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  1. pick32

    Let's Talk Tyrhys Dolan

    Thought that didn’t want to say it on here though 😂
  2. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    Why because he has had minor muscle strains in his hamstring after not playing for 9months? Bit dramatic
  3. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    Arsenal close to signing Martinez replacement and it isn’t Raya!
  4. BB makes me miss Varney and Brown
  5. They can just put Saint-Maximin on against Bell and finish this match whenever they want
  6. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    10% of profit for Raya 😂😂 could make this incompetence up. Tony will be blushing unless Kaminski is worth 10million plus this season
  7. pick32

    Bournemouth away

    That’s me being optimistic haha
  8. pick32

    Bournemouth away

    Pathetic manager and a pathetic window so far 3-0 loss 👍
  9. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    Rather not experiment against a really good Bournemouth side with Wharton, let’s play our best two please
  10. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    Guessing it for the January window
  11. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    Loss of Cunningham and tosin will have a big impact
  12. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    Good deal for someone, wonder if they would except 4 years of instalments haha
  13. pick32

    Leicester away

    Ndidi forced to play cb according to Leicester fans because they are short of options
  14. pick32

    20/21 kit

    That’s horrendous
  15. pick32

    20/21 kit

    Can’t call that a mock up 😂 that’s a Microsoft paint job, even kids netball teams expect a 3D rendering.

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