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  1. Expecting Villa fans to announce they will be bringing 15,000.....
  2. Anyone who believes our ' natural place' is as a third tier club must have been lobotomised!
  3. Everyone who took the Venky Rupee over these last Seven years of horror at Ewood are complicit. They ALL knew what was going on but choose to gorge themselves on the BRFC carcass. The self preservation society in full swing.
  4. Favourite little ditty of Villa fans if my memory serves right. OH LORD!!!
  5. There would have been no harm in asking Villa fans to boycott the game instead of lining Venkys pockets with a 7,000 following.
  6. Fill yer boots TrentVilla,this shower of shyte masquerading in our famous shirt couldn't beat an Egg...they don't give a toss. A good following from you lot but so sad to see you paying into Venkys wilful destruction of our club.(nothing personal) Please encourage your fans in supporting our cause with a noisy rendition of 'Venkys out' from the Darwen End. P.S. Rest assured there will be plenty of empty seats my Lord! Empty seats!Ohh Lord empty seats!!!
  7. I just wish we could all unite for once and direct our anger solely towards those shysters in Pune,the monsters who have destroyed Jack's legacy...I'm hoping it all comes to a head against Villa.
  8. Bleak is not strong enough a word to summarise our future...I really don't know how we will exist next season.
  9. Flurkin well hope so you can tell,my sense of humour right now is through the ruddy floor!
  10. WTF is 'natural' about what has happened to us PB? Unbelievable comment from you.
  11. Your picture Stuart sums up our situation perfectly. Dark and Empty.....these Venky B'stards have ruined a great Football club.
  12. I'm sure there will be queues around Ewood.
  13. Going down without a fight,this is so hard to take. It's over folks....the whole club could be very soon.
  14. We have a squad full of other clubs loanees and cast,they really don't give a shyte.