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  1. Ossydave

    West Brom at home

    Saying people want us to lose might be stretching it a bit, but some are a LOT more vocal when we do lose or certain players mess up. It is what it is and perhaps says how they are as a person more than anything else. That's life though. Its no coincidence, at all, that naming the same starting lineup resulted in a positive performance (likewise Bennett not starting). I'd still like Mowbray to step aside at the end of the season and give someone else a shot. Its a gamble of course but one we need to take to progress. If we stay with him we will be in no danger at all of relegation, but will finish around mid table once more. We shouldn't however forget how bloody hard this league is to crack, Leeds have been at it for 10 years now and finally look to have done enough. Really hope we can avoid bids coming in for the likes of Travis, Nyambe, Armstrong and Lenihan close season as given the current climate they'll be harder than ever to turn down. On the plus side I doubt many teams are gonna be splashing the cash.
  2. Ossydave

    West Brom at home

    Anything is possible to an extent, I'm not knocking it - just surprises me especially on here that so many still believe. Huge day all around the championship, easily one of the best leagues in Europe for me.
  3. Ossydave

    West Brom at home

    Surprised how many people still have outside hopes of the top 6. I think there's perhaps a little bit less pressure because its so unlikely, so may work in our favour. There's certainly gonna be some goals. Its quite simple for me, keep the same team as last time out and we can certainly beat them, piss about and play Bennett, who if he does play sounds like he isn't properly fit anyway, and I can see a tonking.
  4. Ossydave

    Cardiff away

    Someone needs to boot Bennett in training this week to make sure he's not fit to start against West Brom
  5. Ossydave

    Cardiff away

    Why are we like this? Probably win all our remaining games now and miss the play offs by 3 points due to the last few shocking performances against bog standard teams 😫
  6. Ossydave

    Cardiff away

    In 2 minds whether to even bother watching it, I probably will as there's not a lot else to do on a Tuesday night but I'm certainly not looking forward to it. I imagine Cardiff will win at a canter as another season of promise fizzles out. Same again next season? 🙄
  7. Ossydave

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Thats my biggest fear too, and perhaps the reason I've tolerated him longer than some. We're still an attractive job for a good manager, I just have little faith in whoever would be in charge of recruitment.
  8. Ossydave

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    The pro Mowbray numbers must surely be at rock bottom now, even my dad wants him out and he's been as patient as anyone. Forget his chopping and changing for a minute as a lot of managers are doing the same right now. One of the biggest issues I have with him is how he's seemingly wrecked the confidence of many players completely. What the hell is he doing to them besides playing them out of position? Gallagher a prime example yesterday, was anyone expecting him to actually score when through on goal? He was literally terrified! He must now be in a position where he would actually cheer if benched, same goes for Brereton. You could of course argue that they're both shite, and at present its hard to disagree, but there's more to it for me. Chapman another prime example, must wonder why on earth he even bothered signing. Managers in all walks of life are given targets, surely given the money he's spent play offs are his? He is failing, hopefully they pull the plug at the end of the season, not sure i can cope with another season of this.
  9. Ossydave

    Leeds at Home 4.7.20

    Well in our first home game back we were good, It'll be interesting to see if that makes a blind bit of difference, not really sure why it would unless they thrive on the crowd noise through the tannoy but we shall see. No reason we can't beat Leeds in this bonkers league so I certainly won't write us off pre kick off like many seem to be doing. 2-1 Rovers
  10. Ossydave

    Wigan Administration

    I feel sorry for the staff if their jobs are inevitably at risk. Couldn't care less about anything else in relation to Wigan. They installed us as rivals years ago and have acted like tossers towards us ever since. I don't just forget about how they acted when they sent us down or the abuse they dished out to Dack after ending his (and effectively our) season.
  11. Ossydave


    Footballers might get tested but will the other 300 or so people present be tested too?
  12. Ossydave


    Wonder if their home match on Saturday will still go ahead 🤔
  13. To be quite honest most of the keepers in this league are average at best, you see constant howlers. At the end of the day they'd be playing at a higher level otherwise. Walton won't, and I doubt many others will unless they win promotion and their managers keep the faith.
  14. Its fair to say Wigan will have known all about Waltons weak points from when he played there. Yes I do realise someone is tempted to pipe up and ask what his strong points are
  15. Walton was vastly improved pre lock down but has gone massively backwards. Bennett has never seen being a left back but you can't be too pissed off at him for it, he doesn't pick the team. It's a strange feeling hoping Bell will be fit again soon but that's where we're at right about now!

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