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  1. david brent

    Bradley Dack

    I take your points on board re the police not being there to be assaulted and accept there probably was a bit of ‘plea bargaining.’ Google ‘Assault PC Magistrates sentencing guidelines’ and have a quick perusal. You will then see why it wouldn’t warrant prison. You won’t like me saying this but applying the criteria in the guidelines - there is an argument he could have got away with merely a financial penalty. I guess you will say the guidelines are too soft!
  2. david brent

    Bradley Dack

    I think it’s a bloody good job you’re not a magistrate then! The prosecution case was that he was accused of criminal damage (a charge that was ultimately dropped). When he was told by the police officer he was going to be arrested, he “shoved” the officer once and ran off, before being arrested further down the street. He pleaded guilty to assault pc at the earliest opportunity. A man of no previous convictions. Full time employment in a promising career. Never in a million years did it warrant an immediate term of imprisonment. He has however subsequently taken the mickey with the Community Order and he could easily have gone down yesterday. He benefited immensely from Mowbray’s eloquence and a sensible District Judge.
  3. david brent

    Bradley Dack

    I can categorically confirm it’s true. I understand prison was seriously considered by the DJ. Others have gone down for 3 breaches of Community Order. Lucky boy. Great player but needs to grow up.
  4. david brent

    Flag ideas and 'New Order' connection

    Superb! Wouldn’t it be great to hear that at away games!
  5. david brent

    Flag ideas and 'New Order' connection

    Wouldn’t it be good if we could have an original New Order Rovers chant given the aforementioned connections! Instead of the usual generic rubbish or copying off other clubs songs. Blue Monday is probably the most adaptable to a terrace chant. Or even Bizarre love triangle. Sadly it would never catch on with our fanbase! For anyone interested True Order are a great New Order tribute band. They play in Blackburn usually once a year. They play at Electric Church (formally live lounge) on Sat 13 October.
  6. david brent

    Thursday deadline.

    Fair enough. I’ve only just noticed it!
  7. david brent

    Thursday deadline.

    You were spot on with Armstrong - apologies for jumping the gun when he wasn’t announced on the Friday!
  8. david brent

    Thursday deadline.

    Anyone else follow Harry Chapman on twitter? Has he always had a cover photo of himself in a Rovers kit or has he recently changed it to that?
  9. david brent

    Thursday deadline.

    I wouldn’t believe stuff like that if I read it from some pretend ITK kid on twitter. However this site is different. It’s been going a long time and I’ve been posting on here many years. I think there is a ‘gentleman’s rule’ on here that if you post something as fact.... it is fact! As I say there is a difference between rumour and fact. That was posted as fact with a reference to the source. Hopefully it is true and Sharpe has been asked to tow the line - I doubt this though.
  10. david brent

    Thursday deadline.

    This is rather contradictory to what Rich Sharpe has just tweeted. I’d have no issue if you had said that you had heard he was on the verge of signing. I encourage transfer rumour and gossip on here as it adds to the fun. However you stated it as FACT that he signed last night and it was to be announced this morning??? As a result I told numerous people last night and I look a bit of a 🛎end now!
  11. david brent

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    What did Waggott say about sales? I haven’t seen that. I believe we had 8,000 season ticket holders last season. If sales were already at a 50% increase the club would be shouting from the rooftops. Do you know anybody who has got a season ticket this season who didn’t have one last season? I don’t. There was significant interest towards the end of last season and the Club failed to make the most of it.
  12. david brent

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we sell less than last year. This time last year there was a perverse kind of excitement. We were signing players. We were going into the league as favourites. There isn’t the same kind of excitement this year. The club have massively messed up in my opinion by putting prices up by £50 across the board and closing the Darwen End to Rovers fans. They have alienated fans. i can only speak for my circle of mates - 3 haven’t renewed from last season. Not happy with the price increase. It’s not so much the extra £50 but more the principle of it. I’m a little annoyed by it and only renewed on Friday. We had 8 years of dross until last season; increasing prices from our last stint in the championship is an insult. Just over a month ago we had the largest amount of Rovers fans in Ewood for a match for 10 years. More kids are wearing Rovers shirts around town since the Europe days. It was a great opportunity to capitalise on this with innovative season ticket prices. Surely it’s better to have 16,000 at £200 than 8,000 at £400 eg Bradford. The fact there has been nothing from the club about season ticket sales is a clear indication they haven’t been great. You reap what you sow.
  13. david brent

    Thursday deadline.

    Anybody watch the Edinburgh derby last night? My Scottish team are Hearts. I was particularly interested in the game to watch the reported Rovers target Dylan Mcgeouch who plays for Hibs. He was on the bench, came on early, did okay but nothing special. A rather angry Neil Lennon has confirmed today Mcgeouch is definitely leaving. My conclusion - forget him and go all out to get 17 year old Harry Cochrane from Hearts. This lad will be playing for the full Scotland team in the near future. A great player with a big future. An all round midfielder who can pass, beat a man, strike a ball but also isn’t afraid to put a tackle in and has a great engine. Would work well with Smallwood. If Venkys are looking for sell on value he is the type of player we should be in for. The Scottish captain could hopefully have an influence! I honestly don’t know what he would cost though? Rangers are rumoured to be sniffing around him so by virtue of that he shouldn’t be too much?! Albeit he signed a new contract with Hearts during the season.
  14. david brent

    Pitch Invasion of sorts

    End of season awards tonight at Ewood. I think you have just won the award for ‘hysterical overreaction post 2017-18.’ Nb - I don’t condone football violence, nor want football to return to the troubled days of the 1980s. Equally I don’t want to follow an under 5’s tiddlywinks team!

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