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  1. Tyrone Shoelaces


    I can't think what game it was but I remember Ripley picking the ball up out wide right roughly half way into our own half and setting off on a dribble. He keep coming inside each time he beat an opponent and he must have beat about 6 or 7. He got right up to the opposing keeper and slipped the ball just wide of the post ! It would have been a goal of the season contender if it would have just gone the other side of the posts !
  2. Two good reports solely concerning on field events. Just the job.
  3. Tyrone Shoelaces


    Oh yes he can.
  4. Tyrone Shoelaces


    Bell's poor but he's still a lot better than Hart. In my opinion of course.
  5. Tyrone Shoelaces

    Hull (A)

    He is for a centre half. I don't know what they make centre halves out of these days. Matt Woods played every game in an era when centre halves and centre forwards kicked lumps out of each other !
  6. Tyrone Shoelaces

    Academy & U21s

    We're talking a guy with tons of Premier League experience who was a full international with many caps as against Billy Who ?
  7. Tyrone Shoelaces

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Whatever 11 play it'll be the same old obvious, labourious, predictable, one dimensional, easy to play against, walking football that we've all become used to.
  8. Tyrone Shoelaces


    I'd be saying the same thing. We need to get a few off the pay roll sharpish.
  9. Tyrone Shoelaces


    Magloire gave away a goal making his debut for Rochdale last night. He was trying to play nice football and got caught in possession.
  10. Tyrone Shoelaces


    That first one was unbelievable - Junior School stuff.
  11. Tyrone Shoelaces


    He's the sort of striker that won't score many goals.
  12. Tyrone Shoelaces

    Summer Transfer Summary - Poll

    Williams is another one who's not a stranger to the treatment table.
  13. Tyrone Shoelaces

    John Lowey RIP

    Well people keep telling me modern football is better. Really ? Look at that pitch yet the players conjured up more goal mouth incidents than we can today. That would be what 90% of pitches would be like by mid Feb and March.
  14. Tyrone Shoelaces

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?


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