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  1. sambo

    John Jensen gone

    Jensen has been relieved of his duties as Assistant Manager. http://www.rovers.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10303~2466725,00.html
  2. sambo

    Premier League Stuff

    Jordan Rhodes as a player is like Norwich as a club - he can rip the Championship apart, but probably isn't cut out for the Premier League. I just hope he finds a club that appreciates him...unless it's Burnley.
  3. sambo

    The Relegation Thread

    We have 2 full backs who are so far out of their depth it's not funny. Both soft as anything, rubbish on the ball and positionally inept.
  4. sambo

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    I don't sit there, but I love the Riverside! I have no problem with the cameras focusing there, and hate the idea of moving fans from there for the purpose of showing swathes of empty seats in the JW.
  5. sambo

    Premier League Stuff

    They'll probably end up re-signing Carlton Cole again!
  6. sambo

    Premier League Stuff

    That's one team I'll be betting on to get relegated! Thinking a Burnley/Hull/Bournemouth treble.
  7. sambo

    The Relegation Thread

    Let's not be silly. We will be fine, today proved we are far too good to suggest we could go down. I look forward to next year when we are discussing the play offs. In Lambert we trust.
  8. sambo

    The Relegation Thread

    Writing off new players as dross, based on very little. Watt was courted by other clubs and has ability - if we can ensure his attitude remains in check it sounds like we have a good one
  9. sambo

    The Relegation Thread

    What a dreadful season this is. Bowyer was rightly panned for dragging us into this mess, but I really expected Lambert to have us looking upwards. The fact many would take 20th speaks volumes.
  10. sambo


    Can someone tell little old me how caucuses work? Seen as Clinton edged Sanders, does she just 'win' Iowa and get X amount of delegates? Or is it allocated proportionally according to vote share? Same for Republicans. Sorry if this is a stupid question.
  11. sambo

    The Relegation Thread

    How do you know this wasn't Lambert's decision? And it certainly SHOULD be up to him. They've knocked bids back before so doubt they suddenly don't care, maybe they're finally letting managers make the final call?
  12. sambo

    Steve Kean

    As I posted in another thread, I am torn between wanting him to fail (as a big 'I told you so') to wanting him never again to earn the wage and attention that a job in England brings. The rewriting of history is just awful. I long for the day Rovers are back in the Premier League and we can finally consign the Kean era to the history books, albeit as a bitter, horrible chapter.
  13. sambo

    Sebastien Perez

    Worst decision I've ever seen.
  14. sambo

    Sebastien Perez

    I think so. Was only young but think I remember seeing it since. Pretty sure he got sent off for being hit; Flo then came on and the rest is history.
  15. sambo

    Sebastien Perez

    I remember him getting a laughable red card v Chelsea in a 4-3 defeat.
  16. sambo

    Nikola Kalinić

    Make that a hat trick. Always had a soft spot for Niko.
  17. http://www.burnleyfootballclub.com/page/MatchReport/0,,10413~29097,00.html Congratulations Burnley FC for the most bitter (and incorrect) match report ever.
  18. The scene was set for perhaps the most hyped East Lancashire game in recent history, and it was the first encounter between the two teams in the Premier League. The Telegraph ran headlines on the game for weeks, and internet forums and schools/colleges became a battleground. To make it worse, the Dingles were actually above us. However, their away form was horrible, and we looked strong at home. Then it happened. This is my day... Few bottles before the game, nervous as hell. Watched the 'Bring on the Clarets' DVD to get me pumped up, not that I needed it. Got to the ground two hours or so before kick off, to greet their coaches in (however we weren't allowed to give any offensive gestures, so after the first warning we were restricted to merely waving). I saw my mate on the coach who delighted in banging on the windows abusing me. Most of the fans on the coaches looked like typical Dingles though! Even made my way on Sky before the game; with my Brother screaming 'COME ON ROVERS'. Then after some milling about, off to the ground. Had a pint inside, and joined in with the chanting in the Blackburn End lower tier concourse. After a bit of chanting, off to my seat. Wow, the noise was incredible. Everyone was up for it, chanting like I have never seen at Ewood. The game was a blur if I'm being honest. They scored a screamer, knew it was going to happen as soon as he got the ball. They went mental, everything seemed to go blank. It almost felt like an out of body experience, but a horrible one. Stood there, but didn't get angry or upset. I have no idea why. Then, there was the wonderful fightback. Dunn scored, and chaos ensued. Then it was Di Santo's turn... I thought the referee had given a foul and didn't celebrate, then I realised and again it was mental. Ran around block N05 like a nutter, same for the third goal. Enjoyed baiting the scum, and felt amazing! The Second Half was grim, some good chanting but the team just defended, not really offering much going forward. They scored, and I have never fretted that much in my life. Burnley's pressure was kicked up a notch, and at one point it looked like Eagles would get a good shot away. After what felt like forever, the whistle went. What a feeling... then 'I gotta feelin' came on and everyone was going crazy, dancing and singing. Absolute jubilation. Went home from there, after their coaches came past. Saw a few sheepish Dingles from college on the coach. Some tried giving stick at us, with one arse stuck to the window, some chants of "town full of p***s", but most looked dejected. Brilliant. Got home and had a few. Overall, what a day. One of the best in my 17 year old life as a Rovers fan. Share your memories...
  19. sambo


    I'm Sam (19 years old), an avid Rovers fan who lives in Clayton Le Moors normally, but at the moment is generally at Cardiff Uni studying English. Had a season ticket for 14 years, although find it harder to make every home game at the moment due to money/time getting there. Love nothing more than a good away day, and usually find the money to make about 10 every season. Best memories supporting Rovers are the wins v Burnley, the atmosphere at OT for the 2007 FA Cup semi and various other cup runs/away days (Blackpool was another classic). My big regret is being unable to make the 2002 final v Spurs; had to contend with dancing around my house
  20. sambo


    My favourite place is Yorkshire Fisheries in Blackpool on Topping Street. A bit far but I adore it!
  21. sambo

    Movie Discussion

    Watched 'The Green Mile' for the first time today, one of those I never got round to watching. Incredible movie.
  22. sambo

    Movie Discussion

    Limitless looks awesome, definitely want to see that!
  23. sambo

    Ronnie Clayton

    Fantastic video
  24. sambo

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    Same corner as you, just around 2 rows above the bouquet left in John's seat. Just below that control room, second row from the top. I was on my own for this one, bit of a mop head Mine was on the back of an England towel saying RIP John Taylor
  25. sambo

    RIP John Steven Taylor

    Was just one or two snapping back, but I agree. I had my banner on the back of an England towel in the Darwen End if anyone saw.

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