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    Let's see a poll then.
  2. Smart Meters

    In terms of you listing the Cons and stating a smart meter is for the energy companies benefit this isn't accurate at all. The smart meter roll-out is a government mandate and is costing every energy company a phenomenal amount of money. Hundreds of pounds per duel fuel install. If it were up to the energy companies themselves they simply wouldn't be installing the meters on this scale. It makes zero financial sense for them. In terms of switching if this is something you do often then yes getting a smart meter right now is not necessarily the smartest decision as you will be able to do so but upon switching suppliers your meter will still work but will lose its smart function. It will essentially still work but exactly the same as a "dumb" (non smart meter) where you will once again have to submit readings to your supplier. There will be an upgrade in smart this year (SMETS 2) which will counter this and you will then be able to instantaneously switch suppliers so if you switch often it may be worth waiting for this. The entire reason smart meters are being introduced is an effort of the uk government to comply with reducing carbon emissions. The idea being by educating customers in real time about their usage that customers will become increasingly savvy about saving electricity and gas, giving the customer cheaper bills, whilst also having a positive environmental impact. As already said the other benefits for customers include not having to submit your meter readings and always getting accurate bills. You will also get a smart energy tracker (a handheld device). You look back through your historic usage and analyse why you've seen peaks in usage. It can also be helpful for if you've been nagging the kids about turning off the lights or heating. However if you are concerned about your energy company obtaining too much information about you they cannot see anything but the readings which come through. They cannot obtain any other information from your property. You also have the option to specify how often your readings are sent through. You have the option of half-hourly, daily or monthly if you are concerned about how much data is being collected. In regards to regularly looking at switching tariffs or suppliers. Absolutely, go for it. Just like with anything shop around and you may be able to find a bargain. All the above is factual and not taken from comical websites talking about dying plants etc when they are near your meters (anyone use a mobile phone...They use the same signals).
  3. NAPM

    Am I oh the only one wondering what NAPM stands for
  4. Fixtures

    Living in Portsmouth I'm mightily hacked off that's on a Tuesday night. Was looking forward to making a weekend of it
  5. Anyone know if you can get tickets on the gate for this one? After being out the country for a while I'm going to be in the midlands by chance on Saturday and fancy catching my first game of the season!
  6. Has Your Opinion Changed On Coyle?

    Went to see Qpr play yesterday as a mate had a spare ticket. On the tube back home Neil Warnock hopped on and sat next to us. Said he was offered the job in the summer but wasn't allowed to bring his assistant. Which he found very funny considering the backroom team he was told he had to work with left a month later anyway. His thoughts on Coyle were along the lines of what on earth did they go and appoint him for. As a side note he came across as an absolute gentleman.
  7. 9.30Pm Tonight - New Social Media Hashtag

    If someone could forward the email to me as well I'd really appreciate it. blaw1988@gmail.com
  8. Every Brfc Premier League Scorer Quiz

    Took a good few attempts but got all 104. Unfortunately I should have been preparing for an interview at the time. Procrastination at its finest.
  9. Summer 2016. Who Stays? Who Goes? You Decide!

    Duffy will come good I'm sure. He's where Hanley was at a year ago. A bit of time and he'll mature. The two of them could form one of the most solid bases in this league. I like Marshall at right back too. A new left back, a bit more structure, a bit more maturity which I'm sure will come and we'll have a very good back line. I think you can tell both Hanley and Duffy actually care. This is what we need
  10. Premier League 2015/16 Thread

    Plus arsenal were just bitching all game long. Literally appealed absolutely everything. It felt like an inevitability the tide would turn in terms of decisions. Giroud is very easy to dislike. Great assist for Walcott's goal though
  11. Premier League 2015/16 Thread

    Ref couldn't wait to send Simpson off. Came out second half and didn't allow Leicester to be physical. Ruined the game. At most you can say Simpson was a bit silly. But for him to give a second yellow so quickly after having given the first was absolutely ridiculous.
  12. Rovers V Reading Sun 20Th Dec

    Odd highlights here and there. Plus he's been at the club longer than I have been out the country.
  13. Rovers V Reading Sun 20Th Dec

    Having been living out the country for some time this was my first game in a couple of years. Not even been able to catch much on TV or online. So in a way I was looking at many of these players with a fresh pair of eyes. Jordan Rhodes was terrible. By far the worst player on the pitch. We were playing with 10 men. Having had a scan of this thread I really can't believe how little criticism he is coming in for. He genuinely looked as if that was his first game in the side. First half the few times Conway had the ball out wide for a cross him and Rhodes were just on a totally different wavelength. Cross far post as Rhodes ran near. I watched him miss time the ball with it subsequently bouncing over his head numerous times. He had three half chances today. One he skyed it, second a decent cut back for him was miss controlled and the third he scuffed into the keepers arms. If he isn't threatening with half chances what on earth is he worth having for. That was league two standard stuff from him. And he was never fast but to say he's getting slower is an understatement. My opinion is sell, sell, sell. We need the cash. New striker, a forward thinking midfielder, and a winger with pace to replace Marshall whom didn't make it more than ten yards in front of Olsson all game. In regards to the game. They scored a wonder goal having not really touched the ball for ten minutes. He's swung his boot at it. He'd try it anther twenty times and it would be in the stands. Then nothing really happened for the rest of the game. It became apparant very quickly how toothless we were. So Reading ram around a lot. Put pressure on us when we has possession. We had no answer. As for everyone slating brown coming on. However depressing it is to see that style of football. We created a couple of chances at the death with a few big lumps up there to play head tennis in their box. Far moreso than Jordan created. So yes. He was feeding on scraps but he certainly doesn't help himself by just generally being a bit of a crap lump.
  14. Qpr Get Away With £8M Fine. Fup At Its Best

    A qpr supporting friend of mine said he read on a forest forum that both us and forest were offered the same terms as qpr to exit the embargo but both clubs turned it down.
  15. Pune Meeting update in the today's LT

    It's part of the balanced picture I painted. I was just pointing out it's not all roses down there