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  1. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Black Monk Theme
  2. McClarky

    Preston Away

    When I read things like this I worry for the future of our club. This is a local derby and it just seems strange that there aren’t a lot more wanting to go however we are currently doing or what happened there last season. Preston away is 1 of the best days out you could ask for and as easy to get to as you could ask for and I’m sure we will have 3,000 or so there but is that really all the interest we can muster for such a game?
  3. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - New Puritan
  4. McClarky

    Championship season 2019-20

    I watched Leeds v West Brom last night. What a superb game it was between 2 sides must will surely finish in the top 4 or so. West Brom were particularly impressive and unlucky not to get a result. After watching Rovers play on Saturday the gap is huge, from 1 game admittedly.
  5. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Get a Summer Song Going
  6. McClarky

    Luton Town home

    Just don’t get why the away fans are in top tier, must make players think they’re playing a reserve game or something running down to a big empty stand. Game was so depressing that’s all I can complain about, apart from why isnt Graham starting when he is by far our best centre forward?
  7. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - It’s the New Way
  8. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - My New House
  9. McClarky

    Lewis Holtby

    Can’t see Holtby being any better than any of our other midfield players so a waste of time signing him really. I asked round before the St Pauli v HSV game in the pub last night and no-one had anything positive to say about him, ptobably because he played for HSV. I remember him being crap in the Derby game which I was at last season though. hamburg isn’t Braun Weiss.
  10. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - The League of Bald Headed Men
  11. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - It’s the New Thing
  12. McClarky


    Full of hope for tomorrow but have a feeling that if Root is out early it could be all over by noon. Still no reason why we can’t do this though, tired attack, easy pitch, good weather etc.
  13. McClarky


    If we can get these 4 wickets fairly quickly we’re not out of this. We might be chasing 350, which sounds like a lot, but this a day 3 pitch in good weather against a tired attack. We should be able to make a good effort, but we know we probably won’t as we won’t have the patience to bat as long as possible and wear the bowlers down. Really need a Root to do something at last.
  14. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Bad News Girl
  15. McClarky


    There must be an element of umpiring getting worse since DRS came in though. In the early days of DRS you never got an zLBW decision overturned but now it happens all the time. The 1st test was shocking, they got as many wrong as they got right. another great days play yesterday, Archer is the best thing to happen to England for years and at exactly the right time with Anderson getting on a bit. Nervous first session today, if we can just bat sensibly early on .... We all know it will be 80 for 4 at lunch though.

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