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  1. Wimbledon v Rovers

    Any praise for Elliott Bennett yet?! Radio Lancs commentator had him as Man of the Match!
  2. Wimbledon v Rovers

    Slightly puzzled by this. The temperature has been predicted at -2 to - 3 this evening in Wimbledon for the last 48 hours. This hasn’t changed and the temp is currently showing as -2. Surely the pitch will immediately freeze now the covers have been removed?! i sincerely hope this isn’t the case for the sake of our fans who have travelled. I have bad memories of travelling over the Hammersmith flyover a few years ago to Craven Cottage and hearing on the radio the game was called off due to a frozen pitch!
  3. Walsall v Rovers

    The Old Joint Stock is a cracking pub. It also handily backs onto the Wellington which is a very good real ale pub. The respective beer gardens adjoin each other; you can just walk through. I am part of a convey of 3 full coaches going from Darwen (Craven and Spinners pubs). Stopping off on the way down. Haven’t seen numbers travelling like this since the old Darwen Blues days!
  4. Cheap Ticket Games

    Rovers have got to sort this out. Surely there must be somebody with an ounce of sense at the club to make a Saturday afternoon game £5 adults and £1 kids to get a bumper crowd on. This is a critical stage in our clubs history and we need to get promoted. That gimmick yesterday of bring a friend for £5 did not work for a number of reasons: on sky, night match and was hassle for a season ticket holder to sort tickets out for others. I can’t help but think they did this to appease season ticket holders ie ‘bring a friend.’ However as a season ticket holder I just want to see the ground full at the minute whatever measure it takes. I also hope the club aren’t being dictated to by the police and discouraged from making it £5 general sale - this wouldn’t surprise me. We charged a fiver against Huddersfield at the back end of 2000-01 promotion. Attendance was 29,500 and really helped us to a win against a good Huddersfield side. Bolton charged a fiver at the business end of proceedings last season and got over 24,000. Do we have a brfcs representative on the fans forum? If so any chance of this being put to the club? I hope I speak for the majority on here and also season ticket holders that we would all welcome this to get a bumper crowd to fire us to promotion.

    Mark Patterson resigned as Darwen manager back in December! I haven’t been to watch them for a couple of months. They have barely picked up a point in the last 3 months, 2nd bottom and 14 points from safety! This season is a write off. From what I have heard it’s a bit of a shambles at the minute. If I wasn’t going to haydock races I may have entertained either Chorley or Fylde.
  6. Portsmouth v Rovers

    Thoroughly enjoyable overnight stay in Portsmouth. It’s a good city with lots of pubs! Surprised at some of the negative comments on here. I was very critical of us against Oldham but credit to the players for bouncing back. Anybody who was there last night or indeed has been to Fratton Park before will vouch for what a cauldron it is. I was concerned some of our players may wilt but it was the opposite; we started on the front foot and had a purpose about us which has been lacking the last 2 games. Thought we played very well at times and the win was deserved. Special mention for Bennett who was relentless again, Mulgrew who won everything aerially, and Lenihan when he came on. The latter looked lean, strong and sharp; certainly didn’t look like somebody who had barely kicked a ball in 9 months. His return could be a defining moment for us.
  7. Rovers v Oldham

    We really struggle against teams bigger and more physical than us. As soon as I saw the size of their centre halves and strikers I knew we were going to struggle! Just as we did at Plymouth last week. Just as we did against Northampton with that big unit O’Toole causing havoc. Mowbray should have addressed this in the transfer window. When we played Walsall (a physically smaller team) we came out all guns blazing and won comfortably. I think we have too many players who don’t like the physical fight of League 1 and I hope it isn’t our undoing. Bennett has taken some stick in the previous posts and to a small extent rightly so for his mistake that led to the goal and poor crossing. However the lad never stops, he earned the sending off, he gets stuck in, he fights, he isn’t frightened of the physicality of this league and he is an asset to our team in my opinion. Which leads to me to Amari Bell’s performance. He should have been hauled off at half time as he just didn’t seem interested! I played full back, I liked to attack, and because of this I used to get moved to the wing. I didn’t enjoy playing wing, i wasn’t quick enough from a standing start for the wing, I was less effective getting forward from wing and I sympathise with Bell in that regard. However there is no excuse for Bell not putting a shift in. He just looked like a lost boy and was too lethargic. He just didn’t compete and may as well not have been on the pitch. Clearly the lad has talent and he is a good full back; but it is a team game and his performance was poor regardless of being out of position. Nyambe also needs to practice defending against long and high balls. He just doesn’t seem to be able to read it and finds himself yards out of position. See Walsall goal. See Oldham’s first. See 96th minute yesterday when Oldham nearly scored after he misjudged a kick from the keeper by about 10 yards! Despite the criticism I am also in the one point gained camp. I don’t believe Mowbray for one second when he says he doesn’t care about Shrewsbury and Wigan results. However I am really sceptical about Tuesday and I will be travelling down with concern. Our players looked rattled by 2000 plus Oldham making an atmosphere on Ewood with their bemusing ‘wild rover’ chant and ‘taking over your town again’ (we last played them on Ewood 17 years ago in a league cup 2nd round tie!). I’ve never been to Fratton Park before but I’m expecting a partisan atmosphere. Will our players cope?! Nb - I have previously been critical of the refs in this league but the one yesterday had a good game!
  8. Useless But Interesting Rovers History Facts

    Which leads onto a more infamous fact, but the first ever recorded incident of football hooliganism was the Darwen v Rovers game in the circa 1890s. Fergus Suter, Darwens star player, was tapped up by Rovers who offered more money. Coincidentally the very next game was Darwen v Rovers (I think at Darwens old ground which was off Barley Bank St). The Darwen fans were understandably upset with Suter who copped a load of abuse off the Darwen faithful. Suter scored for Rovers and antagonised the Darwen fans with his celebrations. The Darwen fans invaded the pitch and tried to attack Suter who made his escape. The Darwen fans then attacked the Rovers fans with sticks! The ref had no choice but to abandon the game. The story is documented in the book Rovers A-Z history.
  9. Bradley Dack

    He pretty much has: http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/rovers/news/15825038._I_enjoy_coming_to_this_place_every_day____Rovers_move_has_brought_the_best_out_of_me__says_Bradley_Dack/
  10. Fleetwood

    I stand to be corrected but isn’t the owner of Fisherman’s Friends a Rovers fan? Someone one here will know!
  11. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    I’ve just watched it back on tv. I froze it and Raya seems to have a hand on the ball. Likewise definite contact by their keeper on Samuel for our penalty. As for the disallowed goal none of their players appeal for the ‘infringement.’ Not even the player himself who just seems to misjudge the header. Graham just seems to stand his ground which he is perfectly entitled to do. If the goal had stood nothing would have been said about it - contact like that happens hundreds of times during games - again the ref has gone out of his way to give the decision. Appreciate I shouldn’t be clogging up the thread talking about the ref given we won. I don’t usually like baiting refs as having played a lot of amateur football, I appreciate the job they do for very little money. I just feel in this league there have been a couple of refs who seem to be anti - Rovers. Maybe because we are a big fish in the league and they want to make their mark? If the ref yesterday is just regarded as a poor ref then so be it. However the fact that he is considered a bright prospect as pointed out by arbitro makes it worse. But for such a spirited performance against 12 men we could easily have been saying this morning how the ref had potentially cost us any chance of automatic promotion! The only positive thing about the ref was he didn’t book Smallwood!
  12. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Having just seen that the ref clearly sees the keeper throw the items back into the crowd. He even speaks to the keeper and the hand gesturing by the ref suggests he is telling him to calm down. Should have been a straight red. Having said that if he had given the red card, it would have been a big talking point in the media and wouldn’t have portrayed our fans in a great light!
  13. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    I said at time their keeper should have been given a straight red when he threw the bottle back into the crowd with venom. Two wrongs do not make a right. Whilst not condoning for one second the actions of the fans, their keeper was a massive melt and had been antagonising the Rovers fans all game in both the Darwen and Blackburn ends. I am sure if Raya had acted like this the ref would have pulled out his red card immediately. The ref certainly seemed to favour Shrewsbury and reminded me very much of Trevor Kettle. I can see why he didn’t give their 6 a straight red as Samuel seemed to get the ball stuck in his feet. However to not give a second yellow when Samuel skinned him down the right is inexcusable. Also the ref couldn’t wait to give their penalty. Conversely he was not going to give ours but for the assistant intervening. I am also still at a loss as to what the ref saw as a foul for the disallowed goal?! Presume it was for a ‘push’ by Danny Graham but it looked really soft to me. I am surprised our players didn’t make more of an issue with it. Thankfully we won and I shouldn’t be writing too much about the ref; can’t help it though when I think he has really gone out of his way to try and screw us over. Tremendous spirited performance. Bennett was outstanding; i was hoping Rev Blue was going to eat some humble pie but he was working! Credit to Dunn F.C. for the worst post match post ever for suggesting we sell Mulgrew in the summer if we get promoted?!!! On a final note their seemed to be a load of trouble behind the Darwen End after the game. Saw it spilling over into the car park where the church used to be. Shrews fans were obviously upset they are about to lose their 2nd place 😂. To be fair the Shrews fans who were in the black bull before hand were a good laugh.
  14. The January 2018 transfer thread

    How very modest!
  15. The January 2018 transfer thread

    ‘Pond life’ because some of us have a differing view to you. Yeah good one. i was critical of Lowe in the last couple of years in terms of some of his performances. I just don’t get the hatred towards a local lad who came through the academy and gave his all in his 170 odd appearances. Comments such as handing season tickets back in are ridiculous. I could understand the hatred to some of the leaches like Best, Orr, Murphy etc but Lowe isn’t in that bracket. He cared. On a footballing note I genuinely believe he’d do a good job at right back in this league. He held his own at right back in the premier league only a few years ago. He would have a point to prove. Providing his wages are relatively cheap id be one of the pond life who would welcome him back!