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  1. Absolutely. If any Burnley fan has selective memory loss and starts giving it the big one about attendances just give them a friendly reminder.....there must have been nearly 3,000 Rovers there that game too. We are as a club currently on our arse.
  2. How on earth can you come to that conclusion? The damage the Venkys have done to our support base is incalculable.Thousands HAVE left under protest over their utter criminal mismanagement of Blackburn Rovers.
  3. Exactly...getting out of this league is ALL that matters this season. Give me three points in the league before pointless bragging rights over the Six fingers.
  4. THAT'S MORE LIKE IT!......made up for the travelling fans.
  5. Radio Lancs 95.5
  6. Glad the lads doing well health wise. Sounds very much like the archetype 'Glory Hunter Supporter'....we picked up quite a few circa '95.
  7. By God,do our travelling fans deserve to see us win tomorrow.
  8. I will be working the dead man's shift in Burnley on the night. If Dyche Vader plays his full strength side I really dont think I could stomach the awful outcome in person. Sad days these.
  9. I would expect no more than the normal league home attendance (10-12,000) of Rovers fans on the night.
  10. Speaking as an individual who over the last 6 months has lost 3.5 stone in bodyweight and is now the same weight as he was at 21 my answer to obesity is plain and simple and is one that has been preached for decades.... Restrict your Calorie intake,eat CLEAN as much as possible and Exercise more,this will work for 99.9 % of individuals without a recognised medical problem. Only YOU can make the change.
  11. Well Longers we're in a right ferkin pickle down Ewood may well be a case of fill your boots on the night.Interest is probably an all-time low off the field of play tbh. What a turn around in fortunes,all engineered via the Pune branch of the Clarets Supporters Association! ......
  12. Have we sold out?
  13. We have to improve....1-1 A few nuggets having a pop at our crowd on Saturday without knowledge of what the hell has really gone on at Ewood....clueless.
  14. Yeah,fair enough mate,moving motivational speech and all that to the suffering fans. Just make sure that you get the players to equally understand that the minimum requirements we demand as paying fans is for our team to give 100% on the field of play and act like professional footballers (half time debacle) In more terse,straightforward language....PULL YOUR BLOODY FINGERS OUT!!
  15. Rock against Venkys? While Ewood burns you have to ask,wtf is it going to achieve.