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  1. Message to Venky's

    I assume the Venky's were at the games yesterday then! How come?
  2. Transfers Part 3

    This user has only 1 tweet, not the official Bristol City account!!
  3. Message from your Venkys Out candidate

    Hi David, the link doesn't work for me.
  4. Postponement of board meeting for today, where they were going to sign off their accounts. 94A5BEA9-20E1-4BE2-894E-4CA1D1C1FD0F.PDF D06E44B4-CF2C-48EC-BA56-1278E37EFB17.PDF
  5. Sakal Times‏ @sakaltimes 12m12 minutes ago More #Breaking: Income tax officials conduct raid on properties of Venky's group: Sources Could this be the start of us claiming our club back?
  6. One man has destroyed this club

    I see Myles has just saved his dad ! Just scored for Torquay
  7. Rovers' accounts for 30 June 2016

    On the forms for Companies House, it has to show anyone who owns more than 75% of the shares. If they owned 100% of shares this would show, but as they own 99.9% this can not be shown, so they fall into the category over 75%. No new changes.
  8. New Companies House Document

    This has replaced the Annual Return, so no need to.
  9. New Companies House Document

    Correct, a non story.
  10. Rovers' accounts for 30 June 2016

    Nothing significant at all, just the normal form. Venkys London Ltd own over 75% of Blackburn Rovers.
  11. New Companies House Document

    No, it just means that a company owns Blackburn Rovers, which is correct, Venkys London Ltd, who own more than 75%, therefore are the person/company with significant control.
  12. New Companies House Document

    If you look at other companies on companies house, if a person or company owns another company or 75% or more of that company, then they only need to show them as that figure, as they can make all the decisions. If they are 2 people of companies that own 50% each, then they both need to be shown, as no individual, or company can make all the decisions. It has all changed this last year.
  13. New Companies House Document

    From what I can tell, this is the new confirmation statements, this doesn't list all shareholders anymore, just the one with Significant Control. This states that Venkys London Limited have this control, with the registered office at Squire Sanders.
  14. Transfers Part 2

    Doesn't Akpan's contract run out this year?