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  1. One for Glenn. Regarding the BA computer fiasco. What went wrong this time ?
  2. Events like the ones in Manchester don't happen in a vacuum. There has to be reasons for security failings. For some reason that I don't understand Teresa May has had a downer on the Police Force from the day she took office as Home Secretary. You only have to watch her addresses to the Police Federation Conferences to see evidence off this. No Labour Party Home Secretary would have dared to talk down to the Police as she did. As a result massive cuts have been made in the national Police Force and the support services. According to my paper there are 20,000 less police men and women than there were in 2009 and yet there are 20,000 people with possible extremist tendencies on the police radar. Teresa May is directly responsible for this state of affairs.
  3. What they really mean is - " Rupert Murdoch Wants ".
  4. She reminds me of a managing director I used to work for . He was tall and slightly stooped, wide hips, narrow shoulders, no backside etc. His suits were all hand made by top tailors but he still looked like a bag of @#/? tied around the middle.
  5. What does she look like in that suit ? She's a tailors worst nightmare.
  6. Labour Party activists left the Party in droves during the Blair years. Without the activists come election time you're struggling to get the vote out. David Milliband - a Blair clone, Hilary Benn not much better. No point Labour getting elected to carry out Tory policies. Win, lose or draw Corbyn has moved the current political debate to the left. The nation by and large wants an end to this downward spiral to the bottom. The Labour policies are popular with the electorate. Unfortunately the media has successfully demonised Corbyn to the point of parody. They've been aided in this by the Blairite wing of the Labour Party who resent their historical control of the Party being questioned. Most intelligent Tories realise things need to change but the current tiny gang that are running the show aren't over blessed with intelligence. If they do get back in and carry on with the current policies they're in for a rough ride. We've all seen that the minute May has to think on her feet instead of reading from a script she's very flaky. " Weak And Wobbly "
  7. Me neither but Rochdale fans rate him. I think it was the " Daily Telegraph " that had him down as one of the seven players to watch in the. Lower leagues.
  8. You probably won't have read it in the Daily Mail but Tory Governments were talking to the IRA for a large part of the " Troubles ". From my point of view that was the only sensible approach. I'm older than you but I can remember lots of terrorist campaigns being waged against us Brits from the Communists in Malaya , Mau Mau in Kenya, EOKA in Cypus , etc. Coming up to date with the Taliban in Afghanistan We ended up talking to most of them and doing a deal with all of them in the end. Corbyn realised you need to get on the right side of these people and ultimately do a deal with them. Tony Blair was brilliant for Tony Blair. The Labour Party is still recovering from the damage he did. On another issue please accept my apology regarding your difficulties with the English language. I know you have issues and there's not much you can do about them. It was beneath me to belittle your efforts.
  9. No Callum Camps ?
  10. Andy Burnham would say that wouldn't he ? He's got a constituency to look after and voters to please. He'd be a disaster as a Labour leader, he's just a plastic Tony Blair only not as cunning. I'm a Labour voter and I'd vote for him out a sense of loyalty but would I actively campaign for him ? Not a chance. Our " friends " in the Middle East you name are part of the reason the rest of the Middle East is in uproar. As for the rest of it - what paper did you copy that out from ? I can tell you didn't write that because it's not full of your usual grammatical errors and basic spelling mistakes.
  11. I would expect any honourable supporter elected member of the board to resign and spill the beans the minute any underhand or plain illegal dealings were discovered. Obviously in the normal course of events board room confidentiality would be expected to be maintained. Do you think the events at Ewood would have occurred if the supporters would have had a member of the board ?
  12. Simple - the manager was an incompetent @#/? bag. That's all it takes even with a good team.
  13. I agree but when the Rhodes money vanished It was the final straw and I think he made his mind up then that he was off in the summer.
  14. They used Lambert as a fall guy for the sale. As soon as he realised he'd been duped there was a discernible change in his attitude and he more or less just went through the motions unto the time came when he could walk away.
  15. I agree, how long would be long enough before the election campaigning could restart ? We needed to get the democratic show back on the road. Corbyn was quite right to point out that as long as we're bombing and arming repressive regimes in the Middle East we're not making any friends with the populations of these countries both away and at home. Nobodies excusing these atrocities we're just trying to make some sense as to why they're happening.