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  1. markread

    Oxford Utd at home

    You're right. Every day is an epiphany. Make the most of it. Getting behind the lads & make it a day to remember. #COYB
  2. markread


    Nah! He went fishing and caught himself a big, fat one.
  3. markread


    And there's a bogeyman living under the stairs, Martin. Watch out! If you make a noise when walking past, he'll jump out and grab ya. 😘 Cue several more weeks of Rovers fans frightening themselves with stories about Shrewsbury and Wigan. If we keep winning, we'll go up. COYB.
  4. markread

    Cheap Ticket Games

    That was my eldest's first game. When I told him the attendance, he replied, ' There's no such number!' He went on to have an ST and so did his brothers - who still have them. Watching the Rovers has entered into their university choices. It's not just about discounting for particular matches. Successful seasons can help to build up the future fanbase at the same time. RTID and all that.
  5. markread

    Walsall v Rovers

    Folk from Walsall are called Yam Yams by Brummies. Apparently because of their less than perfect diction
  6. markread

    Rovers v Bury

    Tony Dourinho?
  7. markread

    Portsmouth v Rovers

    He'll save everyone of us, he'll save everyone of us...
  8. I don't think Rovers founded the Premier League. We were a year too late. We kicked off in the Premier League's first season but the founding vote came the season before. Another odd fact is that Notts County and Luton Town were themselves founder members of the PL but have never played in it. Relegated the season Rovers were promoted, I believe.
  9. markread

    Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

  10. "Attackers win you games; defenders win you titles." - Fergie, apparently. If we get promoted, it will be on the back of our defensive displays. Our strikers, on the other hand, just can't seem to get going consistently. Saturday looks to be the biggest Ewood Park test of this view. Defence holds firm, and we win, then better times ahead.
  11. markread

    Northampton Town v Rovers

    Sorry, Gav. We did play badly and against one of the weakest teams in the League. (I think I've seen just about all of them now. So I'm not being rhetorical.) Promotion will be achieved by having a sense of urgency throughout the season not when there are just a few games left. The cheer at the end of the match by Northampton fans told us again what a scalp we remain for lower division clubs. 'Premier League and you f'd it up' 'You're not famous any more'. If the players on the pitch can't handle the intensity, they shouldn't be there. As for Conway, leaving aside his predictable, one-paced performance, not feeling up to taking the penalty on the part of the captain is unforgivable. No wonder Antonsson bottled it. It ought to be the other way round: Antonsson should have been intimidated into scoring for fear of the consequences. The idea that I could have a few off moments at work and then ask a junior to land the aeroplane because I might mess up would be a sure way to lose respect - and possibly my job. All that after paying for four tickets and our coach journey down. Not been so annoyed since last standing with our away fans...at Oldham. COYB on Boxing Day.
  12. markread

    Northampton Town v Rovers

    Our oldest was born in Northampton and I used to teach there. We'll be at the game on Saturday as Rovers fans. but we are part-time Cobblers. We watch them when we can. Their promotion the season before last and the manner of it was unbelievable given the backdrop of events at the time. Brilliant football. If Rovers fans haven't been following closely, they might not appreciate the depth of problems Northampton have faced. Or the lengths many have gone to in order to save the club. http://www.footytube.com/news/football-mourns-brian-lomax-the-founding-father-of-supporter-activism-43790 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/12014571/Northampton-Towns-plight-is-indicative-of-life-as-a-lower-league-football-club-powerless-to-the-whims-of-big-finance.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-36342097 Good luck for 2017/8, Wadey. #proudtobe
  13. markread

    Northampton Town v Rovers

    Can't remember many. It's a couple of years since I was there. But the ground is easy to reach from the motorway. You get there a long time before you hit the town centre. It's a fairly new build on a retail park. There's a bowling alley, cinema, chain restaurants etc but no 'proper' pubs as I recall, anyway. Northampton haven't really picked since they changed manager. We should be able to pick them off. We are the team for others in this division to worry about now. Nice to be the hunters and not the hunted for a change.
  14. markread

    You can't beat a football ground

    Interesting photos, Meadows. I watched Hungary vs USA in Ferencvaros stadium back in 1990 when I was working out there. A bit more ramshackle then.. A couple of years ago, we visited again to watch a game but couldn't get tickets. Hundreds of police outside and inside the ground dressed like storm troopers from Star Wars. Ferencvaros fans have a Millwall-like reputation in the country. The Hungarians are still fiercely proud of their 1950s national football team. They'll always bring up their victories against England when you talk football. Honved means 'soldier' which tells you all you need to know about how the game was organised there at the time.
  15. markread


    l am pretty sure that recording an PL or EFL game is illegal and published as such in all Ground Regs. For the reasons you allude to AAR. Copyright.

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