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  1. McClarky

    Burnley in bother.

    Really poor from them. Football clubs are always keen to exploit the blind loyalty of their fan base but this is a low, You don’t even get a free bag of clarets crisps and a bovril Ffs.
  2. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - White Lightening
  3. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Lie Dream of a Casino Soul
  4. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - The Littlest Rebel
  5. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Life Just Bounces
  6. McClarky

    Bradley Dack

    Where is he though? Slight injury 3 games ago and suddenly we're going into games without our best player although according to our manager he is fit. If he's injured why don't they just tell us that FFS?
  7. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Black Monk Theme
  8. McClarky

    Ben Brereton

    I’ve no idea who Brereton is and have never knowingly seen him play but I do think it’s a massive gamble at that fee. Who knows it might come off but he needs to be way better than what we have at that price. What is the position with the loan deal does anyone know? Are we committed to sign him cone what may or can we send him back if he’s injured or crap? Don’t want to end up in the position we were the other year with ... was it Feeney?
  9. McClarky


    I don’t think anyone who grew up in Blackburn in the 70s and 80s could seriously argue that it is more violent now. Great place to grow up but you couldn't Go anywhere without there being a ruck of some sort going on.
  10. You’re right of course ..... doh. He scored in that incredible game against West Ham dudn’t He? Or am I getting mixed up again?
  11. McClarky

    Rodwell signs

    Yep, I agree. If he looks like he's still got it we could give him a new contract at some point later on. I think the odds against him being a success but you never know.
  12. McClarky

    Rodwell signs

    The crux of this is what kind of contract he's on. he is obviously talented but has achieved next to nothing in recent years and has hardly played in the last couple. We don't want another Stokes or Watt but you never know he might come good and if he does it'll be a great signing.
  13. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Second Dark Age
  14. Tragic news. Will always remember his screamer at Turf Moor in the Lancs Cup 1 year.
  15. McClarky


    The most impressive thing for me was how TM turned things round at half time with the changes he made. Different team in second half, we played with real intensity while first half was flat. what on Earth was the keeper doing first half though?

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