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  1. Burnley were promoted to the Prem with an average crowd of around 13,000 two Seasons ago....enough said.
  2. May take in a couple of local away games. Feels great doesn't it folks...thanks a fookin bunch Venkys!
  3. The Illuminati.
  4. We used to have a bit of local rivalry with Oldham back in the day...their fans still refer to us as 'B'stard Rovers'!
  5. I think the Raos are sending us all to Whittingham!
  6. To be brutally honest I care not one iota for any player in our present side which is the biggest sorry excuse in our famous shirt I have EVER seen in my time supporting Rovers. 'A RABBLE OF RAGTAG ROVERS' ..But this is what we have been reduced to by you know who.
  7. Rats jumping ship,we all knew it was on the cards. No loyalty ,no honour amongst journeymen.
  8. It's enough to make you weep. Going to be hellish this coming season.
  9. Ticket price does not come near the Crux of the matter when you have idiots from Pune (not) running the show...complete basket case of a club with no sign of this pain ending.
  10. Our main song for the coming season. 'We're so shyte it's unbelievable! the mighty Fleetwood crash their third into the back of our net.
  11. A refreshing and thought provoking post Pedro.
  12. Direct action is the key Tyrone,we are dealing with an enemy who don't give a toss about the likes of me or you...our lives are cheap and for the taking. Iron fist.
  13. Just to repeat,hundreds of these ISIS sympathisers,many British born, were allowed to leave the country,fight for the 'Caliphate' and then return to the U.K. An absolute scandal in itself. Every single one of them under the radar of British Intelligence Services should be arrested and deported....for the safety of us all. Hard times,tough measures needed,majority rule.
  14. Reports of people having their throats cut.
  15. Some of these attackers possibly on the run in that area.