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  1. Attendances

    This season is going down to the final day of the season with promotion places I feel. Put the Coach load of Oxford fans in the top tier of Darwen End and let's have cheap tickets across the board....20k + a rocking Ewood and a day to remember. Over to you Rovers......

    All this talk of winning all Nine remaining games is making me nervous.....the odds and probably God's say it won't happen. This is going to the final game of the Season.

    Very frustrating not playing today..forced into watching others potentially overtake us is not my idea of a great weekend. I will be gobsmacked ( and delighted) if either of Wigan and Shrewsbury don't get the three points today.
  4. World Cup 2018

    The Brainless comments from the Bumbling Bullingdon club gobshyte should ensure our fans receive a very warm welcome from all Russia. Boris....SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
  5. 'THE BIG MATCH'(?)....live on terrestrial TV, Sunday afternoon, long before the days of Sky was essential viewing. The big difference back in the day? Football coverage was not over exposed. Any Rovers game or even highlights shown on TV was an unheard of and momentous event.The old Ewood on Telly..get the Beta Max on standby !!!!!! Happy Dayz.
  6. Premier League Stuff

    Man utd these days?,it's ALL about the 'Special One'... the Jose Mourinho show. A very dull and uninspiring side.Alex Ferguson must cringe in the stands watching the Footballing Empire he built on the field of play over some twenty years crumble to dust. I was no fan of Furguson but by God his side's could play Football at its best.
  7. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Blame them bloody Russians I tells thee!
  8. Gillingham away 17.3.18

    I want this to be the last ever season we spend in this dead man's league...you look at that picture and shake your head.
  9. Premier League Stuff

    Spitting at someone...disgusting and scraping the Barrell. It does appear they were only having a little banter.
  10. Premier League Stuff

    Couldn't agree more.Like I say they won't get away with it with Hammers fans.
  11. Premier League Stuff

    They hate the new stadium DE...a soulless bowl not fit for football. Moving from the Boleyn Ground was not popular,even accusations of 'cleansing' the fan base was mooted.Corporate greed and money. Only one problem here for their crafty directors,West Ham fans WILL kick up such a fuss that people will have to take notice.
  12. Premier League Stuff

    I laughed at the ridiculous Jeff Stelling saying West Ham fans were only protesting because they were losing the game?....yes that's right,the same gobshytes who lambasted and laughed at Rovers fans protests. Going against the grain here,I have sympathy for the fans of West Ham and what has been done to them by Gold and the rest of the chancer Spivs. A fiercely loyal,working class and traditional East End club who are having the Heart ripped out of them in the name of pure corporate greed.
  13. Attendances

    Nothing wrong with trying Tyrone,the Club has nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  14. Attendances

    So is Blackpool the end of the ridiculous Cat A games?...FFS Rovers for the remaining games stick the away following in top of DE and open the bottom tier at £5-10 a pop. Just over 12,000 Rovers fans today shows little increase sadly.
  15. Rovers v Blackpool

    Great result,job done and dusted!