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  1. Rhodes scores left foot right foot and a header
  2. He was dreadful before his injury, give him away on a free the u23s are a class above
  3. Decent point both teams looked out on their legs by the end of it
  4. Exact same defence better goalkeeper and strike force on the books just a dreadful midfield.
  5. pick32

    Preston Away

    This match is so far away only Mystic meg can have any rational opinion on it, absolute pointless thread
  6. pick32

    QPR Away

    He will mention losing Travis and two defenders to injury and then talk about regrouping after international break
  7. pick32

    Ben Brereton

    I think he is a bigger flop than Grabbi and Davies, lightweight and no composure don’t think he will ever cut it in England. Might make a half decent career in Scotland for himself.
  8. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Think Holtby was here training in July/August. Few good free agents still available Simpson and Hutton would be good for the Rb option. Can’t believe Wilfred Bony, Giuseppe Rossi, The Olsons , Abate and Josh McEachran are all still without clubs.
  9. pick32

    Academy & U21s

    Anyone know if Vilius is still at the club?
  10. We should be nice and give them Samual, Hart and Smallwood on loan for the season
  11. pick32

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Armstrong > Brererton, Samual (that’s the scary thing but he is streets ahead of them)
  12. pick32

    About Travis

    Loved Mowbrays criticism about him after the match on sky ”he is a warrior I think he gives the ball away just so he can tackle them” 😂
  13. pick32

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Walton Bennet Williams Lenihan Cunningham Travis Johnson Rothwell Dack Downing Graham i think that’s the lineup Mowbray will go with.
  14. pick32


    2-1 Oldham
  15. pick32


    Think playing Evans and Smallwood is a good move, whilst not the most exciting pair will offer the two young CBs cover, excited to see how Buckley does and hope Chapman gets some minutes.

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