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  1. ben_the_beast


    No wonder we are drawing so many games atm. Does Mowbray know one win is the equivalent of three draws. If he weren't so cautious he was capable saving us from relegation. Whatever our ambitions this attitude will cost us
  2. ben_the_beast

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Small nob referee. Greizmann style go down in an area you want a free kick and the referees oblige. It's a JOKE. What's the point. He did it a few times. And that's what decides football games these days.
  3. ben_the_beast

    Bradley Dack

    Lads made a mistake. Look at the likes of Troy Deeney. He has a choice now. Sort his head out and focus or be a "I could have been somebody" at the end of his career. I'm not sure I buy into completely slating him. He's grown up in a different world where egos can become inflated very easily. Hopefully this is a reality check, brings him back down to earth with a bump and he looks at what's important going forwards. He's been a nob, he's been stupid. Accept it, change going forwards
  4. ben_the_beast


    That anthem!! I wasn't ready for that this morning. I feel ready to battle an orc army at helms deep. I'm not sure my spreadsheets are going to quite cut it for me today.
  5. ben_the_beast

    Best Starting Eleven 2018/19 Season

    Big question is where does Rothwell fit in. He's looked our best player recently. I'd play him for Smallwood personally as long as Bennet on the right. He can drop as Rothwell pushes forwards adding a bit more balance. Unfortunately I think Mowbray may be too conservative for this.
  6. Seen it in a couple of places that Mowbray gambled and it backfired but if he didn't gamble then he'd be slated for that as well. In my opinion he tactics were shocking yesterday. Nuttal should be nowhere near this side. Gambling doesn't have to consist of throwing on extra strikers. What about the supply. It was amateurish. Like a kid going gung ho whilst playing a game of Fifa. We had attackers on the pitch already. How about keeping Palmer on, putting benno in centre mid and Conway or Rothwell wide right. Improve the supply. All he did was kill any semblance of creativity we barely had. For the record I love mogga. His tactics made zero sense yesterday though
  7. Such a soft free kick for their goal. Referee caving to a couple of boos. Very weak willed. We've missed a couple of sitters and barring a shaky first 10 or 15 mins we were comfortably the better side.
  8. 1. He is actually in someone's back garden not out in a club. 2. There is no evidence he is drinking. 3. The post was made last night but there is nothing to say this was last night. Could very easily be Friday evening he has gone out to a friend's house. Not drunk and been tucked up in bed for midnight. Footballers need to be aware of their responsibilities but control anyone too much and it's a recipe for disaster. A lot of people here assuming from one picture that he's been out getting drunk until the early hours before a game with absolutely zero evidence to back it up
  9. ben_the_beast

    Loan Window

    My bets are that we are looking at Chapman and a goalkeeper
  10. ben_the_beast

    Loan Window

    http://www.forestforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=45494&page=99 Forest forum there. 100 pages of chat about Brereton with forest fans seemingly universally unhappy with the deal. That's hopefully a better indication than a couple of minutes on YouTube
  11. ben_the_beast

    Loan Window

    It's a non story. If they really wanted him they'd have been in for him this window. Given how he is going to tear the championship up this season we already knew there would be interest in January. Nixon being a nob basically. The bloke clearly doesn't think much of us these days
  12. ben_the_beast

    Loan Window

    Usually I'm pretty chill in regards to rovers. Maybe it's been the acceptance of doom over the years. But this window is beginning to pee me off a little. It's all the promise. Of hopefully someone in by the end of the week. And it never happening. Basically they've got my hopes up. And I've a nasty feeling we are going to be left short.
  13. ben_the_beast

    Loan Window

    People seem to have taken this latest story about Brereton to heart a little. We were never in for him etc. It's fairly plausible this is forest still trying to squeeze more pounds out of us. I'm sure we were in for him. I'll bet there was no unnamed premier league club and the price is ridiculous in the hope we'll lob another couple of million their way as it seems as though we are still getting a bargain. Mowbray has already expressed his disdain over media interference when it comes to our targets. Forest are leaking what they want to leak. They want to sell. We know that. I think they have no intention of selling until the deadline though as they know we are a bit desperate and that's when they can demand more. They hold all the cards as I believe they want to sell but don't have too. We need a striker
  14. ben_the_beast

    Loan Window

    QPR supporting mate. Said he's usually fairly on the button with things
  15. ben_the_beast

    Loan Window

    In regards to sylla. The journo who wrote the story apparently is fairly accurate in anything QPR related

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