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  1. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Mr Pharmacist
  2. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Lie Dream of a Casino Soul
  3. McClarky

    Old Rovers Footage

    You still get these in Germany. St Pauli do 1 for the last away game of the season. Called the sonderzug. It has a bar and a party carriage where punk and ska music are played. Usually leaves in the small hours to arrive at breakfast time for a few more before the game. Usually ends in carnage. I’m still plucking up courage to go one year.
  4. McClarky

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Yes. He’ll be at somewhere like West Ham next season earning £60k a week. He’s not going to drop into the lower leagues from the fringes of Liverpool ‘s team and his wages will be off the scale.
  5. McClarky

    Pre-season 2019/20

    Never been to Castle Greyskull but doubt I’ll make this as only back from holiday the day before.
  6. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Rollin Danny
  7. McClarky

    nightlife in blackburn

    That's right, no fun afterwards when you were stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to get back to Blackburn without getting a kicking.
  8. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - White Lightning or have The Big Bopper's version if you prefer.
  9. McClarky

    Retained list 2018/2019 Season

    I'm surprised we offered any of the out of contract players a new deal. Looked like a good chance to make some space in the squad to bring 3 or 4 in who could get into the first team. I think as a manager you have to back yourself to do that while by retaining squad players all you are doing is cutting your options for first team signings. Strange decision really. Look at the goalie situation, neither of them is a first choice keeper in my opinion and we have the chance to get rid of 1 and bring someone else in but turn it down in favour of extending a contract. What means a wage and a signing on fee are gone on someone who clearly isn't up to the job.
  10. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Pay Your Rates
  11. McClarky


    Worked out for everyone, unfortunately.😫
  12. McClarky


    I forgot all about Eddie Howe being your manager. Done a superb job since and always linked with big jobs. Strange how things work out.
  13. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Two Librans
  14. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Over Over
  15. McClarky

    Music Association Game

    The Fall - Sir William Wray

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