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  1. I got a programme for my grandson at Rochdale. I only had flick through it at half time but I thought it was absolutely excellent. Somebody had gone to a lot of trouble to produce that.
  2. Unless my eyes are deceiving me we played with two strikers at Rochdale ( Samuel and Antonnson ) and in the two subsequent games.
  3. So if we lose away to the top of the league we need to sack the manager ? You're not dealing with a full deck. What if we win ? How many games does he get then ?
  4. That's why you design your system of play around the strengths of your players and don't shoe horn players into roles they're not happy with.
  5. Hand on heart I didn't expect us to go up this season. We haven't got what it takes to run a successful promotion campaign in spite of having a pretty good group of players. Having said that I didn't expect us to lose to Wimbledon at home.
  6. I was playing that day and after the game ( 2.00 KO then ) we used to drop off the bus at a local TV shop window and watch the scores come in on " Grandstand " on the old teleprinter. When " Oxford Utd 3 - Blackburn Rovers 1 " printed out I said to my mate " They've got that wrong, it must be the other way round " !
  7. I know Jim, one of my first games was away to Fourth Division Rochdale in the semi-finals of the League Cup. We were mid table in the First Division they were bumping along in mid table in the Fourth. I went along expecting our much superior skill factor to prevail comfortably. What I saw was a stumbling, disjointed performance were none of our players seemed to want to be there. When we pulled it back to 2-1 near the end I thought we were in with a shout only for us to let them get a soft third at the end. You can imagine what the following day was like in school in Rochdale ! Since then I've seen lots of similar performances over the years, if I had a £ 10 note for every one I'd be wealthy now, so yesterday was so predictable. Not long after that we were flying in the FA Cup, lots of the big teams were already out, we go to Fourth Division new to the league Oxford and get the same treatment, a 3-1 chasing ! That was the season I thought we could go all the way to Wembley. Bloody Second Division Preston went there instead. At least I wasn't there to see the best Rovers team I've ever seen lose to Workington Town 5-1 at home ! I could see yesterday coming, way to much over confidence on this site and possibly at the club. We're OK if we can score first, fall behind and all the insecurities built up over the past 7 years rise to the surface. I was listening to Fred Eyre on GMR yesterday, he knows the inside track regarding North West football and he was singing the praises of Paul Cook at Wigan. He's got a winning mentality and he's great at building up the players confidence apparently. All he knows as a manager is winning, albeit at lower levels. I can't say the about TM I'm afraid. Yesterday's over now, the next game is all important. I wouldn't make too many changes seeing as we're playing away, I'd play 4-4-1-1 with Dack behind Samuel. If Nyambe was fit I might be tempted to play him at right back. If Conway isn't 110% fit I'd play Chapman. Two defensive mids is ok if you've got a creative player further forward, when you play two defensive mids with two out and out strikers there's a gaping hole between the two lines. Hopefully Dack can pull the strings in that position.
  8. I thought I read we'd sold out.
  9. Same team for me next week with the exception of Dack in for Antonnson and maybe Chapman in for Conway if he isn't fit.
  10. Can't really fault the selection. The team deserved another shot. As for attitude - well they must have been reading this message board before the game. As I said earlier - There are no pushovers until you've done enough to push them over. At the risk of sounding like an echo I also said we're OK when we score first. Well today we didn't and we revealed our mental fragility.
  11. I don't think we do grinding draws.
  12. Can't really argue with that. Come on lads, let's have another win.
  13. I think if serious bids would have come in for certain players the players would have been gone.
  14. I swapped my programmes years ago for some " Charlie Buchan's Football Monthlies ". I had one from the Rochdale v Rovers league cup semi final and one for the Rochdale v Norwich league cup final first leg. When I see what they are selling for now I felt like crying ! edit- just had a look on the Internet, there's one on at £1,300 !
  15. If Tony Mowbray was run over by the proverbial No 17 bus I wouldn't be too bent out of shape if we appointed Johnno. He's doing good stuff with the younger players. In the long term with these owners we're stuffed,I know that. They'll never be able to redeem themselves in my eyes. Having said that for two hours this afternoon I'll put that to the back of my mind and I'll be glued to the TV watching for our scores. I'm still boycotting the home games but I'll be trying to take in more away games this season.