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  1. The Gull

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Chances are those players we are negotiating with have been offered massively reduced terms if they want to extend their stay. If they stay the wage bill goes down for some squad fillers, if they go we reinvest. One thing that I’m thinking about the JL deal is maybe he will cash in on Raya and bring in another number one with JL as back up.
  2. The Gull

    Music Association Game

    Elton John - Rocket Man
  3. The Gull

    Music Association Game

    Half Man Half Biscuit - Tending the Wrong Grave for 23 Years
  4. The Gull

    Music Association Game

    New Order - Blue Monday
  5. The Gull

    Music Association Game

    The Verve - Love is Noise
  6. The Gull

    Music Association Game

    The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
  7. The Gull

    Colin hendry

    I bumped in to him and had a chat at Dubai airport couple of months back, he was with Steve Staunton, they'd be doing a talk at one of the bars over here and I was flying out on business. He was in good form and looked very well, always been very nice to me and my parents over the years when we've met him at the club.
  8. The Gull

    Music Association Game

    Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks
  9. The Gull

    Music Association Game

    Ace - How Long
  10. The Gull


    We played very well for 3/4’s of that game, Stoke were always going to have a spell and they took their chances almost as well as we did, the Crouch header and pen almost outdoing Dack’s failed attempt in the second half, great result from in the end! This league is so tight, 5 points separate top half of the table, the Ipswich and Villa late goals have cost us being joint top! Madness.
  11. The Gull

    Music Association Game

    The Firm - Star Trekkin
  12. Palmer should not play away from home against teams like that, for me Rothwell for Palmer in the starting 11 was a must yesterday. I am not a huge Smallwood fan and can see why people didn't want him to start yesterday, however, he and Evans in that first half were superb in winning the ball back but Palmer and Co didn't do enough with the ball when they gave it to them after winning it. 4-1 was flattering for BCFC but a lesson to the team that the higher up the leagues you go it becomes even more important to take your chances, if we go 2-0 up in the first half as we should have done then it is perfect for our counter attacking game with Armstrong having space and Rothwell making space when he is on the pitch, but we didn't and BCFC did take the few chance they created. It is a shame that this result is the one before the break, if we had lost this one first up then gone unbeaten we go in to this break post window feeling very happy that we will exceed our expectations of surviving in this league, as it is we have been given a big chunk of reality to chew for the next two weeks and we may only finish mid table, if we don't respond in the next game expect revolt!
  13. Who’s the co commentator on ifollow?
  14. The Gull

    Music Association Game

    Jesus Jones - Right here, right now

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