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  1. DanLad


    My daughter was perplexed by Cummings trip to Barnard Castle to check his eyesight. Then you could see enlightenment in her expression as she asked if there was an opticians open there. When I said there wasn't the perplexed expression returned.
  2. DanLad


    I'm surprised that Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings didn't just go full Cameron and just ignore it until everyone starting talking about something else.
  3. DanLad

    The Meaning of (Rovers) Liff

    Knuzden (v) The signal given by any aging player to the bench that his knees will no longer adequately convey him around the pitch and that a substitution should be made. Sometimes accompanied by a nonchalant stroll to the far touchline.
  4. DanLad


    I am willing to consider, although with caution, that this virus is far more virulent than we are being told. Similarly, and also with caution, I am willing to consider that the position is far worse than we are being told.
  5. DanLad

    Premier League Stuff

    Reset and go again? Lifeline for Bury?
  6. DanLad

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    All I take from that is that he'll play if his name comes out of the hat, same as everyone else (except the special ones).
  7. DanLad


    It feels like that for virtually every tournament England's 'star' player is injured beforehand and we are all supposed to pray that he's fit for the finals. He's then not properly match fit but gets played anyway and is useless resulting in England effectively playing with 10 men. Rinse and repeat. Essentially, if Kane is physically fit (not injured) I think he will be a long way off match fit and shouldn't play in the tournament. Unless he is back and playing effectively for a reasonable time before the finals start.
  8. I think it's the hotel that investors want. I understood that KA wanted to keep his hooks in the hotel. Not sure how that all pans out from a practical perspective.
  9. DanLad


    Just had a text from the club promoting the 1875 club.
  10. DanLad

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    There could be something in this. I am lead to understand that Williams was seen training in some random gym in Bolton last week, when the team was in Austria.
  11. DanLad

    Ben Brereton

    I imagine that if someone had the ear of the owners, and whoever that is convinces the owners that he is a good signing and they stump up the money than that's how it would be the 'owners signing'. Then, if Mowbray doesn't want to look completely impotent he has to make out it's his idea. All hypothetical of course...
  12. DanLad

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Is still a relatively new League isn't it? Give them time, they are still playing ketchup.
  13. DanLad

    Aniket Jadhav

    Mowbray's replacement?
  14. DanLad

    Ben Brereton

    Which way around does he do his question marks?
  15. DanLad

    Premier League Stuff

    Whilst I don't take much notice of Burnley, I have been waiting for their 'bully boy' moment, as opposed to the 'plucky/hard workers' tag. Usually a Wenger allegation turns the tide of (largely southern) opinion, but he isn't around. It looks like Klopps comments and the Gomez injury might turn the tide in this instance.
  16. DanLad

    Premier League Stuff

    It seems to me that you are adding another potential weak link to the chain with a sporting director. If you have a bad manager you sack him. What if you have a bad sporting director? How do you know? You could sack manager after manager and be in the same boat with a bad sporting director. I can see the idea behind it, but I am struggling to see its usefulness in practice.
  17. DanLad

    Time wasting

    30 minutes each way, but the clock only runs when the ball is live.
  18. DanLad

    FA CUP

    I went to the last round against Barrow and it was a cracking game. I had a couple of pints in the pub where Nicky Reid is landlord and then on the game. Then into the wetherspoons after. Good day out!
  19. DanLad

    Speaking Behind Hands

    Wasn't the John Terry racism thing prosecuted using lip reading? Some footballers are clever enough to know they might say something stupid and that they are in the public eye.
  20. DanLad

    European Super League

    If such a thing were to happen I wonder how the fans of these clubs would cope with not winning the league every other season.
  21. DanLad

    Support for Gladwin

    Gillingham's young player of the year for the third year running, not League One's young player for the third year running.
  22. DanLad

    Loan Window

    That's just silly talk.
  23. DanLad


    The 10 O'clock news seems to be indicating that there might be a deal to be had with the EU. I predict that everyone who has been saying that there should be no new referendum will change their tune, and vice versa.
  24. DanLad

    ROVERS v Brentford

    Had a Bolton fan singing Lowe's praises yesterday. I explained why he wasn't the most popular, and assured him that he should give Jason time.

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