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  1. I've not long got in from Ipswich after THE most horrendous journey home ever after being down there on business earlier, so for that reason alone they can feck off. 12-0 rovers
  2. I'd be more worried about the defence than the attack tbh.
  3. Ossydave


    Ipswich and Norwich have a massive catchment area is his point I think. Next decent team is probably Luton or MK off the top of the head?
  4. Erm no Sorry I'd had more than a few lagers What I actually meant is Rodwells composure on the ball would be good bringing the ball out the back rather than lumping balls to nobody. Bell would benefit from having another outlet too, I don't wanna get on the lads back but he was awful first half just spewing balls out of play. We NEED to master the art of possession football, its not hard but players like Rodwell make it ten times easier
  5. I'm leaning towards a back 3 of mulgrew, Darragh and Rodders, with del boy the outlet from defence. Reminds me of Rio when he was decent and it'd be decent to have that option
  6. Yes I'm a stats nerd but I bet in play a lot. Last 15 could be interesting......
  7. Tbf a hell of a lot of games start a bit cagey and scrappy like that and that's the nature of the game. People aren't half being dramatic, it wasn't THAT bad and we're not behind with that patched up defence. Some obvious weak points which hopefully will be addressed at HT
  8. Bell needs a stern talking to at half time, if he keeps passing the ball to them it's gonna cost us eventually
  9. Bell is having a stinker here, absolute bananas for boots
  10. Yeah as much respect as I have for TM, he comes across as a doddering fool at times
  11. Have you ever said anything positive? We'll just get lenihan to break everyone's arm, one down already
  12. Well he's not give much away in that interview apart from bemoaning injuries in defence and Graham being 33. Favouring nuttalls apparent mobility, we'll see
  13. What an odd line up, look forward to his explanation on this one

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