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  1. ben_the_beast


    The Chinese culture started this virus. There is a certain amount of inevitability but they create a mixing pot. And are answerable. From a very left wing person the only thing I agree with trump with in 5 years of office is that this is a China virus. Look at their food and hygiene standards online. They are culpable. Should they pay? But they should certainly change!
  2. ben_the_beast


    I don't believe it has come from bat soup. I believe it has come from keeping live and dead animals in unhygienic conditions on top of each other, cross contamination, blood mixing. Whilst there is an inevitability around new viruses these kind of conditions create the perfect environment.
  3. ben_the_beast


    For those claiming this is a conspiracy theory watch the video below. Who knows categorically whether this is Wuhan but regardless this is the kind of practise that does go on in China. WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT
  4. ben_the_beast


    I do actually agree with you that anyone treating it in a blaise manner is worthy of criticism. We just have all been around here long enough to know when some posters have an opinion they will dig their heels in. And it just feels like theres so much negativity, rightly so, that it was doing my head in. But in essence I dont disagree with you
  5. ben_the_beast


    This thread was informative to begin with. It has quickly developed into people dismissing what stance other people take and questioning peoples characteristics as to why that might be. Personally I don't care what chaddys stance is and the discussion about the Tories this, Labour that. I understand that it can be frustrating to some if they deem others to be not taking in all the facts. Sorry to name drop you chaddy it is just most of this is directed your way. He is entitled to whatever opinion he holds even if that frustrates a few other people on here. It would be great if we could stop this from derailing the thread. Because A )this can be a great place to see a range of info and views. B ) It was a good place to see alternate info rather than what I usually read, which is just what is churned out by BBC news. C ) Which is most important. Times are undoubtedly hard and going to be harder. We are an online community. Be kind, pull together and this can be a comforting place to read and chat, rather than a negative one.
  6. ben_the_beast

    Promotion next season?

    If we did as the OP said and manage to bring back Walton, Cunningham and Tosin in a combination of loans and signings we would still need 2 more. One more centre back for depth and a right winger. Maybe that polish fella. Then I would be confident. 5 signings is a lot though. But that is what the squad requires. With proper service i wouldn't bet against Armstrong hitting 20 next season.
  7. ben_the_beast

    Stoke City home

    I agree. I thought Bell was woeful last night. He has improved a lot defensively. But he didnt have much defending to do. Going forward he was just abysmal. Poor crossing, constantly turning back or hitting the first man. The only time he didnt hit the first man there was no whip on the ball. Just a soft dink across which was easy to clear. I really think considering the lack of attack from stoke we should have shifted downing to left back and put Buckley into midfield
  8. Eh? Just what in the world? I dont know what sport or game you were watching. Madness
  9. I could see a Lenihan goal. Get those inswinging corners going to the flapper. Lenihan to prod another home
  10. ben_the_beast

    European Champions League 2019/20

    I don't watch it and won't watch it. Its "gone to boring for me" Thank you for making me laugh chadster
  11. ben_the_beast

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    It's no exaggeration to say his save at the end was world class. Raya who is applauded for his shot stopping wouldn't have had the reach. I would say Waltons main weakness now is shots which are close to him. Especially low down. See mitrovic's goal. Personally I'm swaying very much into the yea camp in terms of signing him. Even his biggest critics can clearly see he is showing real signs of improvement.
  12. ben_the_beast


    Superb result. Since a couple of people are talking about Gallagher. Big difference between him and Samuel is the ball seemed to stick to Dom today. It seems like a relatively simple thing but surely with Gallaghers physical attributes he could be coached to shield and hold up. Rather than going for these crazy blood and thunder flick ons. It's a huge hindrance. Back to the game. Jolly good. And amazing to see some of our lesser players stepping up. Walton (save at the end was a worldy), Bell (consistent for a month now), Johnson showing physicality, Buckley showing he can handle this league and the previously mentioned Samuel. Biggest thing is though we look like a unit at the back. Keep on plodding.
  13. ben_the_beast


    Know a Charlton fan. Marriage material. Funny, likes footie, lovely figure and a nice lass to boot. Hope we make her cry. Up the playoffs
  14. ben_the_beast

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    I do think he is slowly improving. If the price was right. Ie cheap. I'd rather see any cash invested elsewhere. At the end of the day he's never going to make the grade as a number 1 at Brighton. Let him go to us. Cheap fee, sell on clause just in case he does kick on
  15. ben_the_beast

    Championship season 2019-20

    Watching Preston play. They are a right bunch of twats. Ben Pearson has had cramp more times than the rest of the league combined. The kind of player every opposition fan hates but you love him if he's your own. Preston are nothing special. Goals from set pieces. Then waste time and cheat their way through the rest. I genuinely wish we had some of their shithousery

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