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  1. Wiggy

    Where to drink in Bradford

    Thanks for your thoughtful post Jimbobaroo. Could you recommend anywhere with good quality pub grub for us please? We're arriving by train at Bradford Interchange. Many thanks.
  2. Wiggy

    Rovers v Citeh 1989

    I was in the Blackburn End that day with a City mate. He had a radio and said there was something strange happening at Hillsborough. The true horror only unfolded later.
  3. Wiggy

    Transfers Part 2

    I'm hearing that the Wee Gem is getting the Lambert treatment. Apparently he had five players lined up last week ( no idea who) but the Venksters' haven't returned any of his calls yet.
  4. I think this is an excellent point. It's hard to believe that a certain agency won't have come under radar of the FBI's investigation into systematic corruption at FIFA. It is said to run in conjunction with a Swiss prosecutors investigation which looked into the following: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/jun/17/fifa-investigation-53-cases-money-laundering-swiss-attorney-general I can't see the U.S. authorities being any less than thorough as they follow this through. ( What I wouldn't give to see one of these sleazeballs extradited to a U.S. jail. Squeal like a pig boy!)
  5. Wiggy

    Takeover / Part Takeover ?

    There are a couple of high net worth individuals who have more reason than most to try and right Venky's wrongs.
  6. They will also be capped in the European Economic Area which includes countries that aren't in the EU such as Norway and Iceland.
  7. Alan Irvine in deep discussions with David Moyes this afternoon. Could he be the first out of the building and off to Celtic?
  8. I have no idea but his body language was appalling in the second half. He looked like he'd given up. Before being substituted he had hidden, shoulders slumped, head down, rather than show himself to receive a throw in. When he came off the manager didn't even acknowledge him which is very unlike GB. He seems very fragile. Maybe a spell on the bench would do him good.
  9. Wiggy

    The General Election 2015

    Clegg made himself look a right numpty with his comment about Trident. He said we only needed 3 subs instead of 4 because we didn't have to have them at sea 24/7. The whole point of Trident is that there's one at sea all the time so that any enemy knows that we can retaliate immediately if they attack us. Does he think that the Russians, Iranians or North Koreans don't have spies. He wasn't doing too badly until he made that wishy washy, inane comment
  10. Wiggy

    The General Election 2015

    If you were to purchase an annuity to fund the benefits in that pension ( disregarding the lump sum which would go with it) it would cost approximately £2,500,0000. However, for taxation purposes, HMRC multiply final salary pensions by 20. Therefore, a £60,000 pension would be treated as a benefit of £1,200,000. This is inside the current limit of £1,250,000 and would not be subject to any additional charge.
  11. Wiggy

    The General Election 2015

    The 50% tax rate debate shows how dishonest politics is in this country. The rate was brought in by Gordon Brown FOUR weeks before he left office after having been at 40% throughout his 13 years as Chancellor and PM. As with much of Gordon Brown's politics it was dripping with political calculation and designed to leave a trap for the Conservatives. The two Eds have been largely successful in using the sound bite ' Tax breaks for millionaires' . It isn't , it's for people earning over £150,000 (not the same). Even though the tax rate is 5% higher than when the two of them were Gordon Brown's closed aides. Finally, it doesn't actually bring in any more revenue. Higher earners find ways around the tax, by increasing pension contributions to the maximum etc. They know all this and the arguments are facile, puerile and playing to the politics of envy.
  12. He's still a gentleman isn't he Drog? ;-)
  13. However, he was also at Bloomfield Road when we played Blackpool the other week......looking very sheepish.
  14. A truly great man. One of the finest book I've ever read is " Long Walk To Freedom" .

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