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  1. pick32

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    I’d like to see elliott dropped and Dolan given a start in this one, players always score against former teams, plus Elliott hasn’t been amazing so far probably a consistent 6/7 most weeks.
  2. pick32

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    No Williams, Ayala, Douglas, Dack, Travis, Bennet, Downing, Kaminski, Trybul i’d say 5 of them get into our best 11
  3. pick32

    Rovers v QPR Sat 7th November

    Pears JRC Nymabe Lenihan Bell Rothwel Johnson Holtby Elliott Armstrong BB 2-0 loss
  4. Think holtby has been good played some really nice beat passes under pressure, Elliott would be my first sub not seen him get involved at al, run into space a lot but spaces were the pass isn’t on. Might be half decent alongside Pirlo
  5. Overrun in midfield needs to be changed at half time
  6. pick32

    Bradley Dack

    Armstrong and Dack must start, Elliott, Dolan and Brereton need to battle it out for final spot
  7. pick32

    Nottingham Forest Home

    3 points if we are serious about playoffs
  8. pick32

    Best Team

    Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Ayala Douglas Holtby Travis Trybull Dolan Armstrong Dack Pears JRC Williams Magloire Bell Rothwel, Johnson, Buckley BB Gallagher, Elliott the likes of chapman, Evans, davenport, bennet, can’t even get into my 22man squad! Shows great strength in depth.
  9. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    Hope we can get Mulgrew, a keeper, davenport a couple cbs and maybe even Buckley out on loan till jan the squads looking big now. Great window though mr Mowbray 👍
  10. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    Why does everyone think Harvey Elliott is amazing? He has a handful of senior appearances, I don’t don’t know anything about the lad but surely can’t make big statements on seeing maybe 2 or 3 matches in the league cup
  11. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    Dack would walk into the team every week and bb has been given a million chances to perform
  12. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    Welbeck, Wilshere, Clyne and Ibe will all at some point have to drop wage demands to find a club. Some talent if you could keep them fit and playing regular
  13. pick32

    Premier League Stuff

    I know it’s a cup game but aurier looks like a poor mans nyambe every time I see him. Don’t know how he is a prem player
  14. pick32

    Let's Talk Tyrhys Dolan

    Thought that didn’t want to say it on here though 😂
  15. pick32

    Summer Transfer Window

    Why because he has had minor muscle strains in his hamstring after not playing for 9months? Bit dramatic

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