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  1. Hold on a second, how about the rest of his post?
  2. Mid-table in league one, a team mainly composed of doss half-wits here for the money, a manager who's well - meaning but as bad as the previous ones, a season that's slowly falling apart.. BUT ARE WE DOWN - HEARTED GANG?! Yes
  3. That's inexcusable. The club is still rotten then. So much for Mogga., "Mr Integrity". Just another mush at the trough.
  4. OK, who is Harper?
  5. Is alright when you're team is a cut above, and pushes the opposition onto the back foot, like arsenal did when they went the season unbeaten. But arsenal don't have that luxury any more. The fella let the ball bounce with no one behind him. Basic
  6. I think we'd only just secured our league status on the previous game. Leicester at home was the last game of the season. It was an amazing tale of survival, that season. For points after thirteen games. I think we were eight points off of safety on new year's eve. I seem to remember tony using a midfield three of mackinlay, sherwood and flitcroft to hunt in a pack
  7. Roberto Carlos left inter because he fed up of Royston playing him in midfield
  8. In seven years we've gone from playing man utd and Chelsea regularly to being hopeful of competing with mk dons. It's unreal. CORRECTION: IT'S @#/? MIND - BOGGLING :S
  9. He's managed to come up with a bold new system, that he calls "4-4-2"
  10. If you had a decent point to make, it wouldn't matter if you were in the minority. You've not been outnumbered, but you have been out-thought.
  11. I can't make any sense of that at all. Could you possibly try again?
  12. Let me get this straight... Brexit negotiations are breaking down because of the oppostion from the remainers in this country who are not getting on-side with Project Lemming. And at the same time, remainers are a very small insignificant minority? Are you keeping track of what you're actually saying?
  13. Yeah, best to put a doss team out and get rolled over easily. Real momentum builder that, tony. While you're here, why are you so bloody obsessed with grass ? "But you're asking the wrong person. Go and ask the security people at the football club. I manage the football team on the grass"
  14. That's what it is, a bunch of childish sulkers who are upset that they can't have their cake and eat it. Unbelievable
  15. But that wasn't the original argument, which I believe pertained to public opinion. The fact that the prime minister performs more u turns than the average fork lift truck driver is quite another bone of contention. Clearly we're dealing here with politicians with no coding principles, which is why the Brexit process is such a mess