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  1. Premier League Stuff

    By rights Dyche should have had the job before Southgate. Having said that I agree with your basic premise Jim, it doesn't matter who manages the team, we haven't got the players any more.
  2. Attendances

    I have several record books and I was browsing the Rochdale one recently - Division 4 Season 1985-86 - Burnley 1- Rochdale 0. Att - 4241 Division 4 Season 1986-87 - Burnley 0- Rochdale 3. Att - 4217 Just saying. No doubt Longsiders would have been there with his scarf and rattle. In the old days I'd get the Ellen Smiths coach from Rochdale to the Burnley v Rovers game. I'd get on in town but it picked up in Whitworth, Facit, Brittania, Bacup etc . It'd end up full of Burnleys fans and just me in my Rovers scarf and maybe a neutral pal I'd got to go along to watch a game. Different times then, win or lose nobody ever bothered me on the coach. Of course I behaved myself.

    Anyone who thinks that a player from any club getting a career threatening injury is funny must be one very sad individual.
  4. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    And one that could and should have been made a lot earlier.

    That's a real shame, so sorry for him. It's that sudden burst of acceleration that brings it on. I would have thought he would have been doing sprints in his recovery period. To be honest I was surprised he was being risked on a really cold night.
  6. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    I could live with most of that team. I don't think you can play both of Armstrong and Antonnson out wide away from home. You need one sort of holding wide player, probably Payne or Conway or even Bell instead of Antonsson.
  7. Premier League Stuff

    Towards the end of his time at Rovers he was being " linked " to every similarly ranked club that had bigger pockets then. I think Spurs was one, Villa may have been another. That doesn't happen without a reason.
  8. "donald"

    Or Ted Nugent !
  9. Attendances

    I'd say just off the top of my head that if you get 2 people out of 10 to come back out of those who been staying away you're doing really well. My rugby team had been in a downward spiral for a year or four and guys had started to drift away. All of a sudden we appointed a new coach, spent a bit of money on a couple of top players, brought through a few more really good kids and we were flying again. We'd won an unheard of club record 17 games on the bounce playing some awesome rugby at this point. One night around this time I bumped into a guy at the bar of my local that I knew had been a regular at the rugby but had drifted away. . I said " I haven't seen you up at the games lately. " He replied " I'll come up when they start playing well ! " It's not often I'm lost for words but I was then.

    Some people couldn't see the potential but plenty of others could. I never cease to be amazed that people can go to football matches for years and they never really grasp what's going on out there. I've followed rugby league all my life but I still don't fully under the finer points and strategies of the game. I put that down in my case to never having played the game at a serious level. My main concern with Nzonzi was his attitude, ability wise - no problem.
  11. Billy Wilson RIP

    I'm surprised by that Phillip. I've seen loads of photos of the area and only very rarely seen anyone stood there.
  12. Billy Wilson RIP

    Yes you're right.
  13. Billy Wilson RIP

    I remember going to a Rovers v Liverpool game when the Liverpool fans changed ends by simply climbing over the boundary wall and marching the length of the pitch en masse.
  14. Billy Wilson RIP

    I can see that goal now. Stuart Metcalfe, our best player on the night, had been running the 'City 'left back, Glyn Pardoe , ragged up to then. He was just too quick and tricky for him. Eventually Pardoe lashed out and fouled Metcalfe out by the touch line near the corner with the Riverside and the Blackburn End. Keith Newton floated a nice free kick into a crowded penalty box. Jim Fryatt, who had similar heading ability to Rudy Gestede, rose like a Salmon and powered a header into the back of the net. I was in the middle of the the Blackburn End and I had a great view of the goal. That was 1-1 and for 5 or 10 minutes we were back in the game. Then City got into the groove again and just ran away with the tie. The saddest moment for me was when the great Bryan Douglas came on as sub towards the end of the game ( and the end of his career ) but hardly got a touch of the ball whilst Colin Bell was running the game for City. Out with the old ball playing midfielder and in with the modern, hard running, box to box midfield player.
  15. Rovers v Blackpool

    Not quite the same playing style, more Dunny compared with Cairney. Payne hasn't been played in his best position yet because Dack plays there and he's playing brilliantly. I don't think Chapman would be a success there. He's not nearly smart enough and there's a lot more room out wide. You can't just kick it on and run in a crowded midfield.