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  1. Congrats on a mind blowing first post,that's some statement (windup?)to come out with regarding TM that totally goes against the face of reality. We have gone stale under his tenure,the spark has gone.
  2. Just imagine Hughes reaction to finding out the present day running of Rovers on a possible return....
  3. Was that the Millwall promotion game?....thousands of 'wall running to the Rovers end in a friendly congrats at the final whistle I bet a few arseholes went big time in that momentšŸ¤£
  4. Watch us pull a win out of the Bag to bolster the 'Mowbrayistas'!
  5. When Mowbray leaves there won't be much fuss made,nothing but average during his tenure at Ewood. We need new ideas and impetus and need it right here right now.
  6. He's pushing his luck with those comments but his body language and general demeanour of late yells I don't give a shyte either way!
  7. It's dire Tony...it's no longer working. Please do the decent thing and give us a chance of salvaging something from this ever spiralling piss pot of a season.
  8. Piss pot of a performance from a team going nowhere led by a Manager who has taken us as far as he can. We bumble and stumble on...
  9. Took my mother today for her Vaccine at Barbara Castle way Medical centre...very efficient,in and out in no time.
  10. Will we win,will we lose? Will we turn up? Will Mowbray snooze?....
  11. Museum project?...damn shame nobody else knows about it...
  12. Our History might be better left at 2009 Mike!
  13. It's called chaddy.....not biting the Hand that feeds.
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