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  1. I can't recall anybody mentioning Mowbray at all before he was appointed. If there was a list of 25 likely candidates at the time I bet he wasn't on it.
  2. A flawed genius. I used to be in the " Phil Spector Appreciation Society " in the 1970's. I still wear my " Back To Mono " badge that I got when I joined ! His music will never die. They're still playing " Be My Baby " on BBC TV every day at the moment. Having said that I never forgave him for marrying Ronnie when she could have had me.
  3. I was pleased when we got Souey, Hughes and Big Sam. Appointing Ince was inexplicable. Berg - inexperienced, as was Appleton at the time. Bowyer - Tony Parkes MK2, good caretaker but not full time for me.
  4. That's only a bit muddy. I once played on a pitch with big pools of standing water. The ref said - " It's your pitch lads, if you want to play it's OK by me ". Now and again the ball landed in pools of water with nobody nearby. The wind was blowing and the ball would sail across the pool like a toy yacht. The trick was to anticipate where the ball would sail to.
  5. It's a low bar Chaddy. How many of Kean, Berg, Appleton, Bowyer, Lambert would you have appointed on a permanent basis ? I'll hold my hand up for Lambert and Co.
  6. I've no axe to grind regarding the Cowleys but a bloke I know who is long time Terriers fan tells me they were hard work behind the scenes and had a habit of up setting people for no good reason.
  7. Some of us didn't want him in the first place, fancy that.
  8. Clearly onside all day long in my opinion but it was careless play on our part. Absolutely no way should pro players be making a balls of a simple passing play. The pass should have gone earlier. The only reason to hold on to the ball there is if the player you're passing to is a plodder. We all know Armstrong is quicker than most. Bloody awful shot though, right at the keeper, my mum could have kept that out
  9. There's a young striker at Rochdale I like the look of - Stephen Humphries. I'll bet he won't be at Rochdale next season.
  10. I don't think we are very good. The league table and recent results tell their own stories. The manager has signed a collection of players that look exactly that - a collection of players. We've gone for quantity and not quality. How many of the new signings will be worthy of a place against Swansea. Pears ? - I hope not. Douglas ? - a toss up between him and Bell as to which is least worst. Trybull ? No better than what we already had in Davenport, Evans, Johnson. Ayala ? - Treatment room dweller, leading the race to win the Vince Grella Trophy. Elliot ? Blowing hot and cold, understandable
  11. Yes Nyambe didn't cover himself in glory there but that's not a position I'd expect my right back to be covering. Where were the taller guys ? One of the centre halves should have held his position and not gone chasing off to buy a pie.
  12. I get really annoyed when outfield players shirk their responsibility when they have a chance to pass the ball down field and then give the ball back to the keeper. Presumably they're outfield players because they're better with the ball at their feet than the goalkeeper, whoever he may be.
  13. You need a bit of excitement on the pitch and around the club first.
  14. I worked down there for a few days, that was enough for me.
  15. Football players come with all sorts of temperaments just like in most walks of life. There are the battlers who are always up for a scrap and the artists who don't really fancy the rough stuff much and then there are the easy going guys who'll battle when they get their mad up. You need a mixture of all three. Too many battlers doesn't work very often, especially in todays football. However not having any battlers or just one or two is a recipe for getting out enthused in the game as we are now seeing every week. Having two guys out there coming back from serious injuries isn't likely t
  16. It looked to me as though our bigger guys were run out from under the ball Stoke players moving towards the ball. That left Powell to nip in and get the better of Nyambe who shouldn't really be in that position. I'd say it was a planned move on their behalf.
  17. We're missing a trick here, we should by flogging season tickets to the NHS as cure for insomnia. Imagine being able to get one on a prescription from your Doc !
  18. And in the UK. I bet Gove is trying to buy up all those photos he had taken with the Orange One.
  19. He probably did his back putting his suitcase on the belt at the check in !
  20. Been there, done that - " Where do you play son ? left back ? Sorry we've already got a left back, have a go at centre half. A good player can play anywhere ".
  21. Do we look well coached individually and collectively to you ? We look like a group of lads who've just come for a trial game to me. We look like we've never played together before.
  22. Brererton's another one - 6ft 3ins tall, jumps about 5ft 8ins.
  23. Rochdale, who usually haven't got a pot to piss in, had a notoriously poor pitch, always waterlogged etc. They'd have games cancelled when nobody else in the whole of the league did. Last summer they bit the bullet and really went to town on the pitch. It was completely dug up and everything was replaced, drains, the lot ! Now they're seeing the benefit of it. If they can do it why can't we ?
  24. I used to be a big Johnno fan but his stock has fallen in my eyes since he's allowed himself to be sidelined in his new role as chief drone pilot and football bean counter. It says a lot about his ambition, or lack of it. Whatever he's doing now, it isn't working. I think we need to look elsewhere in my opinion.
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