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  1. Martin

    Middlesbrough (H)

    For me there hasn’t been a HUGE difference in all three league performances this season. We’ve looked decent in all of them but hardly forced a save or pinned a team back for a significant period. Think Mowbray got everything spot on yesterday. Starting line-up and subs. An ugly(ish) win, but we’ll have that. The BIG win, for me, is that we now have an actual left back, so that’s good. Other observations: Keeper looks nervous. It’s like watching Peter Crouch in goal. Williams continues to impress at centre half. Trav and Johnson is a cracking midfield combo at this level. Gallagher did lots of jumping and running. Downing has great quality on the ball and I think he won’t be far off our player of the year award. Big claim at this point. But genuine quality in his boots. Graham class. Think he has grounds to be disappointed not to have started the season up top. Couldn’t have done much more last year. Special mention for Dack who ran his little socks off. Rothwell and Armstrong showed great game management. Buckley, needs time obviously, but looks way out of his depth at the moment.
  2. Martin

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Wouldn’t say there was anything stable about Kean’s time as Manager. I will absolutely agree that today was an absolute shocker. No getting around that.
  3. Martin

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    That’s extreme. Do you genuinely believe we’ll be bottom in December? Didn’t go today.
  4. Martin

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Comparisons to Kean are crazy. We’ve been crying out for stability. We have some. Changing the manager now would be a disaster.
  5. Martin

    Rovers v Charlton

    Talk of Mowbray out is mad. But, today was a disaster, can’t be classed as anything else. Johnson and Travis look like good pairing. Downing has some quality in his boots and that will help us over the course of the season. Everything was bang average. Our big issue is at full back. Bennett is not a defender (and it shows) and Bell is poor all around - can’t defend, too many touches, no final ball. The net result is unbelievable pressure on our central defence. I don’t subscribe to the Mulgrew should be dropped nonsense. Once Nyambe and Williams are either side, we’ll be stronger.
  6. The PR team have managed him within an inch of his life on that one. Watch his answer to the first question, he spews everything out that he'd been fed. Very 'managed'. 'Magnificent club' and 'no stoned unturned' and to throw 'arte et labore' in is complete PR BS. He repeats key words throughout and had clearly been told not to say the word 'Burnley'. There is a point where he looks down to his right (6:13) when asked about investment. Indicates discomfort and without being a body language expert, I'd say he's been told 'you don't have much to spend'. Also around 7:50 he's asked about targets for the season and continually looks down and right. Again a sign of discomfort. Not having that. But he will have my support until proved incompetent.
  7. Martin

    The sad passing of "Kelbo".

    Rest in peace Kelbo. Top poster. Thoughts and prayers with Kelbo's family and friends.
  8. Martin

    Dickson Etuhu

    Four year deal is silly - but probably the only way we'll get him to sign. That said, Murphy and Etuhu should be as good as anything in the middle of the park in the championship.
  9. This is brilliant. When we had Todd, Neill, Savage and Dickov we were hard to beat and everyone hated us. Now we simply need to sign Barton to go along with Diouf and we'll be back on the right track! Barton is a block head. But he can play, so we'll take it.
  10. Martin

    Jack Walker

    That's spot on. We should get onto the club about this. In an era where we could get left behind because of foreign owenership, we should be blowing our trumpet more than ever about all the great things we have going for us.
  11. Martin

    Jack Walker

    There's only one Jack Walker. I met him once when I was very young (12 or 13) and I asked for his autograph. He made me hold his jacket while he signed my programme. Wonderful moment for me. Top man.
  12. Watching England has now been boring for many years. Only in 96 have I ever been truly entertained by an England team and that was probably because I was 10 years or whatever. The current crop are not hungry enough, and there are simply not good enough. Owen is a shadow of the player he was at Liverpool, Beckham is past it. Gerrard and Lampard do not work as a pair, we'll never find a left winger, although Young did well last night. I even have doubnts over John Terry at international level - I'm not sure his whole hearted put your body on the line works without some intelligence and technique. We need to bring through a new breed.
  13. Martin

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    I'd drop him Sunday. Start Roberts - It's a no brainer no for me.
  14. Absolutely great news in many ways. We'll have a fit Bentley for the PL season and also for the intertoto campaign. He will have taken a great deal of advice from the right people before making this decision. But he strikes me as somebody who is very much his own man - I have to say I like that, especially since most footballers seem to be agent driven. Arguments centred on the fact that he gets paid well and therefore should be immune to fatigue are complete tut. Anybody who plays sport will know doing it regularly comes at a price. No amount of wages compensate for that. He could have quite easily have faked an injury and gone home that way. he should be applauded for his honesty. Pearce of all people should appreciate that. Clearly Pearce wants to be in the news, I guess he fears slipping out of the picture whilst managing the 21's. I think the whole episode shows a lack of forward thinking and planning by the FA. I think most of us on here could see it being a possibility. Ultimately his senior chances may suffer. But he may have had a chat with the all knowing Steve Mclaren, we never know.
  15. Martin

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    I'll take that. If Benni is putting himself in a situation (in a years time) where a big club will pay £6 million for (him) at 30 year old - then that's good news for Blackburn Rovers. It will take another top season from Mccarthy to persuade the big guns he is worth the dosh at 30 years young.

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