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  1. david brent

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    Good preview SA. You are quite right Yarm is a nice town and is my usual stop off for a pre match drink. However having a change tomorrow and taking a slight detour to the Teeside coast - Saltburn for a parmo pub lunch and a couple of pints. I like Teeside and a parmo is a must have dish when in these parts! Had some good away days at Boro over the years. My favourite was probably a season opener when Santa Cruz equalised on his debut and Matty Derbyshire came off the bench to bag a late winner in front of the Rovers fans. Unfortunately got a bad feeling we will get beat tomorrow. I think their drubbing at home to Villa last week has come at the wrong time for us.
  2. david brent

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    Bannan is very talented when he is on the ball and all of Wednesdays best play came through him. However on yesterday’s showing he seems very lazy defensively. Mowbray likes players who put a shift in off the ball and do the defensive work too - particularly central midfielders - see his criticism of Rothwell. Two of our goals started with poor and lazy defending by Bannan - the second Downing walked past him like he wasn’t there. It’s even worse for the fourth - he does no tracking back at all and allows Travis to run past him from 30 yards away. It looks really poor watching the goals back on tv and I’d be fuming if I was a Weds fan! I have to admit I have some humble pie to eat re team selection. In the pub pre match I suggested Dack should be dropped to give him a ‘rocket up the backside’. I also said Brereton should start over Graham! I was still reeling from my trip to Wigan. They were both outstanding yesterday. Fortunately I’m not the manager! The build up and moves in the run up to our goals was top class (albeit helped by lacklustre defending). Dacks first touch in the build up for the last goal - to beat their defender in the box - was worthy of a top class premier league player. As for Wednesday - I can see them potting their manager. I have just seen his post match interview on sky - he lacked conviction and looked a defeated man.
  3. david brent


    I’ve read today about Accy Stanley distributing over a 1000 shirts to Hyndburn school children. That’s what happens when you have a canny local man in Andy Holt running their club. As much as I admire how he runs Stanley I share the same concerns as the posters above - Stanley are a threat to our dwindling catchment area. Rovers should be ruthless about this and should be targeting these traditional blue and white places. Hyndburn is a load of administrative cr@p anyway - Knuzden is Blackburn and yet falls under Hyndburn. Rishton and Ossy are still just about Rovers supporting towns but the club need to do more to protect this given the rise of Burnley and Stanley. Someone mentioned above there is an EFL gentleman’s rule that a club shouldn’t encroach into another borough. If that’s true it’s ridiculous. Again the borough boundaries should be ignored. Rovers wouldn’t target schools in Edgworth and Belmont as they are Bolton Wanderers supporting villages despite being in Blackburn borough. Unfortunately this is what happens when you get somebody running the show who doesn’t understand the town, the fanbase, the traditional catchment area etc. John Williams did.
  4. david brent


    So would I. Which leads me to my first moan of the day - Rodriguez! I stand to be corrected but pretty sure the challenge on Mulgrew was by Rodriguez....again! Yet all we hear is ‘he isn’t that kind of player.’ I thought he studded Mulgrew very late and high - the fact Mulgrew went off with a rib injury would support far. Make no mistake Rodriguez was on a mission yesterday - his reaction to the Rovers fans following the Albion goal was symptomatic of that. How funny was his miss though! The Raya incident is a difficult one. It doesn’t seem as bad as when Stephen Hunt did it to Petr Cech. I still maintain Rodriguez could have done more to avoid Raya. Which leads on to the second moan - the ref! He bottled the handball. Everyone in the ground, including the ref, could see the ball hit his hand. My view a 100 yards behind the ref could see the hands were raised and outstretched in an unnatural position. The ball also travelled a good 5 yards from where Reed crossed. It’s an absolute stonewall penalty and it’s frustrating that a professional ref isn’t giving it. Moaning over it was a thoroughly enjoyable day. Felt like a win. I dont mind Albion as a club - similar in stature to us - the hawthorns is also a nice ground. The Vine pub is also a good crack and one of the best ‘away friendly’ pubs around.
  5. david brent

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    Or M6, M56, M53 and then the a483 Chester to Swansea. That’s the way I am going as the M6 is just a nightmare. I reckon I can do it in just over 4 hours.
  6. david brent

    Swansea vs ROVERS - 23/10/18 19:45pm

    This is my first away game of the season. Making a day / night of it - shall enjoy a couple of ales on the Gower and then Wind St in Swansea centre! I went to our only previous competitive match at the liberty stadium in April 2012 - it was a disaster - culminated in leaving the match with 30 minutes to go at 3-0 down and ending up ridiculously inebriated on Wind St! The difference between the manager and players re both these matches is telling. We currently have a fantastic honest manager and a squad of players who care and give their all. Back then we had Kean and a bunch of overpaid useless mercenaries, albeit Nzonzi played that day! Anybody who went that day will recollect how spineless the performance was. Also rumoured that Givet punched Kean in the dressing room before hand and he was mysteriously left out of the match day squad. Play like we did yesterday and hopefully this visit will be more positive than the last!
  7. david brent


    The back to back Saturday home games in early November against QPR and Rotherham respectively should have been the perfect opportunity to do a cheap ticket deal. Two for the price of one. £20 for both. The perfect time to encourage half season ticket sales. Both of these sides will bring poor away followings. There is no potential for trouble in order for Lancs police to intervene and discourage a big home crowd. The players and season ticket holders would all love to see big crowds for these games. It really isn’t rocket science marketing. Comon Mr Waggott sort it out! Instead for the QPR game we have cheapest £21 in Riverside and £24 in Blackburn End! Cue 11,000 crowd! Surely someone who represents us on the fans forum can raise this?!
  8. david brent

    Rovers' mouth piece - the LT

    I have just been thinking the same thing. I read this forum regularly. I read the Rovers fans facebook page. I read Rovers related things on Twitter. I know many Rovers fans and live in the area. I haven’t seen anybody suggest that Mowbray should be sacked! I certainly haven’t heard / read that he should be replaced by Warnock. Its strikes me as utter codswallop.Even if it was true and some jester had expressed this opinion, like you say, why has he reported it in the LT? It will only get back to Mowbray and the players and create a needless negative vibe.
  9. david brent


    I hope Waggott reads this - you are charging too much money and this is one of the reasons why Attendances haven’t improved. Cheapest match day ticket of £24 is too much. Putting season tickets up by £50 after the previous 8 years of utter rubbish was a nonsensical decision. Football in the UK is too expensive and all clubs need to re think pricing given we are in an age where most matches can now be viewed on live internet streams and red buttons. Bundesliga teams charge £12-15. This is Blackburn. It isn’t a particular well off area. The price needs to be reflective of the area. West Brom only charge £20 and season tickets are cheaper than ours - why couldn’t we have had a similar pricing scheme? Salford City season tickets are £100! Seriously when we have £7 million to spend on Brereton why the need to have such over priced tickets? The fact the owners found £7 million from somewhere would suggest gate money isn’t that imperative. We don’t appear to be an Accrington Stanley who rely heavely on gate receipts. I really don’t get why we couldn’t have implemented some progressive policies re ticket prices and lead the way for affordable football. Season tickets £200. Match day prices £15. Get crowds up, build the fanbase and also be commended by the wider football world. Got to be better than the current half empty stadium.
  10. david brent

    Bolton vs Rovers

    Great win for Rovers in a good old fashioned LANCASHIRE derby, with 2 founder members of the football league who proudly sport the red rose on their respective badges. I couldn’t go yesterday, watched on sky and it was great to hear the presenters and commentators refer to it as a lancs derby on numerous occasions. I’ve read the thread from start to finish - 2 points I want to make: a) you are misinformed. The traditional Lancashire boundary which is 800 years old and includes Manchester, Bolton etc has never been abolished. It is still in existence and the traditional counties are recognised in recent legislation. So people from Bolton can correctly refer to themselves as Lancastrian. The Lancashire county council area and Greater Manchester are only administrative “counties”. In laymen’s terms they are just administrative areas and not real counties. Hence when you drive out of Blackburn into Hyndburn you pass a sign saying ‘Welcome to Lancashire.’ b) I presume you are local? As Mattyblue has already said - why would you seek to diminish Lancashire? Why not embrace the whole County palatine? I know people who live in places like Bolton and Salford through following Lancs cricket and Salford Red Devils who can’t stand being associated with Greater Manchester and are proud Lancastrians. Again why would you be against this? Sorry to divert this thread but I am proud Lancastrian and feel strongly about this issue.
  11. david brent

    Bradley Dack

    I take your points on board re the police not being there to be assaulted and accept there probably was a bit of ‘plea bargaining.’ Google ‘Assault PC Magistrates sentencing guidelines’ and have a quick perusal. You will then see why it wouldn’t warrant prison. You won’t like me saying this but applying the criteria in the guidelines - there is an argument he could have got away with merely a financial penalty. I guess you will say the guidelines are too soft!
  12. david brent

    Bradley Dack

    I think it’s a bloody good job you’re not a magistrate then! The prosecution case was that he was accused of criminal damage (a charge that was ultimately dropped). When he was told by the police officer he was going to be arrested, he “shoved” the officer once and ran off, before being arrested further down the street. He pleaded guilty to assault pc at the earliest opportunity. A man of no previous convictions. Full time employment in a promising career. Never in a million years did it warrant an immediate term of imprisonment. He has however subsequently taken the mickey with the Community Order and he could easily have gone down yesterday. He benefited immensely from Mowbray’s eloquence and a sensible District Judge.
  13. david brent

    Bradley Dack

    I can categorically confirm it’s true. I understand prison was seriously considered by the DJ. Others have gone down for 3 breaches of Community Order. Lucky boy. Great player but needs to grow up.
  14. david brent

    Flag ideas and 'New Order' connection

    Superb! Wouldn’t it be great to hear that at away games!

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