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  1. ben_the_beast

    Reading v Rovers

    Rodwell can't even organize his own 2 feet
  2. ben_the_beast

    Reading v Rovers

    Classic Bell
  3. ben_the_beast

    Unpopular Rovers Opinions

    They may or not have a seat on the board I'm not sure. But even if they do it is very much a token gesture. One of the terms of the deal was total control. Eisner was putting that much cash in that he's pretty entitled to want complete authority over it. Fans did get too vote. How much that means in my opinion isn't a huge deal. All it takes is a small bit of media spin. No fan can really know what potential owners are like. And there were no caveats as part of the deal in terms of Eisner had to do a, b, c. A couple of my good mates were shareholders (I live in Portsmouth) and I was a little perplexed when they were happy to sell to Eisner. But these are just normal people who'd put in about a grand or so of their own cash to buy the club when it could have gone into extinction. But they could see there was no possible progression unless the club was sold.
  4. ben_the_beast

    Joe Rothwell

    My personal opinion is if we saw him centrally pushing right up with a central striker as Dack does we would have seen more in terms of goals/assists. Opportunity hasn't been given though largely down to the good form of Dack. I have the feeling if Palmer was still here he still would have brought Conway on. It was 55 mins, we were under the cosh a little. Mowbray square pegged it trying to shoehorn a little game management in the form of Conway when there was an outlet on the bench in the form of Rothwell. A very negative, ineffective and ultimately costly decision.
  5. ben_the_beast

    Brentford v Rovers

    Unless he got a shout. Which is probable
  6. ben_the_beast

    Premier League Stuff

    To be fair it was one of the worst ref decisions I've seen
  7. ben_the_beast

    Joe Rothwell

    Criminal he didn't come on yesterday. In what I'm sure could be his best position on the park. Few defensive responsibilities. Brentford still chasing an equaliser. His pace and ability and the opportunity to play centrally was perfect for yesterday. I genuinely think that sub could be the final nail in the coffin for him mentally when it comes to his rovers career. Very much expect him to move on in the summer now and be a huge success elsewhere
  8. ben_the_beast


    Any clue as to what we've paid to bring Chapman in?
  9. ben_the_beast


    Personally I'm disappointed we've not been able to go for Gallagher. I don't want to see us dropping totally unsustainable amounts of money signings. I doubt we'll go up this year. Still could. But we've got our club back. We have pride. Mowbray values the club rather than short term success which is very rare for a manager. Hopefully the summer is better. But I think we've got it pretty good
  10. ben_the_beast


    A journo Alan Nixon used to post on here years ago. Giving out the tiniest tidbits of information followed by "more in tomorrow's paper" which whipped people up into such a frenzy. The term nickoteen was even created. Anyway he used to post at about 11pm as the papers were already being printed at that time which coined the phrase 11 o'clocker.
  11. ben_the_beast


    What about. Harry Chapman's on a sledge, on a sledge, on a sledge. Harry Chapman's on a sledge. He hates Burnley
  12. ben_the_beast


    Peter crouch talked about pulis in his book. Said he did nothing on fitness but all team shape. Robert Huth used to cycle 40k to training to up his fitness as he felt he didn't do enough under pulis
  13. ben_the_beast


    How I feel about this signing
  14. ben_the_beast


    Bloody love that bit where he's on a sledge
  15. I can only assume you didn't watch that game. Nyambe proved me wrong. I hope Bell can progress in the same way. I just really don't think we've seen a recent consistent upturn in form

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