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  1. Stanley

    Support Blackburn and Stanley but Rovers come first when home fixtures clash. 10 years ago I needed a strip for my old mans five a side team in Manchesterr ,Not prepared to soil myself like the others were doing by wearing a Utd rag bought a stanley one .A fan since. Stanley like us lose many of their best players seasons end . Coleman is good at replacing em spending next to nothing.. ..Its a great talent he has.. Think its is promotion if they win the next game..
  2. Cycling

    Done Guild wheel many times;mostly on group rides .which I go on each week...those miles posts are the dangerous part..one of our group rode into one chatting..wrist break/ambulance job. .There will be guided rides of Blackburns own Weavers wheel on Sunday in 22April and 27May & 24 June from Witton park Pavillion..10.00am .They hire out a few bikes too..
  3. Cycling

    Any newbies or "i'm back on the bike after years "cyclists like Mike E may be interested in the new WEAVER S WHEEL route coming soon to Blackburn..It copies Prestons Guild wheel idea of a safe cyclepath which gives you a lap of the town..I think the Blackburn one its about 13miles or so.. https://www.bwdconnect.org.uk/travel-choices/cycling/weavers-wheel/ Im doing a run of it to see how much has been built so far.. Try the Guild Wheel Preston too for a similar ride.but its 20 miles + to do all of it...
  4. Transfers Part 3

    More than happy with our batch of chicks at the the moment.but we know what Venkys usually do with their chickens once they get big uns .Hope no one gets sold this window .
  5. Carabao Cup

    Selling their two best players each season and replacing em with cheap options ,We ve seen what happens there.if you dont buy quality.. they soon will be a joining us in the lower leagues..espec if Dyche gets sick of it and walks.Expect Burnley are on a bit of downer , seeing best players Keane and Gray go.(ironic if they now go for Rhodes!)....A good hiding first at Chelsea + No goals against West Brom..and then...... ...
  6. Flights

    Had a scare with a Chicago ticket with E dreams..as i used Ba one way & AA to other.Paid and they Emailed me one E ticket one way but not the return..A long phone call 30 mins and got it emailed to me last minute which was stressful. Trailfinders are great. ,maybe cost more..but it takes ages playing about with times and connections and prices and I feel guiity about messing a consultant about, spending up to 15 mins going through different options and then having to say no...Dealing with just a screen before you,you are not arsed about this but too often you then see the price go up each time you go back to it if you dont book straight away Naughty Naughty....
  7. The Boycott Roll Call

    Mines not a boycott.and never will be..just not that bothered watching all matches and just pick and choose if theres nothing to play for...If seriously relegation threatened Id be there to support ,just as much as if we are playoff contenders...I like away games but thats where my boycott lies...None this season..prob for first time ever..
  8. Music/gigs

    Nice prize on offer if you familiar with Manchester s Real XS.who I listen to on my commute to Manchester each day...Played a lot of requests for me in the past so happy to give em a plug http://www.xsmanchester.co.uk/win/world-tour-part-ii-sabbath-in-prague/#TfGuiQbwtwaalMTH.97
  9. Movie Discussion

    Jungle book in 3 d ..10/10.....
  10. Stanley

    Yep ..The curse of third spot(stanley fourth) having to play in the playoffs...Looks like Brighton have it too..7th in the league wins the prize...Reckon its a pressure and stress thing..Third place licks their wounds, 7th cant believe their luck so enjoy the moment...Promotion favourites Portsmouth(cos they reckon they would have filled Wembley) have been tonked..so anything goes.in these games...It aint over yet though..should be a good game on Wednedsay so looking forward to it
  11. Premier League 2015/16 Thread

    Thought that too .They do it in Supermarkets ........Hidden in the toilets as a training exercise.I believe ..Trainee Doggie to blame for not finding it..no bikkies..
  12. Flights

    Problem with the cheapest flights from these places can be early departure times and late back arrival times..The most convenient times cost more if on offer..Also theres expensive airport parking ,it ,can double in cost, if you dont book a week in advance..,Taxis about £50 to liverpool,£40 to Manc but only if you book up here to come and pick you up...Not from there on your arrival back..Will be a lot more...Which airport is not usually one of choice but what destination you want..Their destinations are not idential. Manc is best usually cos of the traintimes,but you suffer a long walk through the terminals .Liverpool is smaller so easier when there , but requires a bus ride from Lime street,.Traintimes can be hard to work around.
  13. Premier League 2015/16 Thread

    Grab him for us..and with .Dave Whelan as well.....If only if only Whelan was in his heyday ..Fond of Rovers you know
  14. Premier League 2015/16 Thread

    If Stone goes Everton may be another Newcastle next season. The season is over...Sundays final day will be the most boring ever. No BBC Coverage and so Match of the Days soon to be exposed high earning pundits were no where in sight last night.... They should have been there.doing what we pay them to do...ie some work.
  15. Premier League 2015/16 Thread

    Complained to Points of view today but prob will be ignored...Wheres Match of the Day coverage of Todays & yesterdays Matches??? ..Norwich Man Utd Sunderland.All critical games.These should be shown on.BBC has MOTD highlights even if Sky has the main coverage...I dont have sky at home but like to avoid the results then watch the highlights on MOTD instead,..BBC have spent millions on a TV deal yet wont cover these really exciting matches... MOTD seems more interested in Lineker in his underpants than the final run in