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  1. ben_the_beast

    Bradley Dack

    I love Bradley Dack. Full on man crush
  2. ben_the_beast

    Thursday deadline.

    Tony Fernandes not much of a decision maker at QPR these days. Talks ongoing. According to QPR supporting mate who got that from a journo who's usually pretty on the ball with goings on at their club
  3. ben_the_beast

    Thursday deadline.

    I'd love Chapman back here. He's a risk but one well worth taking. Gambles on players like him are what this club has always been about. If they pay off it can propel the club to the next level
  4. ben_the_beast

    Thursday deadline.

    Can fill in round the back too
  5. ben_the_beast

    Thursday deadline.

    K-hod was right. You were being annoying for literally no reason
  6. ben_the_beast

    Thursday deadline.

    I think I must be the only person not overly fussed about Adam Armstrong. He was a key part of us getting promoted last year but massively blew hot and cold. Not sure how he'd handle the step up. Couple of others have said it but Chapman is a far superior player. Just a risk with injuries.
  7. ben_the_beast

    Thursday deadline.

    Massive news that it's a season long loan as opposed to 6 months. Will make a huge difference to our season.
  8. ben_the_beast

    Thursday deadline.

    Give it another year or so and Chaddy will officially be a Z list celebrity with enough fame to justify being on a low quality reality tv show.
  9. ben_the_beast

    Thursday deadline.

    Admittedly only YouTube vids but after watching Nmecha I was fairly impressed. He looks like he's got a lot of strength as well as a bit of pace. Players need that strength when dropping down a level. A lack of it is usually where a lot of talented young players come unstuck or take a long time to settle.
  10. ben_the_beast

    Thursday deadline.

    He'll probs pull a hammy
  11. ben_the_beast

    World Cup 2018

    Henderson definitely passes forwards
  12. ben_the_beast

    World Cup 2018

  13. ben_the_beast

    Thursday deadline.

  14. ben_the_beast

    World Cup 2018

    You don't half chat some rubbish Chaddy. The world cup has been superb. Having not watched the games you're in no position to formulate this opinion
  15. ben_the_beast

    World Cup 2018

    A fella I watched the game with had a stopwatch on him. In the second half the ball was only in play for 25 minutes and 52 seconds. Makes no sense to me why fifa don't get a grip of this and stop the clock whilst the ball is dead

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