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  1. Mr. E

    Reading (A)

    Thank God that - sounds like Walton saved us at the death.
  2. Mr. E

    Reading (A)

    Evans instead of Johnson? What possible reason is this for?
  3. Mr. E


    Attendances getting critically low now in danger of dropping below 10k. There needs to be a massive overhaul in marketing.
  4. Mr. E


    5 at the back with wing backs makes a lot more sense to me, but Armstrong alone up front makes absolutely 0 sense. 0.
  5. Mr. E

    West Brom Away

    People are simply unaware of how serious the danger of not reaching the Premiership is if they are ok with these results or think we should be ok with positives. And right now we are already on the verge of writing off this season.
  6. Mr. E

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Armstrong was on last chance saloon for me even before this game so that seals the deal. He has one good game for every 10+. Should not be playing for us.
  7. Mr. E

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Not sure why the Canadian starts at goal. It has been firmly established that he is and will forever be a reserve. Is Walton tired?
  8. Is there no directive in place prohibiting owners like Venkys from just pulling the plug? Are they not obliged to find a financially suitable buyer, even if at least on paper? If not then that is absolutely scandalous.
  9. Mr. E

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Yep and he has made it clear he will not change this philosophy no matter what. He is too stubborn and it is costing us points.
  10. Mr. E

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    We have great attacking power but TM cannot get anything out of our strikers. He is clueless and helpless. We need someone with better stategy. We need to change managers before it's too late.
  11. Mr. E

    Hull (A)

    Very good win. Big battle this match. To be fair it was so open the result could have been anything. Walton - I am very impressed. Great penalty save obviously, but he seems great in the air, very commanding. I hope we can keep him. The back four - well you can see that with the 3 Irishmen we are much better at the back than last season, no doubt about that. Having said that, there were still some huge gaps in defense throughout the match, and my word we made a meal of the final 5 minutes yet again. This needs to be worked on. But yes no doubt Williams and Cunningham are big improvements. Johnson fought very hard, he got stuck in - but also gave away the penalty and missed a header on open goal. Mixed night. Downing did good, solid and reliable. Armstrong was missing and was poor for most of the match but to be fair had some good runs towards the end. Dack as usual our most creative player. So good win, 3 on the bounce now, but big improvements needed.
  12. Mr. E

    Hull (A)

    Walton great penalty saves, otherwise both teams missed big chances. Same problem as game vs Charlton though - TM wants new football without Graham, but then why are we lumping it forward all the time seeking for a big tall center forward? Why are we playing as if Graham is supposed to be in the team? Cmon
  13. Mr. E

    Hull (A)

    Get Armstrong off if he can't finish that there is absolutely no point in him being on the field.
  14. Mr. E

    Middlesbrough (H)

    thank God
  15. Mr. E

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Every time DG goes off only one thing happens.

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