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  1. Ossydave

    Football League Suspended

    Exactly mate. Our Chinese offices at work are still so strict about everything, still wearing masks in every day life etc
  2. Ossydave

    Football League Suspended

    Seems the Chinese super league MAY look to resume in May or June but the date is creeping back. I fail to see how the season will finish in this country.
  3. Ossydave


    That's one good thing that may come from this. I'm clean almost to OCD levels but consequently very rarely get Ill, some peoples hygiene will hopefully get a serious kick up the backside.
  4. Ossydave


    What a ridiculous thing to say 🤣 You have no idea whatever about Chaddys health or how he reacts to ANY illness. Everyones immune systems and how they handle illness is completely different. Your 'very good friend' I imagine is a lot older for starters!
  5. Ossydave


    Belt might have snapped if it's not turning at all, does it sound like it's trying to?
  6. Ossydave


    What does someone in isolation do if their washing machine or cooker breaks then Chaddy I'm intrigued and you seem to have all the answers. Let me give you a bit of an insight of just a few of the steps in place. Office staff are about 80% working from home. Hopefully by next week this will be over 90% For those still in the office they must use sanitizer etc in the foyer before they even enter the main building, external visitors are strictly banned. Cleaners are working round the clock tirelessly keeping the place spotless. Desks have been moved round, everyone is far enough apart as advised, theres no meetings even with 2 people. If safer spending a full day there than nipping to the shop. Warehouse are on extended hours, not due to to order volume but to allow people to work safely. As yet there remains 0 cases in employees since the outbreak. Chances are their will be a full lockdown at some point, who knows when that may be. As it stands though mail order companies are most certainly serving a purpose for people stuck at home.
  7. Ossydave


    Why? Because it doesn't affect you if they close? If those companies can still operate safely then they should remain open. There is a rise for demand in MANY mail order items that are helping people through this, I know because I work in the industry. They can't bob down the shops for home exercise equipment or garden toys for the kids as 2 examples. Also this may surprise you Chaddy but a hell of a lot of goods on sale in this country are imported from the far east and the like, working with 12 week lead times or longer. When this mess all ends we ALL need to be ready to hit the ground running and get economy back on its feet.
  8. Ossydave


    Is it possible to do this whilst also being in full time employment? I'm still working, from home so could only do after 5pm for example. I did have a quick scan but could only seem to find the application form and didn't want to complete that if I'd be wasting their time.
  9. Ossydave


    Sigh 😳
  10. Ossydave


    They've been eating weird shit for years and years, its truly disgusting BUT how many pandemics have truly stemmed from bat soup seriously? Believe that is the source and you'll believe anything.
  11. Ossydave


    Yeah, we were on the road to it anyway thankfully. Only place I've paid cash recently is Burnley hospital for parking as they're so stuck in the dark ages over yonder 🙄
  12. I can't seeing them just cherry picking league games to postpone though for just the players that have been directly affected, more likely to suspend all fixtures I would have thought.
  13. Ossydave

    Premier League Stuff

    Opens up so many cans of worms now. Theres gonna be teams out there who WANT games postponing, it's easy for player X now to say his mum, dad, nan or local shopkeeper has been diagnosed meaning teams need to self isolate, and the team they just played need to now and so on and so on. It's all a bit of a mess and difficult to see the season ending unless the Euros does get cancelled.
  14. City/Arsenal now postponed tonight. Theres definitely going to be at least some of the weekends games going the same way....
  15. Smallwood must either have the shittest agent in world football or simply have no desire to play at levels he believes are below him. If I was in his situation I'd 100% be demanding a move even if it did mean an inevitable pay cut.

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