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  1. Mr. E

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    This line of thinking is infuriating and is the reason why we ended up in League 1 in the first place. If you don't aim higher than your means you will always do the opposite and underachieve. This is the line of thinking that was more than happy for us to roll over when we are in the Premiership and see every last one of our best players picked off without a fight. Because "who are we to stand our ground" when Chelsea and Man City come knocking, right? Defeatist attitude leads to defeats.
  2. Mr. E

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    Only just, but the question is can he/will he be allowed to make significant changes in the summer. The Brereton deal was a massive mistake that cost us heavily this season. Not only can we not make the same mistake next transfer window, but we need to find some wonder deals. if TM can't do that, then we need someone with an international eye that can.
  3. Mr. E

    Ben Brereton

    Appatently he is Messi in training...
  4. Mr. E

    Ben Brereton

    We're stuck with him because we won't even get 1m if we tried to sell him off. Fast becoming one of the biggest mistakes the club has made in recent memory.
  5. Mr. E

    ROVERS v Boro

    BFS is available but he won't touch us with a 10 foot pole.
  6. Mr. E

    ROVERS v Boro

    one of the worst halves of football ive seen any team play this season. We have surrendered and given up on everything a long time before even the first whistle went. No shame, no heart, just out there to pick up a paycheck. This team is done. Sell Dack for as much money as possible and start rebuilding with players with passion. And if TM doesnt see that as a possibility, time to find someone who can.
  7. Mr. E

    ROVERS v Boro

    Brereton starts again. Is this whole season just a long training exercise for him? Why is TM putting him ahead of whats good for the team? Ridiculous at this point.
  8. Mr. E

    Reading v Rovers

    Sounds like we missed chance after chance and then got popped at the end. TM definitely has to answer for this.
  9. Mr. E

    Rovers V Bristol City

    We need a superstar scout who can find us players worth investing in.
  10. Mr. E

    Brentford v Rovers

    Every single time Graham comes off we get wrecked. Every single time.
  11. Mr. E


    At first I was gonna laugh when I read Gibraltar, but then again...exotic defenders have sometimes served us very well.
  12. Brilliant, this result and performance has been coming for a long time now it feels. After the 3rd Hull completely gave up, but that's credit to us because we crushed them in almost all departments today.
  13. Rodwell and Danny Graham are massive for us.
  14. Which is scandalous, because you start building a team from the defense up. Venkys obviously don't, never did, and never will have our best interests at heart, not that that was ever disputed.
  15. Mr. E

    Championship 2018-19

    Chelsea fans I've talked with have always rated him, won the Champions League...and he's two years younger than our Danny Graham...

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