likes of Mike Ferguson and Ruben Rochina any more.
  2. knobblybottom

    Raya joins Brentford

    Raya has probably only played half a dozen games for them. Is that sufficient to judge him on? Here are some of the early comments on here about Smallwood after he started playing for us, but now everyone wants to get rid - "he's a solid professional who knows exactly what he should and shouldn't do" "probably the one real success" "ive been very impressed " " has been nothing short of a revelation since coming here "
  3. knobblybottom

    Mike Ferguson RIP

    "Fergie for England" we used to shout from the terraces but we never got our wish, although he was so frustratingly inconsistent that it was never really going to happen. Utterly brilliant on his good days though.
  4. knobblybottom

    Caption This

    Announcement: 'Today we are being watched by a party from the local Womens Institute, so under no circumstances scratch your private parts'
  5. knobblybottom

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    "Ay ay, ay ay, Barton is better than Yashin Douglas is better than Eusebio and Burnley are in for a thrashing" If he was better than Yashin he can't have been that bad
  6. knobblybottom

    Mike Harrison

    Oh dear. I loved watching him and fergie tearing along the wings. Great memories.
  7. knobblybottom

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    He's enigmatic because people talk about him a lot, despite any deficiencies as a footballer that he might have.
  8. knobblybottom

    Jimmy McIlroy

    Sad. The link above says 'our greatest ever player' which is a great tribute. I must have seen him play because he was in the (in)famous 3-3 FA Cup draw in 1960. I can't say I remember him particularly but he had a reputation of being a classy player.
  9. knobblybottom

    Mowbray’s Future

    Oh well, if we're going to drag someone off the Ron Manager merry-go-round then Tony Mowbray is as good a choice as any I reckon. Slightly disappointed we didn't tempt Pep away from Man City though.
  10. knobblybottom

    Ronnie Clayton

    I'm very sad to hear the news - I saw him play many times. He was a great player and part of the Rovers team that I rated the best I saw
  11. knobblybottom

    Second striker

    Ah yes, that line up was good too. Fergie was one of my all time favourites.
  12. knobblybottom

    Second striker

    Hi Bazza, Inconsistency seems a strange charge to level at a 'midfielder' who topped the goalscorers list for four consecutive seasons and had a better goals / games ratio than almost all those on the approved list. Unless you mean he shouldn't have been scoring goals but should have been providing passes to other forwards instead! Yes, Vernon was a delightfully skilful player. The forward line of Douglas, Dobing, Dougan, Vernon, McLoed still gives me a thrill just recalling it - much more than that of any team since
  13. knobblybottom

    Second striker

    Given the opportunity my vote would have gone to a player who topped the goalscorers list for four consecutive seasons - 3 of them in the top division - scoring 104 in total for Rovers. My memory of him is as a hard working inside forward rifling in some lethal shots. He would be excellent alongside Shearer. Who am I talking about? Peter Dobing. He played more games for the Rovers than Alan Shearer. His goals / game average was better than Andy McEvoy’s. Simon Garner scored more goals but none of them in the top flight. I was sorry to hear Andy McEvoy had died. He was a skilful goal taker, but not a goal maker. He was often the only player to walk off the pitch after 90 mins without any mud on his shorts.
  14. knobblybottom

    First striker

    I'm going to vote for Dougan and Dobing becau ... oh not I'm not
  15. knobblybottom

    First central midfielder

    I think I'll go for Clayton and Sherwood. However, Clayton seemed to belong in the back line to me - in a Bobby Moore type role. Sherwood wasn't quick but I admired his drive, his perseverance. I feel sad he didn't win many England caps - did he win any? Yes, I echo what others have said about Dobing - I think he belongs in the forwad line, and a class player. The sad this about this exercise is seeing players you admired getting little recognition - hardly any votes for Mike Ferguson and Matt Woods, oh dear dear.

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