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  1. Foxxx

    Maceo Rigters

    Maceo Rigters turned down the contract the Wellington Phoenix offered him, and flew out to try his luck in Romania and Greece. Rigters declines Wellington Phoenix offer I seem to recall he had a few moves breakdown to not being able to agree terms whilst at Rovers. Its a shame, he actually looked like he would do well in the A-League during his 45 min cameo on the weekend.
  2. Foxxx

    Francis Jeffers

    Francis Jeffers is on his way down to Aussie, for a trial with the Newcastle Jets in the A-League. He needs to prove his fitness before they offer him a 10 game Guest contract. Might get a chance to see him pair up with Michael Bridges in attack. And Robbie Fowler is back in Perth after his holiday in England, and is saying he has spoken to Wayne Rooney about comming down here on a Guest stint...
  3. Foxxx

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    This is a question for the Aussie based members, do you think Matthew Leckie would be good enough for Rovers? His contract with Adelaide Utd ends this year, and im sure he will end up in europe next season. He will probably end up in the Dutch leagues like other young Aussies, but I wouldnt mind seeing him at Rovers.
  4. Foxxx

    John Curtis

    and was sent off 1 min after being subbed on in their next game
  5. Foxxx

    Jemal Johnson

    My local A-League team, Wellington Phoenix, is trying to sign Jemal Johnson it seems.
  6. Foxxx

    John Curtis

    John Curtis has signed a 1 year deal with A-League team, Gold Coast United. GCU Seal Deal For Ex-Red Devil
  7. Foxxx

    Where Are They Now?

    Rostyn Griffiths & Robbie Fowler both scored for the North Queensland Fury in a losing effort in their teams A-League debut.
  8. Dunno if this really counts or not, being a former coach, but Ed Baranowski has joined the Wellington Phoenix setup here in New Zealand Phoenix coach conditioned to succeed
  9. Foxxx

    [Archived] Nelsen

    Pregnancy blocks Nelsen from All Whites
  10. Foxxx

    [Archived] Nelsen

    The NZ/Fiji game has been called off, because of the Fijian goalkeeper being denied a entry visa. So prob was a good thing Ryan didnt travel halfway around the world for what will be just 1 game.
  11. Foxxx

    [Archived] Nelsen

    Nelsen ready for Rovers return
  12. Foxxx

    [Archived] Nelsen

    Ryan's been selected in the All Whites squad for the soccer World Cup qualifiers. All Whites squad named Games on Oct 13 & 17th, Nov 17 & 21 this year.
  13. Foxxx

    [Archived] Nelsen

    Wembley hopes inspire Nelsen
  14. Foxxx

    [Archived] Nelsen

    Blackburn Rovers premier league skipper Ryan Nelsen has backed Danny Hay's retention as All Whites captain, healing a potential rift as they prepare for two huge World Cup warm-up games in South America. Nelsen heals wounds by backing Hay as skipper The All Whites tour Costa Rica and Venezuela between March 20-31, hopefully the travel doesnt effect him too much

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