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  1. Blackburn Roverseas previews Bury (a) 18.11.17

    In the Rochdale cup game the other week I thought Samuel was looking pretty sharp until he had to be sacrificed as a result of the Wharton sending off. Just saying.
  2. Blackburn Roverseas previews Bury (a) 18.11.17

    That's the idea but we haven't seen much evidence of this long range passing have we ?
  3. Blackburn Roverseas previews Bury (a) 18.11.17

    Yeah you could be right, you could go with either system really. I can't see any point in playing Whittingham in a defensive two, he's never going to get into the last third of the pitch from there and a ball winner he isn't. You just may as well play Tomlinson there, if he's fit that is.
  4. Blackburn Roverseas previews Bury (a) 18.11.17

    4-4-1-1 then. With the exception of Nuttall he's gone for the safe option.
  5. Blackburn Roverseas previews Bury (a) 18.11.17

    Any team news ? What has Mystic Mow come up with this time ?
  6. Championship 2017/18

    I can't see him being any more successful the either Moyes or Grayson there. They're set up to fail, just like we are.
  7. Brockhall training Complex-ACV Declined

    I still can't get image of him being run ragged and then sent off in that game against Spurs out of my mind. He looked anything but a good player then. I always thought he was a much better attacking player than he was a defender.
  8. Team to face Bury

    That's probably as good as it gets for me. Having said that you can bet the ranch that Mowbray won't see it that way.
  9. Why does he have to dragoon them Phillip ? They are Labour MP's, they should be in favour of Socialist policies.
  10. Brexit Thread

    I agree regarding Parliament. If they had a secret ballot regarding Brexit tomorrow the remain MP's would win by a decent majority. Even the dogs in the street can see that. The Tory Government is being railroaded by a small right wing rump of MP's and a handful of overseas, tax dodging, owners of what they laughing call " the popular press ". One day soon the majority of the Tory MP's are going to have to put country before party and vote Brexit down.
  11. Team to face Bury

    I agree he's not very mobile but if there's a lack of movement in front of him his options are strictly limited. IE just moving the ball on. Our strikers aren't very imaginative in their running up front. It makes you wonder what they do in training all week.
  12. Transfers Part 3

    The first time I saw Henley ( against Liverpool and Man Utd away ) I thought he was a very promising player. I saw a story in a paper about that time that Real Madrid had been watching him. What went wrong I don't know. Maybe the ankle problem never went away.
  13. Compared with the achievements of the post war Labour Government under much, much more difficult circumstances that isn't that impressive.
  14. Championship 2017/18

    Coleman leaving Wales to take over at Sunderland apparently.