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  1. broadsword

    Worst Rovers signing ever?

    Who remembers Oumar Konde? Exactly.
  2. broadsword


    What kind of bears have no teeth?
  3. broadsword


    Here's a good one I found : There is a lightbulb inside a closet. The door is closed, and you cannot see if the light is on or off through the door. However, you know the light is off to start. Outside of the closet, there are three light switches. One of the switches controls the lightbulb in the closet. You can flip the switches however you want, but once you open the door, you can no longer touch the switches. How do you figure out without a doubt which switch controls the light?
  4. broadsword


    Number of letters, then number of month then number of vowels then number of days in that month in reverse. Add your inside leg, a pinch of self raising flour, take away the number of boobs on your first girlfriend and divide by your hat size
  5. broadsword


  6. broadsword


    Arithmetic precedence. You do the multiplication before the addition. The answer is definitely 333. I got caught out by not reading digits on the calculator, and assumed it was 1234.duh.
  7. broadsword


    Oops, 369
  8. broadsword


    That would be 157 EDIT : I think it's 459
  9. broadsword


  10. broadsword


    Yeah, five days before you start showing symptoms. In that time you couldn't been eating out, going to the cinema, been swimming, watched the football, down the pub. Handing over money, handling glasses, touching common surfaces. Without a lock down, who knows how bad this could get?
  11. broadsword


    Historical data is of absolutely no use whatsoever? There have been some previous epidemics in modern times. Swine flu, saars. I don't have direct experience of this field, but I think to dismiss smh estimate provided by scientists in the field is a mistake. I'm not saying to take it as gospel. But we're not talking about a room full of chimps with an abacus here
  12. broadsword


    Well, it's impossible to know for sure. I'm assuming that epidemics follow a growth pattern and there is some sort of models relationship between reported cases and actual, from looking at historical data. Maybe also the route of transmission is looked at. The point is, unless you can't disprove it because of the nature of it, as you say. People can have it and not know, have it and know and not say, die before it fully indicates. Maybe the data gets mis reported. In the absence of a fully verifiable figure, all we have is this estimate, which will have some rationale to it. It's an estimate, subject to error, but it will have been arrived at in some sort of logical way. It's an interesting topic.
  13. broadsword


    What do you think the actual figure is, and why??
  14. broadsword


    Epidemiology is a science all of its own, and is used to do things such as provide estimates of number of infections. It's not something I know a massive amount of, but the 10,000 will be an estimate based on a predictive model. The idea that these guys in white coats down the pub, plucking figures out of the air, is nonsensical,
  15. broadsword


    Fold it in den, you're better off trying to teach a monkey to use an AK-47. Some people you just can't get through to

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