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  1. broadsword

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    I remember a 3-3 at Leeds with hendry scoring, was it 1990? Can't remember who else scored now, but I think w came back from 3-1 down
  2. broadsword

    Venkys 7 years on...

    They're reading emails half a mile away from the computer screen... Yep, that makes perfect sense now that I think about it
  3. broadsword

    Venkys 7 years on...

    There's no way back for me. I don't care what they do, it's impossible to get back into my good books
  4. broadsword

    Ben Brereton

    Davies was 7.25 mill as I remember
  5. broadsword

    Brexit Thread

    Glue sniffing?
  6. broadsword


    His form is no mystery at all. His confidence has been ruined. And it's no bloody surprise if he had people like allot around him. Shameful
  7. broadsword


    I couldn't care less about finals day. Ram it mate. As matt said, they're just interested in earning money. No ambition at all. How are fans meant to get excited about that? It's pathetic. No point changing the monkey when the organ grinder is making a poor do
  8. broadsword

    Brexit Thread

    Brexit, brought to you by rees mogg. The same fella who wants an expeditionary force to go to the Falklands, just in case the war kicks off again. Who wants a star wars system for the UK, just like the one Roald Reagan wanted for the US, at a time when he was deteriorating mentally. It would be funny if it wasn't so serious. Where Boris the dosser gone? Farage, gove, Johnson, rees mogg. The one thing they all have in common (besides being tossers) is that they've never taken any responsibility for their brexit wet dream. They've stood on the sidelines jeering as other people have had the impossible job of making a success out of a hopeless throwback deluded half-baked fantasy. Typical of people who've never had to operate in the real world, who've let other people deal with the consequences of their selfish nonsense. The whole thing is nauseating
  9. broadsword

    Brexit Thread

    It's crazy that the UK keeps on putting the same deal on the table. It's brinkmanship, hoping that the eu will crack at the last minute. Of course they won't. So we'll crash out without any sort of deal at all. The consequences will be punitive and will be felt by all but the very rich, who have been the drivers of brexit from the very beginning and have used the press and social media to brain wash people. It's tragic that people will only realise that they've been had after irreversible damage has been done
  10. broadsword

    New Kits

  11. broadsword

    New Kits

    Only thing worse is finding out that birdy is doing an embarrassing kit launch video and making a proper chop out of himself
  12. I think when retirement was first introduced, life expectancy was 65 years and 3 months. With life expectancy increasing, it's harder and harder to justify keeping the retirement age as it is, because it is incumbent on following generations to create the wealth to help pay for it. The same generations that are locked out of housing and social mobility and are burdened with decades of debt repayments just because they wanted a university education. I don't think it's "madness" to give them money to invest in their future (rather than spent on an epic beer-up in Magaluf), because these are the people I'll be relying on for my pension. I'm sorry that your partner has to work for longer, but as bad as it may seem, she won't have it anywhere near as bad as those entering the world of work in the last five or ten years.
  13. Re:stitches, best not to eat anything heavy within two hours before your run. It's caused, I think, by your internals bouncing up and down on your diaphragm. If you get one, slow down a bit, and press your forefinger and middle finger down on your stomach right underneath your rib cage. Also try to breathe out only when your left foot hits the floor
  14. broadsword

    Gillingham complaints.

    I don't remember the game being called off, but I remember being at the game when it was played, so it must have been the rearranged game. The goalie got dog's abuse, it was absolutely freezing and foggy, at least one of the balls got punted miles out of the ground and one of the ball boys was a Burnley fan. Funny the things you remember.
  15. broadsword

    Brexit Thread

    Yes, I'm really turned on by the other opportunities, after we shoot ourselves in the foot and poke ourselves in the eye with a pen. We can forge exciting new trade links with American samoa and East Timor. We'll be so much better off doing trade deals with these economies thousands of miles away while we impose physical and financial trade barriers between us and France/Germany. Oh yes, very exciting times. I'm sure Ireland, as they poach companies from the UK, will wish they were in our shoes. No other country has a towering intellect like Liam fox to call on. A very reassuring presence

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