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  1. His posts make me smile to be honest. If you let that kinda thing wind you up then you really need to look into ways of being a more relaxed human being
  2. ben_the_beast

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    His biggest issue with his ability in the air is he isn't brave enough. He has the height. Watch the goal. He is looking the other way and flinching rather than clearing anyone out that is in his way
  3. ben_the_beast

    If you could have any 3 Championship players

    Funny how some people are saying semi ajayi or however you spell his name. When he absolutely was a realistic target and exactly what was needed in the summer
  4. ben_the_beast

    The reputation of the club

    I work abroad a lot. Got chatting to a guy from Pune in a bar the other night. A very well educated guy. He could only talk about the venkys in glowing terms, how they were an example for Indian business and actually had a surprising knowledge around their various interests. He had never heard of Rovers. Says a lot
  5. ben_the_beast


    I think the point is that any minor slip ups for him are magnified and in my opinion that magnification in the press stems from his race. So it's no wonder you say other players manage to not get involved in these incidents as they don't have the press trying to hang them out to dry all the time. With this incident all it shows to me is that he really cares. It's no big deal and I'd rather a player be a sore loser and take things too far than just go through the motions picking up their salary.
  6. ben_the_beast

    144 Years

    And the 150?
  7. ben_the_beast

    144 Years

    What is this #fov150 thing meant to mean?
  8. ben_the_beast

    Mowbray Poll

    You never know. We could stumble upon a cracking appointment. Unlikely but possible. The dice has to be rolled though. As we know exactly what direction we are heading under Mowbray
  9. ben_the_beast

    If Tony goes...

    At the time I was angry. I live on the south coast. I turned off the telly. Pissed off at the inevitable. However many years later. Those images of fans running on the pitch. Kean puffing out his chest. I'm not sure I realised at the time how those memories would stick and how much it actually hurt. But it really was a sad fu**ing day. We went onto life support the day venkys took us over. But that really was a hammer blow. That has become etched into my memory
  10. ben_the_beast

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Great post. Some really interesting stats in there which back up what many of us are thinking. For me Mowbray really is showing his complete lack of tactical awareness. I believe his thinking is coach the players on a short passing game, instruct us not to play long balls and tell the players to try and play through the lines or some garbage like that is the extent of tactical instruction he is giving. That along with his cautious ness around opposition players has sterilsed us. I am not making a comparison here but they are just an easy example that jump into my brain. If you look at a team like liverpool, yes they have individual quality but they also have a serious of set plays within open play which they resort too when individual excellence isn't paying off. That includes taking the ball wide to attacking full backs who cross from deep. Slightly narrower wide forwards who create the space for said full backs. Players with pace in the correct areas for counter attacks. And a team which all run into the exact same positions when losing the ball. Clearly we dont have that quality of player but those set drills, almost American football style plays can be coached at any level. It is the creation of easy options/plays when the team is lacking ideas. Players know where to go, where the ball is going and where their mates will be. I see non of this at Rovers. Simply a one paced windscreen wiper football from one side of the pitch to the other, mainly between our 6 most defensive players. At some point they will inevitably lose it and we are exposed because of where possession is lost. The tactics are keep the ball, hope Dack can pull off a moment of magic. Its appaling stuff and I am pretty sure most of us on here could give players that instruction. And the players themselves will be casting sideways glances that there is so little structure that they are allowed to bring into their play. If they can't practise it on the training ground how can they produce an "open set play" in a game. Sorry for the lengthy post. I just cant believe the lack of direction in the team. I'm sure Gallagher would pop up with a few goals if it was clear from our play when he should linger at the back post or attack the near. Make all those headers he is winning mean something by communicating where the ball is going when we are in more dangerous areas of the pitch. Rocket science it ain't. Rant over.
  11. I think theres a player in there. He's joined a horrendous side though
  12. ben_the_beast

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Said it a few times now. And it makes sense not having a new poll all the time. We all know how fickle football fans are. But I for one would be very interested to see the outcome of a new poll on Mowbray. Mods??
  13. ben_the_beast

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    True 😂
  14. ben_the_beast

    QPR Away

    I just want to bump this thread up to remind people of how shite we really were. I want my money back
  15. ben_the_beast

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Back on topic. I know we can't have a new poll every week. But after we put a good run together, followed by that shambles and it being an international break. Surely now is a good time for a Tony Mowbray poll

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