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  1. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Jungle Rock
  2. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Hot After Shave Bop
  3. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - White Line Fever
  4. As someone who hates VAR I'm willing to take the rough with the smooth with their offside goal, after all if Raya hadn't made such an erse of it it wouldn't have been a goal anyway. You could say the same about the 4th goal as well come to that. I thought we did OK in both games and could easily have got through so it's a horrible way for our season to be ended but there you go. I'll never understand the formation played though, for me 3 at the back is asking for it and we looked wide open for much of the game. These players just aren't used to playing that way and aren't good enough to easily adapt so it's a huge risk to play like that in a big game.
  5. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Who Makes the Nazis?
  6. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Rollin’ Danny
  7. Bloody awful game today but at least we showed some resilience and then exploited their edginess at the end.
  8. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Lost in Music
  9. McClarky


    Tugay was fantastic. The vision he had, the way he could control the game without hardly moving from the spot, the way he just received and moved the ball on without any fuss and created so much space for others. It would have been great to see a 35 year old Tugay playing in a top side to see how great he could really be because he did get better with age. Tugay and Freidel were the best players in their positions in the league for a while which is incredible considering they were playing for us. Not sure if that makes them world class but I suppose it depends how you define world class.
  10. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Bad News Girl
  11. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The fall - Bingo Masters Breakout
  12. McClarky


    Talking of Kasey Palmer, I notice that Tod Kane is currently on loan at Hull. he's 25 and is still under contract at Chelsea without ever playing a game for them. Sums up the situation really. Big clubs hoover up players and stash them in their academies where they rot away until no-one is prepared to loan them anymore. There needs to be a change in the rules because so many players are getting lost to the game because of this. Look at your national team's efforts ion the world cup where most of the top performers weren't players who had come through these elite academies despite us keep hearing how great they will be for the future of football.
  13. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Strange Town or The Jam if you prefer.
  14. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - The Man Whose Head Expanded
  15. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    It would take me several years to do that.

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