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  1. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Monday
  2. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Rescheduled for tomorrow night, official. https://www.crewealex.net/news/2017/december/match-rescheduled-blackburn-cup-tie-now-wednesday-night/ https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2017/december/match-rescheduled-crewe-cup-tie-now-wednesday-night/
  3. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Hope it's off tonight and rearranged for next week.
  4. I was in the North stand during said match, it provides a good view but we had enough room to move where we wanted. Hopefully my seat is nearer the half way line than the corner flag. What I can remember from last time was the bitter cold wind that blew through the stand.
  5. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    The linesman in this case was in fact a lineswoman
  6. POSH on Saturday, fan tribute

    No problem, I'll join in.
  7. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Nor me TS, if it gets much worse I don't think I'll be able to watch it either. As a side note, the women's game is more physical than the men's professional game.
  8. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Still haven't seen anything to warrant his sending off, unless it was for kicking the ball at the defenders goolies
  9. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    I didn't see a stamp. I've recorded the BBC program so I'll have a watch sometime today
  10. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    What a strange game to watch. Never a penalty for me but posters on here stating that it was a penalty shows how much the game has changed from the one I used to play. The unwanted replay and the trip to Wimbledon will now be midweek after todays results
  11. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    A televised game against a top side in the next round could fund a new signing in the January window. Make sure we get through tomorrow.
  12. Oxford away Tuesday

    This will be the second visit in two years after last years FA cup tie. I think their ground still only has three stands. They did have a good win but played against ten men for almost eighty minutes. Only a win will do for me.
  13. Winter Wonderland 7th December

    The players should do a pantomime. Oh wait........
  14. Barnet (H) 04.11.17

    Yesterday followed the same familiar pattern of a borefest first half and an improvement after the break. I think I'm going to stay in the concourse until the second half starts in future.
  15. Mowbray stays as manager

    He wasn't. He was comparing the views of Sunderland fans to the views of our own. I listened to them on the way home and said to my lad 'we could be listening to Rovers fans here'