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  1. You can but only laugh at some of the comments on the thread...fookin priceless these Londoners! 'Barnet'................
  2. All eyes on you and the team tonight Mr Mowbray...a win is required and demanded.
  3. Tough game,Plymouth 'improving',rain forecast for the game....... yada ,yada,
  4. Will Mowbray start talking this Plymouth side up? ..............
  5. We were playing a poor,bottom of the table side...really doesn't fill you with confidence does it! Tuesday is a massive game now for all involved.
  6. Mowbray and the team are underperforming Gav given the means at our disposal at this suggest otherwise is pure poppycock. We need positive results,we need to get out of this league first time....our time is limited. No excuses for the team not performing infront of 3,500 travelling fans,I'm having none of it! THE MANAGER AND TEAM NEED TO RAISE THEIR GAME.
  7. The message is clear and simple.... THE FANS DEMAND MORE FROM YOU AND YOUR TEAM. SHAPE UP!
  8. DON'T contrive to lose this one Mowbray!
  9. Only one big problem mate,no manager like the ones mentioned would be seen dead at Circus Ewood.
  10. Totally agree with this,simply not convinced by the man...there are no excuses for failure this season. No win against Plymouth and watch the sparse Ewood crowd turn.
  11. OH MY GOD!
  12. Rovers performance described as 'ponderous' by commentary.
  13. We sound unconvincing...not the first time this season tbh.
  14. Game live on Radio Lancs 95.5 FM
  15. Don't get me wrong,it's great support and good to see but tbh I would be slightly embarrassed if we couldn't sell out. Just hope the team gives a performance the support deserves.