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  1. Yeah, best to put a doss team out and get rolled over easily. Real momentum builder that, tony. While you're here, why are you so bloody obsessed with grass ? "But you're asking the wrong person. Go and ask the security people at the football club. I manage the football team on the grass"
  2. That's what it is, a bunch of childish sulkers who are upset that they can't have their cake and eat it. Unbelievable
  3. But that wasn't the original argument, which I believe pertained to public opinion. The fact that the prime minister performs more u turns than the average fork lift truck driver is quite another bone of contention. Clearly we're dealing here with politicians with no coding principles, which is why the Brexit process is such a mess
  4. You're making no sense at all. You're contention that the Brexit process breaking down is in some way the fault of people who voted remain is palpable nonsense. The Brexit team in Brussels is completely unaffected by opposition at home. People who voted remain have a right to voice their disquiet. They have good reason to do so as it's plain to all that the process is breaking down because it was incredibly ill-conceived as an electoral bribe by a Tory party that will do anything to acquire power. It's now blowing up in their face and it's time for everyone to stop pretending that this will all somehow come out OK in the wash. I think you're here to cause mischief as you must realise your arguments are weak and unsubstantiated.
  5. As a remainer am I meant to ask to join the Brexit negotiating team then? Otherwise I'm sabotaging the whole genius enterprise?
  6. It's absolute nonsense to suggest that the amateurish, negligent and disastrous performance of teh Brexit negotiating team is in any teh fault of people who voted remain. Please clarify why you think that this is so.
  7. It's coming... at teh Tory party conference
  8. No, you didn't know what you were voting for because it was never specified. You voted to come out of teh EU, but whether that was hard or soft brexit or whatever, you have no idea. The EU was fully prepped and briefed and ready to begin negotiations. The UK government, after much posturing, caved in and accepted sequencing. The UK government is now trying to game the negitiotiations, by adopting a position on future trading arrangements before getting down to discussing the nature of the exit. Now, that is stalling. It's also reneging. This is what happens when you have a government minister (Davis) who doesn't care, doesn't want to know and just demands things. It's clear to me that the UK have never had a Brexit strategy from day 1. It's amateur night, make it up as you go along. A national embarrassment.
  9. "en masse", are you foreign or what?
  10. I actually had to look up who Rekik was
  11. The thought that people would have to search for a reason to be miserable, in these circumstances, is mind-boggling. Venky's are a reason to be miserable.
  12. I thought it was Alex Bruce's credit card. Not that it really matters. We all make mistakes. I'm glad he got himself onto a decent path
  13. And probably won't. We're getting reamed, a proper ripping
  14. Look on the bright side. Hopefully there won't be a third half against Bradford
  15. 25th