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  1. Mr. E

    Championship season 2019-20

    Really don't think I hate a team in the Championship more than Brentford. Cheating divers.
  2. Absolutely disgusting dive for Brentford for their penalty. One of the most unjust decisions I have seen in my life. I really, really, really don't give a shit about how this is "just part of football." I really don't. Either we have a sport, a league that punishes clear cheaters, or it's just whatever goes. 0 point, absolutely 0 point to follow a sport that wouldn't punish a disgusting diving team like Brentford.
  3. Great, great goal by Ama that was. He made it look easy, but that required top class composure and judgment. Could not have finished it any better, left Raya for dead. Our defense has been tested heavily and so far doing the job. But we are being entirely overrun in midfield, it's almost as if we have no midfielders today. They really need to step up big time in the second half because Brentford look very dangerous and will punish us.
  4. Just warming up for if/when Tony starts Gallagher instead of Samuel.
  5. Mr. E


    Looked solid for this win, this was what an improved and healthy defense does. Walton a couple of truly great saves, we need to keep him, he is getting better. And lets face it - we are a better attacking team without Gallagher in the side. Some things are a blessing in disguise. Whenever he gets fit again, he should not be starting, at least not for the rest of the season.
  6. Mr. E


    I kind of like this starting line up, I can see some pace in there. But we might still need Graham to come on later on to win it.
  7. Mr. E

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    He has made a few mistakes, but is miles better than Raya in the air. Way more stable, and unlike Raya has shown the potential to improve. How much faith do people have that Tony would be able to find someone better?
  8. Mr. E

    Rovers v Hull

    And out of nowhere AMA smashes in the goal of the season. Such a beautiful, beautiful goal. 3-0 is an amazing score with half our first team out - but how bad are Hull exactly? Well taken goal by Samuel too, he gets some flack but at the end you need a striker who can find the back of the net. This is a night to savour.
  9. Mr. E

    Rovers v Hull

    We have totally dominated but it is hard for me to understand how professional footballers can miss so many clear cut chances in one half. I thought the problem according to Mowbray was that we train too hard?
  10. What people are failing to understand is that promotion is not just something "nice to aim for" but a life or death situation for the club. What happened to Bolton is nailed on to happen to us, whether in a season or two or the not so distant future. Either we fight and put pressure on the club to improve, or we watch it die. This season the chance is gone, and will be lucky to get another proper chance.
  11. Mr. E

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Our next match with any meaning to it is in August. Sad times.
  12. Mr. E

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Please tell me this doesnt mean that Gallagher is again on the wing and not in a 4 4 2 ?
  13. Mr. E

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    That is absolutely incredible that we have 4 starting line up midfielders out injured, including easily our top 3 most creative players, most of them for the rest of the season. It really feels like the world is against us at this point. It kills me to admit defeat, but it does look like any points we pick up until the rest of the season, starting tomorrow, can only be a bonus.
  14. 6 points off the playoffs, no signings, entire midfield injured. That's that then.
  15. We have 4 starting line up midfielders out injured now. This is just impossible.

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