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  1. bellamy11

    [Archived] ROVERS V Rochdale

    This is a beaut. Yes! You're talking about one of the elite midfielders of his generation. You think Makelele would have just screened the defence and played 5 yard sideways passes?
  2. bellamy11

    [Archived] Rovers Reminiscences

    I think I must be the only person on the planet on this one, but I just can't see why the Banks save is held in such esteem. Great save yes, but people talk about it being some sort of miracle. Perhaps an element of me not being "there" and therefore not watching the game with all the emotion that goes with it? Or the fact that perhaps the greatest player in the world was on the other end of it ? I've heard the save described by loads of people and it usually involves the idea that Banks was at the other side of the goal when Pele headed the ball (he wasn't, he was in the middle) and the ball was bouncing into the top corner (it wasn't, it was below head height). The Seaman save from Peschisolido is more remarkable, IMO. To be honest I feel Friedel has made better saves than the Banks one. I remember one from Viduka when we played Leeds that was breathtaking. You have to bear in mind I don't see the big deal with Led Zepplin, and Star Wars. So it's probably me. But I think I'm seeing a different save to everyone else!
  3. bellamy11

    [Archived] Barry Ferguson

    I was so excited about him signing - was totally convinced he was going to be a massive success. Got his name on the back of my shirt in anticipation of great things. It just never clicked. I just kept waiting and waiting for the game where I thought "Ferguson's bossed this" and it never really came. I remember one performance against Newcastle at St James' where I thought he was terrific, but that was about it. Keith Andrews probably had the same level of impact, despite having none of the pedigree or hype.
  4. bellamy11

    [Archived] Mowbray stays as manager

    Was listening to a Football Ramble podcast interviewing, I think, Mark Chapman. He was making the point that of all the media saturation in football, the pre-match press conferences with the managers is the worst offender and should be done away with. What on earth are they able to achieve, aside from filling Sky Sports News' rolling feed on a Thursday, online clicks for scratty local newspapers, and giving us all something to whine about on a Saturday morning? I'm certain the hysteria that builds, the rapidity of sackings etc is mainly to do with the number of touchpoints we have with our clubs and managers. When you're confronted with a dozen things per week to form a judgement on, of course it accelerates the point at which you believe things are untenable and need to change. No wonder the smarter foreign managers play dumb and pretend not to speak enough English to do all the various media commitments they're supposed to. It's a virtually no-win situation.
  5. A lot revisionist history going on here, IMO. I liked Kalinic but there was very little to suggest he would go on to have this level of success. Yes he was a technical player, but I remember him as being "tidy" rather than having some sort of magical first touch or fantastic range of passing. Like den, I recall the ball bouncing off him plenty of times (to feet, as well as to head). For me, he's somebody who has clearly gone away, worked really hard at his game, and found a way of making things work. Well done to him. We've made some big mistakes with letting players go but this one feels unfortunate rather than negligent.
  6. bellamy11

    [Archived] Southend v Rovers

    My reading of it is den's definition of tough is different to what you're saying. I took his comment as meaning "difficult".
  7. bellamy11

    Boxing Megathread

    Smith didn't belong in there. I've never quite "got" Paul Smith - I don't see what he does particularly well. He's had his last chance at world glory last night and he did next to nothing. The two world title fights in Vegas both ended in bizarre circumstances. FWIW, my viewpoint was exactly the same as Paulie's in both cases - the Mexican fella realised he was well out of his depth against Rigo and took a dive; and it's perplexing that Weeks didn't give Kov a 10 count. Ward was going to stop him, but now we're left wondering. Also, I know that the rounds are close, but I just don't see how HBO and Rafael had Kov so far ahead. Rafael's scorecards often confuse me - I'm often wondering if we're watching the same fights.
  8. bellamy11

    Boxing Megathread

    Absolutely. Very excited about this one. Big fan of Mr Ward. Got a glove autographed by him sat on my chest of drawers upstairs. And had him winning the first fight (as did most of the people I watched it with). Logic dictates that now he's "worked Kov out", he should do the same again tonight. But I just have a funny feeling that Kov might stop him this time.
  9. It's a question I've often wondered myself. I'm very much open to being contradicted by somebody who knows pre-Rovers Tugay better than me, but from watching a video of him at Galatasaray he seemed a different type of player to the one at Rovers. He scored several goals by appearing late in the box, almost like a Lampard-style player. I wonder if that was how he played in his 20s - in which case he was probably quite limited due to his comparative lack of athleticism. Did the deep-lying playmaker genius stage only really occur in the latter stages of his career when he'd acquired the knowledge to dictate a game and lost any legs he had to play a more attacking role?
  10. I'd prefer to watch Tugay all day long. And I think when you're not challenging for silverware all the time it's better to have the magic player than the functional one because they're treasured memories. Tugay also had such a sense of "theatre" to his actions - the silly substitution ritual; micky-taking and dummies to completely humiliate players; pretending to catch the ball coming out of the sky, for no reason at all! He played for the fans. Easily in my top 5 favourite footballers. But Carrick has 300+ appearances across a decade of playing for United at a time where they've won 5 premier leagues, reached 3 Champions League finals etc. The guy can play. That he didn't get in the England side enough, for me, says more about the England management than the player.
  11. Carrick seems to be one of the most divisive footballers around. I think he's been a sensational player over a long period of time. But some people don't rate him at all. Tugay had more "magic" to him - more flair and more ability to execute the spectacular. But Carrick deserves far more recognition than he gets for his ability to spot forward passes and his willingness to hit them in an era where players seem to think 100 5-yard sideways/backward passes a match make them a midfield genius.
  12. To be safe you might want to get in touch with the club and let them know about this "Germany" place, just in case they weren't aware of it, Chad.
  13. bellamy11

    [Archived] Contract Expiries 2017

    Was always John Williams' mantra, and seen plenty of data to support this. I suspect there's less correlation in the Championship though. The disparity between the quality of players at the top clubs and bottom clubs feels narrower (subjective, I know). I've always thought you can get yourself promoted with a "lesser" group based on organisation, discipline and a bit of luck. It'll be interesting to see if the wages/league position relationship stays the same in the Prem going forward - now that the bottom teams can afford and attract some bona-fide superstars and therefore challenge the big boys in one-off games more, does that make it more like the Championship?
  14. I used to have the ITV coverage of the Worthington Cup final on VHS and must have watched it dozens of times at uni. From pre-game (paraphrasing): "You've won 26 trophies as a player and a manager, now you find yourself in a relegation battle and in the final of the cup. Where would this rank?" "You've just said something that makes me believe we'll stay up." "What?" "I've won 26 things". The guy was a winner. He knew what it took to get us up (a difficult task even if you have quality players) and to get through cup matches. His team was tough to watch by the end, for some reason getting dismantled by Leicester sticks out, but he signed some of my favourite ever players and my memories of his team are some of the best I've had as a Rovers fan - and given how things are looking at the moment will probably be the pinnacle for a long, long time now. Big fan of GS.

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