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  1. " Nobody will ever beat Savage " ! Are you related to him ? Did you ever see Batty play or Ken Knighton ? Just shows how dumbed down we've become.
  2. Win the pre season friendlies and it means not a lot. Lose the pre-season friendlies and it mean a bad season is coming. Never mind the season we won the Prem, 9 times out of 10 that's how it pans out.
  3. I'd be faster than Bruce if I was running backwards. You're not his agent I hope.
  4. What makes you think after the last seven years that " keeping doors open & engagement & open dialogue " will lead anywhere at all ? Just one example will do.
  5. They need to make an example of this idiot.
  6. I'm sorry but the " British Manufacturing " ship sailed in the 1980's. Unless you want to buy a Roller, Bentley , Aston Martin, Purdy shotguns , Saville Row suits, Jermyn St shirts , Churches or Lobbs hand made shoes. Try buying something that is made in the UK that is reasonably priced, it's nearly impossible. Even the top foreign brands like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Gant, Hugo Boss etc are all made in the Far East. Nearly everything I pick up in shops is " Made In China ". Brits want the cheapest I'm afraid and that won't change anytime soon.
  7. That might be the asking price but we'll take a lot less if we get a serious offer.
  8. I think Rooney's days of playing up front are over.
  9. I'd keep off the weed before stepping into the ring if I were you.
  10. " We've probably spent 20 m on managers " . Where do you get the " we've " from. Nobody asked me about sacking Big Sam, nobody asked me about appointing Kean in his place. Nobody asked me about any of the other crazy appointments either. The word you're looking for is " they've".
  11. Is that what's called a Marquis signing ?
  12. He's a funny player, on his day he's unstoppable but he has his share of days when you don't know he's out there.
  13. I'm relieved about that, I have a bad feeling about Lambert.
  14. I agree with that, Duff was a world beater in that competition. I knew then he'd be off.
  15. Let me just correct your last sentence. " Blackburn Rovers doesn't have a long term future under this lot ".