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  1. ben_the_beast

    Bradley Dack

    It was pretty obvious it was serious. Also in terms of how it happened. It wasnt so much of a foul, foul in that Morsy didnt actually put a tackle in. But all Dack was doing was letting it run out of play. And Morsy has kinda run through him. Which is just the type of player Morsy is. A thuggish cu** who tries to land one on anyone and everyone he comes into contact with. He didn't as such tackle him. It was unlucky. But the bloke is an absolute thug who is going to inflict these kinda injuries on players by the way that he plays with no regards for other players safety at any moment. It was an unnecessary nudge which has seen Dacks weight bearing leg buckle. The bloke is a wa*ker
  2. ben_the_beast

    Bradley Dack

    I just love the bloke. He has helped reignite my passion for football. Being able to audibly hear his screams on the telly was horrible. He's my favourite player since Matt Jansen. I think it is a season ender in terms of promotion hopes. I'm sad for the bloke
  3. ben_the_beast

    Ben Brereton

    He just isn't a footballer. He looks uncoordinated and has the strangest posture. The bloke isn't an athlete at all and doesn't have the technique to get by either. Some people say he's been badly managed and some fans want him to fail. I don't think any of that is true. They are just saying what they see and that is that he simply isn't up to it. We've had our pants pulled down
  4. ben_the_beast

    Ben Brereton

    I know. Which is why I am of the opinion he is never going to make it, we've had our pants pulled down and he is generally a crap player
  5. ben_the_beast

    Ben Brereton

    He did show a good bit of skill on the wing. He managed to knock down a couple of long balls. But generally with the ball at his feet he looks so clumsy. And off the ball he doesn't have a football brain. He didn't know when to press when to sit. Gallagher on the other hand led the line and was constantly yelling at brereton, directing him where he needed to be.
  6. ben_the_beast

    Ben Brereton

    I was there. He wasn't
  7. ben_the_beast

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    I can see us playing 2 ways going forward. The tried and tested 4231 against teams that sit deep against us. Dack to try and pick holes in compact defences. Then away from home a compact 442 like we played against Bristol. Replace brereton with Armstrong. Him and gally to work their socks off up front and the 4 in midfield to be narrow and compact. Perfect for a counter attack. In Gallagher i trust him to lead the line. The goals haven't come yet but he offers enough in his all round game to merit his place. I think in time he will show himself to be a quality addition with a 10 to 20 mil resale value
  8. His posts make me smile to be honest. If you let that kinda thing wind you up then you really need to look into ways of being a more relaxed human being
  9. ben_the_beast

    Stoke v Rovers Nov 30

    His biggest issue with his ability in the air is he isn't brave enough. He has the height. Watch the goal. He is looking the other way and flinching rather than clearing anyone out that is in his way
  10. ben_the_beast

    If you could have any 3 Championship players

    Funny how some people are saying semi ajayi or however you spell his name. When he absolutely was a realistic target and exactly what was needed in the summer
  11. ben_the_beast

    The reputation of the club

    I work abroad a lot. Got chatting to a guy from Pune in a bar the other night. A very well educated guy. He could only talk about the venkys in glowing terms, how they were an example for Indian business and actually had a surprising knowledge around their various interests. He had never heard of Rovers. Says a lot
  12. ben_the_beast


    I think the point is that any minor slip ups for him are magnified and in my opinion that magnification in the press stems from his race. So it's no wonder you say other players manage to not get involved in these incidents as they don't have the press trying to hang them out to dry all the time. With this incident all it shows to me is that he really cares. It's no big deal and I'd rather a player be a sore loser and take things too far than just go through the motions picking up their salary.
  13. ben_the_beast

    144 Years

    And the 150?
  14. ben_the_beast

    144 Years

    What is this #fov150 thing meant to mean?
  15. ben_the_beast

    Mowbray Poll

    You never know. We could stumble upon a cracking appointment. Unlikely but possible. The dice has to be rolled though. As we know exactly what direction we are heading under Mowbray

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