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  1. broadsword

    General Election 2019

    We can't go on with this aggressive capitalism we're living under. Something has to give soon. I really can't understand this endless quest for more wealth. How many millions do these people need. They do realise they can't take it with them?
  2. broadsword


    Confirmation bias?
  3. broadsword


    That doesn't actually make any sense whatsoever. Are you saying that the tories look after the poorest members of society better than Labour does? Are you seriously saying that?
  4. broadsword


    No, I was just asking. I don't think you're here to debate. You just want to get your little right wing digs in
  5. broadsword


    Is there any point to your contributions?
  6. broadsword


    You do wonder how bad things have to get before people start to think: "how could things actually be worse with labour in charge?" Where would all these billionaires go to then? Which countries would welcome wealth extractors with open arms?
  7. broadsword


    Can ye imagine being a kid today, and trying to make it? It's just bloody impossible, the system is against you. I was one of the last generations that benefitted from a student grant. Without that degree, I wouldn't be where I am now. The more money that goes into the infrastructure, the better. Good knows who owns our railways, is it the Dutch government that runs the trains from London to Norwich?
  8. broadsword


    The Labour manifesto proposed taxation levels that I think are only slightly above what you find in Germany. Germany seems to be doing alright for itself. There's no magical money tree as Theresa said, just before finding a billion for the dup. The state this country is in, I don't think the infrastructure can survive much more tory rule. I'm a company director, an it consultant. I can handle paying more tax. Its not Corbyn that will make me leave the UK, its the tories and brexit. I'm doing alright for myself, but I look around, I see roads in a terrible state. I see so many people sleeping rough. I worry about challenging anti social behaviour, just in case the kid is crying a knife, or I get nicked. I worry about the youth of today ever having their own house. It's no good me winning on my own, and seeing so many people suffer with gig economy jobs and no hope for the future. Why can't we all win together?
  9. broadsword

    If Tony goes...

    Yeah, I remember there being something about little Barry taking it over, clearly a prospect to get really excited about. I shouldn't imagine it would take much to groom him as a jetset International gelatinous jizz fountain. "sack every decent person, or make their lives so hellish that they go, install parasitic talentless chancers who'll gut what's left to line their own pockets and leave the club an empty shell. Then make sure you stay well away and give them just enough to stop them going to the wall " You can't learn stuff like that at harvard
  10. broadsword

    The reputation of the club

    Just really made me feel sad to see the ground like that. It's such basic stuff. Just reaffirms to me that we're in hand of people who really have no emotional ties to the club at all. Tossers.
  11. broadsword

    The reputation of the club

    Went to the ground today for the first time in ages. And I mean ages. When the hell did it get so dirty? It's bloody disgusting
  12. broadsword


    Of course he did. He could've had a safety pin through his nose, a denim biker jacket, a nappy and a stahlhelm on and you would say looked fine
  13. broadsword


    Yeah, I was thinking that he was severely hungover. Looked like a bag of shite, completely out of it
  14. broadsword


    You can't put in what God left out.
  15. broadsword


    Having the vote of Alan Sugar is nothing to be bragging about

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