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  1. OscarRaven

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    Mulgrew is exactly what Tony was asking for a couple of weeks ago in the LT - a decent back up CB willing to warm the bench if he can't displace Tosin. It's between Mulgrew and Williams for the No. 3 CB spot. Salary aside. Tony wished, Tony got. Next excuse?
  2. OscarRaven

    FFP Trouble

    MY GUESS as to what was said: If we project last year's losses forward 2-3 years then we would have FFP problems and have to start selling star players like Dack to balance the books or worse still consider other options such as selling and leasing back the ground (as others have done).
  3. OscarRaven

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    Back at Rovers at his own request. Odd one. That's a hefty wad of cash keeping the bench warm. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/18162508.rovers-defender-opts-cut-short-loan-spell-wigan/
  4. OscarRaven

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Tony out at the end of March (sooner if a good prospect comes along) please, give the new person a run of games with Tony's squad. I like the guy, loyal to a fault but he is clearly a middling championship manager, looking out for his puppets with a more miss than hit track record when it comes to spending cash. I suspect staff members who we are already paying such as Damien Johnson or Charlie Mulgrew are capable of achieving mid-table in the championship, so we might as well roll the dice in the hope of better stuff. Thanks for bringing stability and normalcy back to club Tony, enjoy the package. Next.
  5. OscarRaven

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Tony, You don't need your kind of leaders in a team full of winners, drop Bennett, he's a liability. Put out your best technically gifted performers, give them some freedom to play instead of micromanaging them to specific blades of grass, sit back and watch the leaders emerge. Oh and by the way when they win -leave it alone! Leadership isn't shouting and bawling, falling over and giving away penalties. It's having the guts to take risks, confidence in your own ability and that of your team mates. Drop the dross, have faith in the gifted, stop tinkering and play to win.
  6. OscarRaven

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I disagree. Venky's will put up the 'for sale' sign and stop putting money in. The club will borrow to stay afloat until it can borrow no more. No-one will rescue the club with a secured debt >150mio quid. We will have to be put into administration and knowing these owners probably liquidated before getting rid of them. Then we might get a rescue bid but it might also be too late at that point. We need to be challenging for the premier league to keep their interest or more accurately their cash, if Mowbray cant get us anywhere near the top 6 this season then it's time for someone new next year in my opinion. So far results suggest a similar season to the last one, if that continues I would fire him in March to give the new person time to evaluate the squad prior to the summer.
  7. Wouldn't use iFollow even if they paid me 110 quid, customer service is horrible, it's poor quality technically, prone to outages and the big (TV) games are unavailable. It's nothing more than a glorified facebook / youtube live stream. I guess they have a phone in every stand this season though. I tried it for three games last year: one had no sound, one was a black out and the last one wouldn't accept my log on credentials. Getting a refund was like getting blood from a stone, they provided a 'pro rata' refund based on the fact I had 'watched' three games. I also had to report them to the information commissioner when I found out my credit card details had been put at risk due to their botched password reset. Initially iFollow would not delete my personal / credit card data. My suggestion to Rovers is to drop out of the iFollow rip-off and let BRFCS.COM provide your media coverage. iFollow is a low bar, easily surpassed. Don't waste your money.
  8. OscarRaven

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I suspect Gladwin wasn't 'given' a new contract, there are usually injury stipulations written into footballers contract with respect to medical care and salary payments when injured. The club are obliged under football league rules to pay the player a full salary for 18 months when injured on club duty and 50% salary for any remaining rehab time after that. How individual contracts play into this I'm not sure. As horrible as it is to suggest, there may also be an insurance payout to consider if the injury is career ending. I suspect the club can't release Gladwin, will still have some sort of liability if they do or could no longer collect an insurance payout if he is out of contract. Like others I see little or no chance of him breaking through, so this short term deal (6 months) is about other factors in my opinion. TM is probably just spinning it.
  9. iFollow is useless, all the production values of a Facebook live stream if you can actually get it to work. Customer service is shocking. Save your money folks.
  10. OscarRaven

    New Kits

    Four options perhaps? Like it, buying one Like it but not buying one Hate it, but I have to have for my collection Hate it, not buying one
  11. OscarRaven

    Mowbray’s Future

    Listening to Mowbray he sounds like he is lacking in 'brains' area as well. The Q&A with the fans was cringe-worthy. Hope I'm wrong about that but he doesn't inspire me with his weird 'stories' and keep it tight as we can nick one late on approach.
  12. OscarRaven

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    I'd say its time to sit down with the player and agent(s), we now have common interests: This is simply about money: How much do you want to go Benni? Make up the difference (by accepting lower personal terms or paying off your contract) and away you go. I'd like to see some guts from the club (and manager) here. Take him on.

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