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  1. Craigman


    Britt Assombalonga? Benek Afobe?
  2. Craigman

    BRFC Loanee Watch

    The second yellow card (simulation) was rescinded by the Scottish FA, so no ban.
  3. Craigman


    Gestede appears to be on for a reunion with Ben Marshall at Millwall in a loan deal.
  4. Craigman


    Got to be Downing to Doncaster
  5. Craigman

    new senior management team

    Hehe, I hope not! Or Shaw!
  6. Craigman

    new senior management team

    Any news on the New Senior Management Team? Thought it was supposed to be announced a week later.
  7. Craigman

    Loan Window

    Where has he said this?
  8. Craigman

    Thursday deadline.

  9. Craigman

    Thursday deadline.

    Mowbray was talking about Payne not being a starter not Chapman.
  10. Craigman

    Fixture changes

    More likely the Bristol City game moved, as the Downs Festival is in Bristol on the 1st September, and a lot of fans would be going there.
  11. Rovers have launched an appeal over the unfair exclusion from the FA Women's Premier League Tier 2. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2018/june/rovers-lodge-ladies-licence-appeal/
  12. Craigman

    Thursday deadline.

    I thought the transfer window closes early this year though, doesn't it? Just as the season starts?
  13. Craigman

    Message to Venky's

    I assume the Venky's were at the games yesterday then! How come?
  14. Craigman

    Transfers Part 3

    This user has only 1 tweet, not the official Bristol City account!!
  15. Craigman

    Message from your Venkys Out candidate

    Hi David, the link doesn't work for me.

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