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  1. Mr. E

    Kits 19/20

    So without a defence we're just ready for teams to run over us? Is that the design inspiration?
  2. Mr. E

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    While I appreciate the recruitment in the other areas... We ended the season with an absolute desperate need for a brand new defence. Now, 2 weeks before match day...we have recruited absolutely no one in defence; we have actually lost defenders;.....and we have lost our main goalkeeper, with no replacement yet. What in the hell is the plan.
  3. Mr. E

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Perhaps TM will be converting Adam into a CB to partner Lenihan?
  4. Mr. E

    Raya joins Brentford

    So who in the world are we going to replace him with? TM can't even get a decent defender in so far, good goalkeepers are even harder to come by. We really have to be praying at this point that there is some kind of plan, or else things are going down the...
  5. Mr. E

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I'm not sure how anyone is acting as if what's happening right now isn't a complete total farce. Everyone associated with the club understood perfectly that we need 5-6 new players, a brand new defense, and all TM can do is stand there with his hands in his pockets mumbling "Well there I suppose it's a hard job bringing people in." Well it's your job. If you can't, move on and let someone else try. If Venkys are stopping you, be a man like Benitez and tell it how it is. We are less than 4 weeks away from kickoff and we have improved nothing.
  6. Mr. E

    Stewart Downing Signs

    It's a signing lacking any and all ambition. We have massive defensive problems, this does nothing to address that. Upfront we already have decent players only problem is Graham is aging - getting in the squad someone two years older not gonna help either. It's a back-up signing when we crucially need strengthening in several positions, and TM and Venkys have given absolutely no clue they have the ability to fill them.
  7. Mr. E

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Would it be absurd to ask about Sturridge? I mean his last outing was at West Brom where he failed miserably, he can't have his sights set too high...plus here he would be a guaranteed starter every game. This is if he wants to play football. If he is happy warming the bench with much higher wager at another club for the rest of his career...that would be unfortunate.
  8. Mr. E

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Can somebody please print out a list of our results between february and April and staple them to Mowbray's forehead as he considers wasting the summer and waiting for last minute deals? It's fine if he can't pull off supposed miracles in the transfer market, but then resign and go and let's find someone who can. It's 1st of June and I'm already getting sick of this.
  9. Mr. E

    Champions League 2018-2019

    Yep hard to believe they were so poor - maybe their poorest game of the season - in Spurs' biggest match in history. Nothing they did worked. But to be fair, Liverpool defended like champions.
  10. Mr. E

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Unless all this is a complex 3D chess media game to hide our financial ambitions from our opponents...TM's recent comments have been depressing as hell. Pretty much admitting Venkys arent going to help with anything, only cheap miracle buys will save next season.
  11. Mr. E

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    So far absolutely no signs that a mass clear-out is coming. In other words, so far no signs of improvement, no signs we have any reason to hope for something better next season. TM must explain the situation.
  12. Mr. E

    Champions League 2018-2019

    I was thinking for all Barca's quality...they definitely could have used a Lenihan in defence tonight. 😂
  13. Mr. E

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Right, thanks for the efforts lads, but from tomorrow we need a massive clearance. Either many of the players go or TM, one or the other.
  14. Mr. E

    The Ryan Nyambe Appreciation Thread

    Happy, now I have a team to root for in the tournament.
  15. Mr. E

    Championship 2018-19

    Good on Bolton's players but it shouldn't take unpaid wages for people to act. Vulture owners, Venkys included, need to be put on blast long before that. The FA doesn't give a damn about the destruction of football clubs as long as the players are playing and its getting its money, but it will start caring when there's no matches to be played.

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