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  1. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - No X mas forJohn Quays
  2. McClarky

    Rovers v Hull

    That’s a ssssslllllloooooowwwww team
  3. McClarky

    Music Blackburn have run out to..

    The Final Countdown is a tired cock-rock anthem but unfortunately we’ve been saddled with it for years and it does bring back some happy memories. I would go back to The Irish Rover and then a blast of By Gum We’ll Mek it a Day before kick off.
  4. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - My New House
  5. McClarky

    QPR (H) - Tuesday 28th Jan

    I don’t think Rovers have any say in iFollow’s pricing apart from as 1 of many EFL clubs who made a deal with them to screen games.
  6. McClarky

    Venkys - Welcome or Not?

    In reply to the original question, I would be hostile towards them but I think they should come and show face anyway as owners.
  7. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - No X-Mas for John Quays
  8. McClarky

    January transfer window 2020

    Play 2 up front then and abandon this lone striker pish. Armstrong with 1 another to play off would work well. We have Graham and Gallagher who are perfect for the centre forward position.
  9. McClarky

    Premier League Stuff

    Just watching De Bruyne playing for City. I can’t remember when I last saw a midfield player as good as this in England. He is absolutely superb.
  10. McClarky

    January transfer window 2020

    After watching yesterday’s game I think we should be prioritising a left back and a right winger and then play Armstrong up front in a 442 with Gallagher or Graham. Move into a formation which suits our players and which they’ll be comfortable with. Downing can play on the left with 2 in centre midfield.
  11. McClarky

    Preston (home)

    Good signing, will do well in this league. Not played much this season though I don’t think.
  12. McClarky

    This made me smile ..

    Just shows what a huge contributions Rovers have made over 130 years, very proud. Most surprising thing about this is the extent to which English football is dominated for most of it’s history by 3 clubs, Everton, Villa and Sunderland. It’s only in the post 1970 era that they have slipped back and been replaced by the teams we now regard as the giants. Interesting. I was always aware that these had been huge clubs but npt to this extent.
  13. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Time Enough at Last
  14. McClarky

    Brum FA Cup

    Got to say that Gallagher and Brereton were woeful today. Gally has the touch of an elephant and Ben contributes nothing to the team. What a poor return for £12m. On the other hand Downing and Armstrong were excellent. Both goals were really poor from us, no challenge as people just ran through and shot as well as weak goalkeeping. Overall ..... a pish result which more or less ends our season right here.
  15. McClarky

    Preston (home)

    Is it not routine when there are 2 areas for away fans that you would release the tickets for the second section once the first is, or almost is, sold out? Bizarre conspiracy theories from their lot really. I can’t believe that some would choose not to go to a game because of the location of their seat, sounds like excuse making from folk who weren’t going anyway to me.

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