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  1. JC4LAB


    Glad to see this thread back...Out with the Ramblers at Hoghton Bottoms a ccuple of weeks ago...Parked near a Restaurant called the Royal Oak at Riley Green.Anyone know it.?.Hoghton Arms nearby is prob more famous but is it better.?.
  2. JC4LAB


    Thought I revise this thread which I use to enjoy reading.. ...Whats happened to all you fine diners who use to frequent the Clog &Billy etc.. I'm looking for somewhere to eat out in and around Blackburn for an anniversary. nosh up....
  3. JC4LAB

    nightlife in blackburn

    The Yin KIn.. My night out in those days was a pub crawl of rock pubs though.before going there or for a curry at the Khyber The Charles Napier is the nearest thing nowadays....saw a Hawkwind tribute there last year. .In the 70s loved bands at the Regent then Vulcan.and its famous jukebox..Peepers when younger..Anyone remember songs on the Vulcan jukebox or at Peepers..Heres one for anyone who remember Peepers....The Nantuket sleighride
  4. JC4LAB

    Premier League Stuff

    Would love to see Everton and West Ham back in a relegation battle next season and enjoy potty and pampers changing time at the end of it . My memories of Sams attacking football were Pederson wiping the ball with a towel..Samba trotting up 2miles an hour to flick on ..Spot the doeuf or whoever then fouling.Chance gone. but Sam saved us.and kept us up. Hope he finds the right club...Will do great Warner Cardiff type job for someone at Championship Level..Sleeping Giant like Leeds, Forest;Ispwich etc ideal . All the Best sam
  5. JC4LAB

    Thursday deadline.

    Bolton totally ran away with League One and were lucky not to return to it.immediately...THe e goal fest they enjoyed in Div 1 dried up in face of better defenders..or was it they cashed in on their Dack like players?....Hope we keep our little diamond..Rhodes need rescuing..anyone like to see him back..
  6. JC4LAB


    Yep thats. it..there are plenty of signs and direction arrows along the way but a few missing ones that leave you guessiing at times..best down load the route if needs be...than rely on totally on the signs The guided ride every month end from Witton is a watered down Pleasington avoiding version of it .Cos of the climb up Long Road from Pleasington,do it clockwise only if superfit;Anticlockwise for mere mortals..
  7. JC4LAB


    Having completed Blackburns Weavers wheel would warn that it bears little resemblance to the Guild wheel and is much more difficult.and hilly although 8 miles shorter.but it is however just as enjoyable. It is not a ride for anyone espec with anyone with roaming kids or no road riding experience. 70% is off road through woodland or on safe cyclelanes but there are many sections on it where your must ride alongside very very busy traffic. and cross busy junctions The route clockwise takes you from Pleasington to Billinge up past the Clog &Billy or vice versa anticlockwise(a much easier Option).Oxygen needed if you attempt the ride uphill from Pleasington ..Vice versa you get the slog up Blackamoor Road past Walkersteel later .. It is for a very enjoyable route but not one for absolute beginners..Best bits are1.Intack to Shad on the wooded cycle path I never knew existed 2.;The wooded path follows the ;River Darwen behind Ewood park;3.The canel path:to cherry tree 4.The views From Pleasington the Billingeif you manage the hill;:the ride through the very posh Beardwood area Until the Blackamoor road has a proper cycle lane to protect you don't take young kids on that part
  8. JC4LAB


    Support Blackburn and Stanley but Rovers come first when home fixtures clash. 10 years ago I needed a strip for my old mans five a side team in Manchesterr ,Not prepared to soil myself like the others were doing by wearing a Utd rag bought a stanley one .A fan since. Stanley like us lose many of their best players seasons end . Coleman is good at replacing em spending next to nothing.. ..Its a great talent he has.. Think its is promotion if they win the next game..
  9. JC4LAB


    Done Guild wheel many times;mostly on group rides .which I go on each week...those miles posts are the dangerous part..one of our group rode into one chatting..wrist break/ambulance job. .There will be guided rides of Blackburns own Weavers wheel on Sunday in 22April and 27May & 24 June from Witton park Pavillion..10.00am .They hire out a few bikes too..
  10. JC4LAB


    Any newbies or "i'm back on the bike after years "cyclists like Mike E may be interested in the new WEAVER S WHEEL route coming soon to Blackburn..It copies Prestons Guild wheel idea of a safe cyclepath which gives you a lap of the town..I think the Blackburn one its about 13miles or so.. https://www.bwdconnect.org.uk/travel-choices/cycling/weavers-wheel/ Im doing a run of it to see how much has been built so far.. Try the Guild Wheel Preston too for a similar ride.but its 20 miles + to do all of it...
  11. JC4LAB

    Transfers Part 3

    More than happy with our batch of chicks at the the moment.but we know what Venkys usually do with their chickens once they get big uns .Hope no one gets sold this window .
  12. JC4LAB

    Carabao Cup

    Selling their two best players each season and replacing em with cheap options ,We ve seen what happens there.if you dont buy quality.. they soon will be a joining us in the lower leagues..espec if Dyche gets sick of it and walks.Expect Burnley are on a bit of downer , seeing best players Keane and Gray go.(ironic if they now go for Rhodes!)....A good hiding first at Chelsea + No goals against West Brom..and then...... ...
  13. JC4LAB


    Had a scare with a Chicago ticket with E dreams..as i used Ba one way & AA to other.Paid and they Emailed me one E ticket one way but not the return..A long phone call 30 mins and got it emailed to me last minute which was stressful. Trailfinders are great. ,maybe cost more..but it takes ages playing about with times and connections and prices and I feel guiity about messing a consultant about, spending up to 15 mins going through different options and then having to say no...Dealing with just a screen before you,you are not arsed about this but too often you then see the price go up each time you go back to it if you dont book straight away Naughty Naughty....
  14. JC4LAB

    The Boycott Roll Call

    Mines not a boycott.and never will be..just not that bothered watching all matches and just pick and choose if theres nothing to play for...If seriously relegation threatened Id be there to support ,just as much as if we are playoff contenders...I like away games but thats where my boycott lies...None this season..prob for first time ever..
  15. JC4LAB


    Nice prize on offer if you familiar with Manchester s Real XS.who I listen to on my commute to Manchester each day...Played a lot of requests for me in the past so happy to give em a plug http://www.xsmanchester.co.uk/win/world-tour-part-ii-sabbath-in-prague/#TfGuiQbwtwaalMTH.97

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