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  1. ben_the_beast

    Premier League Stuff

    I think it is somewhere in the middle. I don't think for a second there are newspaper editors disliking sterling because he is a successful black man. But there remains a subconscious undertone which makes black footballers a more likely target. Racism in sport is less open these days. I don't think there is intentional targeting, yet any young black footballers do seem to attract negative press more easily. Would Beckham have been a united and England hero if he were black? I think he'd be lauded as a great player but I don't think he'd be Mr England. Sterling has brought the discussion to the forefront and fair play to him.
  2. ben_the_beast

    Bradley Dack

    If Palace want Dack they can give us big bucks plus Sorloth. Long term target man solved plus big money to invest in the rest of the team. Rather keep Bradley though. I've already bought a Dack mug for Christmas.
  3. ben_the_beast


    I've been thinking the same for a while. Ticks a lot of boxes. Big strong target man, looked like an ok finisher prior to his palace move, mobile enough and young. Palace signed him for 9 million and I could imagine they'd be quite tempted by a loan with a view to buy given how little playing time they've given him. He's not done much at palace so o could easily see them letting him go yet he has been in and around the first team suggesting he does have something about him.
  4. ben_the_beast

    Bradley Dack

    How sick would you feel if you were a Gillingham fan
  5. ben_the_beast


    Couldn't have saved that until the game was over could you?
  6. ben_the_beast


    I think they will be there for the taking on the break.
  7. ben_the_beast

    Premier League Stuff

    Ozil tonight was poetry in motion. I've rarely seen such an aesthetically beautiful performance. The third goal most players couldn't have shown the awareness he showed he did, even if they had Bernards watch and could stop time
  8. ben_the_beast

    Ben Brereton

    Thought he did ok when he came on. However when he's dropping back and helping the right back he looks lost. Obviously not his game. Why not put him up top. Less responsibility. Ball didn't stick to Dacky anyway
  9. ben_the_beast


    No wonder we are drawing so many games atm. Does Mowbray know one win is the equivalent of three draws. If he weren't so cautious he was capable saving us from relegation. Whatever our ambitions this attitude will cost us
  10. ben_the_beast

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Small nob referee. Greizmann style go down in an area you want a free kick and the referees oblige. It's a JOKE. What's the point. He did it a few times. And that's what decides football games these days.
  11. ben_the_beast

    Bradley Dack

    Lads made a mistake. Look at the likes of Troy Deeney. He has a choice now. Sort his head out and focus or be a "I could have been somebody" at the end of his career. I'm not sure I buy into completely slating him. He's grown up in a different world where egos can become inflated very easily. Hopefully this is a reality check, brings him back down to earth with a bump and he looks at what's important going forwards. He's been a nob, he's been stupid. Accept it, change going forwards
  12. ben_the_beast


    That anthem!! I wasn't ready for that this morning. I feel ready to battle an orc army at helms deep. I'm not sure my spreadsheets are going to quite cut it for me today.
  13. ben_the_beast

    Best Starting Eleven 2018/19 Season

    Big question is where does Rothwell fit in. He's looked our best player recently. I'd play him for Smallwood personally as long as Bennet on the right. He can drop as Rothwell pushes forwards adding a bit more balance. Unfortunately I think Mowbray may be too conservative for this.
  14. Seen it in a couple of places that Mowbray gambled and it backfired but if he didn't gamble then he'd be slated for that as well. In my opinion he tactics were shocking yesterday. Nuttal should be nowhere near this side. Gambling doesn't have to consist of throwing on extra strikers. What about the supply. It was amateurish. Like a kid going gung ho whilst playing a game of Fifa. We had attackers on the pitch already. How about keeping Palmer on, putting benno in centre mid and Conway or Rothwell wide right. Improve the supply. All he did was kill any semblance of creativity we barely had. For the record I love mogga. His tactics made zero sense yesterday though
  15. Such a soft free kick for their goal. Referee caving to a couple of boos. Very weak willed. We've missed a couple of sitters and barring a shaky first 10 or 15 mins we were comfortably the better side.

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