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  1. Here, have a lollipop and a pat on the head.
  2. Bloody Eastern Europeans, coming over here and picking our fruit.
  3. And what a slag it is. Wouldn't touch it with yours.
  4. You have to trust the citizenry with white vans.
  5. What took you so long?
  6. I've not had any fizzy pop or sweets since Saturday. Trying to get a little run going now.
  7. Yeah, when there's a member of the public going on a killing rampage, that's when you would benefit from routinely arming members of the public with guns and rifles so that they could start popping off rounds. If you didn't allow the public to have guns then no-one would have a gun to shoot someone who is killing people with a gun they don't have. We can't have that, that would put the public at risk
  8. Likes a tab at the bar?
  9. How about posting for the NHS? Why should I have to pay my taxes to find people using the NHS when I've not been sick for years? If you're using it, you should pay for it, no?
  10. It's amazing how you've totally missed the point there. You've benefited from universities even though you didn't attend, because they've educated other members of the working population who then go on to make a greater contribution to the country's well-being, not least through paying tax. If nobody in the UK went to university, how do you think the economy would be doing?
  11. Some people's old age begins in their twenties. It's an attitude, it's how good you feel when you get out of bed, it's whether you're happy, whether you have a peaceful mind, it's what your physical capabilities are. That's age. It's not got much to do with how many years you've been on the planet. I don't want to waste any time getting down about my chronological age, because quite honestly, there's nothing I can do about it, and that number just keeps getting higher.
  12. Yes, we simply must have the chaddometer back. Yesterday was black. Today is white. It has always been white.
  13. Awful policies, that you voted for.
  14. Let's turn the street lights off and get out self respect back. With the money saved we could make the daily mail a free newspaper, free fox hunting uniforms for the under fives, and nuke north Korea
  15. That's not regarding Den's remarks though, is it? You've gone off at an obtuse tangent and tried somehow to give the impression Den is somehow wrong because domestic violence is treated seriously in New South Wales. Quite amazing, but perhaps you are serious, after all. Very bizarre.