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  1. Brexit Thread

    I'm not sure anyone would be excited at the prospect of negotiating a trade agreement with the UK. Profoundly depressed at the prospect of trying to get sense out of a circus of amateurish, two - faced, mendacious, uncaring cretins, would probably be nearer the mark. I'll bet there's a few countries out there who are wondering what the hell's going on, and thinking it wouldn't be worth the candle. Just when you think it can't get worse. It does
  2. The tories : an affront to human decency https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=690794987774934&id=10513336322&ref=content_filter
  3. Brexit Thread

    It really is an embarrassment. I firmly believe that the UK is now an international laughing stock
  4. Yep, having worked with someone who went to Oxford, who managed to get himself locked into the building, I heartily agree
  5. Brexit Thread

    It's a drama queen answer is what it is
  6. Brexit Thread

    Here's a legal expert who believes it can be overturned https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/strengthening/
  7. Brexit Thread

    What are you even talking about now?
  8. Brexit Thread

    I don't need to convince anyone, least of all a special interest group. Even Farage admitted that the referendum wasn't binding. You're lost in your own little brexit world, dealing with the cognitive dissonance by searching out any old tat. It can be stopped, sorry if you don't like that
  9. Brexit Thread

    ... And that is confirmation bias in action
  10. Brexit Thread

    If remain had won, everyone in government would have breathed a sigh of relief because they all know what a terrible idea it really is. This is why the UK negotiating team is so badly prepared, they didn't think for a moment that people would be mad enough to vote for leave
  11. Brexit Thread

    Oh yes they can, if brexit is shown to be the piss-poor, strange, half-baked, dangerous rubbish that it surely is
  12. Brexit Thread

    What is crumbling is your argument. Brexit can be stopped. That's my claim. Your refutation lies in the fact that leave won the referendum, to which one already said, if was advisory and Parliament is sovereign. That's the truth, I'm sorry you're struggling to get to grips with it, but it's still the truth
  13. Brexit Thread

    An election? Who got elected? The ethelred the hopelessly unready, standing at the back and looking stupid party? Why isn't it a case of true or false? What have logical premises done to you to deserve being tortured in this way?
  14. Brexit Thread

    I can't help it if some people can't handle the truth
  15. Brexit Thread

    Remain is an option. The referendum was advisory only and Parliament is sovereign